How to get SHAREit for PC

Imagine if you could transfer a file from one device to another in almost seconds to notice. Well, this cannot happen with Bluetooth, Bluetooth takes quite a time to exchange files due to its long procedure. SHAREit  for PC is an app that makes your work easier than ever. It enables you to share or transfer multiple files from one device to another just in seconds. It has a … [Read more...]

Android Marshmallow Update – Awesome Stuffs From Updated Android Marshmallow Features

  Android is the most crowd platform for Smartphone users and for them Marshmallow Update is on. There are many reasons behind this waiting game, as many of us like follow up latest and trends. Did you receive Marshmallow update yet? Unfairly, smartphone manufacturer are working on their high-end devices only. Hence, many of smartphone users still stuck on Lollipop or … [Read more...]

WhatsApp Web for PC: How to use WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp Web for PC: The current situation is now, we can't imagine our daily life without WhatsApp. With over billions of active users globally, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging and chat app till date. Though, in recent days, many developers have come out with other messaging and chat apps, but still there is no downward in the popularity of WhatsApp. Recently, the … [Read more...]

DNS Server Not Responding – How to Fix it on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Fix DNS Server Not Responding error:  You may often face a website showing the error message 'DNS Server Not Responding' while browsing for any purpose. When first time I saw this error while searching for my project work, I thought it was my browser problem. Then I shift to another browser and tried to open the same web page. Still it shows the error DNS Server Not … [Read more...]

Teemo Counter – How to Counter Teemo: Tips & Tricks

This post is about Teemo Counter and Counter tips and tricks to beat Teemo in the league of legends game. League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer battle game and most popular in almost all part of the country especially in North America and Asia. Teemo is one of the champions in the League of Legends game who loves to play and doing fun in the game. If you want to … [Read more...]