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With the introduction of VR, the world of entertainment and even informational learning has taken a huge step towards future. Well….Let me get it straight here as I will be listing about the 5 best universal VR headsets that you can use. Most of the times it becomes quite difficult to find the best VR headsets that would be compatible with your smartphone. But if you get the right choice then it becomes quite easy for you to grab it.

The universal virtual reality Headset is the one that works with your Smartphone or even when you are using it with your friend’s smartphone. And as you already know, VR allows you to view in true 3D and explore the Virtual 3D world with head tracking and the mount in the headset, it is adjustable and can accommodate phones of various sizes. By using it you can bring more reality to your gaming and educational platform.

So, here I will be mentioning the best universal VR headsets that would work with any Smartphone, where ever and whenever you want.

5 Best Universal VR Headsets

  1. Domo nHance VR2 SE Universal Virtual Reality 3D and Video Headset

The DOMO nHance VR2 SE is the second edition of the veteran VR2 headset. It is a no frills design aimed at making the VR experience an even more pocket friendlier affair. The VR2 SE carries the same DNA as the VR2 though the visible changes are the 37mm lenses which are bigger than the VR2 and the removal of the focal distance adjustment and now it can house the mobile phones with up to 6” LCD size.

The nHance VR2 SE as stated earlier is a no frills design which is ergonomically designed with minimal irritate the face and feels comfortable for light use.

The nHance VR2 SE uses a pair of Aspherical Optical Lens which is removable and interpupillary distance and can be adjusted by moving the lenses left and right based on the user’s IPD and the phone’s display size. The Smartphone mount in the headset is a simple foam and due to this it can accommodate phones of various sizes and even it ensures that your phone is aligned well with the lenses.  The VR2 SE is an ideal low priced VR headset with well-molded plastic and glossy finish which is a Universal VR headset.

  1. Universal VR Headset 3D for Any SmartPhones

The Tara Vision VR4 is a universal 3D Virtual Reality Headset for Smartphone. When combined with your existing smartphone it opens a whole new world of virtual reality. It allows you to view in true 3D and explore the Virtual 3D world with head tracking. Just place your smartphone into the BR Headset and launch a VR Headset compatible app and lose yourself in the experience. The VR4 id inspired by the Google Cardboard and works with all the cardboard apps and it is compatible with most phones with display sizes varying from 3.5” to 6”.

With the nHance VR4 by using HID devices such as Game Controllers or Keyboard and mouse over Bluetooth or via USB, it is one of the most cheapest Universal VR headset. The nHance VR4 is uniquely designed such that it can be compatible with most smartphone across various brands. It has adjustable clamps which securely hold your smartphone and has an open back allowing you to use your camera for real-time 3D recording.

The nHance VR4 uses a pair of Aspheric Optical Lens which is removable and can be adjusted left and right or front and back based on the phone display size and the user’s eye focus comfort. Lose yourself in the immersive world of 3D Virtual Reality with the Tara vision.

  1. Mobilegear Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

The Mobilegear new universal virtual reality 3D and video glasses have changed the delusion to be true. You just need to put your Smartphone on the product and then you can watch the video just like watching TV. You can use it without myopia eyeglasses and suitable for different people and enjoy your relaxation time.


It is compatible with iOS/ Android operating systems and you can enjoy the 360-degree panorama view with any smartphone as it is a universal VR headset. You can watch anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing. You will not feel any visual fatigue and dizzy even you use long for a time. The aligner clamp holds a phone in place with proper alignment. Just feel the difference with it.

  1. Micomy VR 9XX Universal 3D VR

This is considered to be the efficient way to get into virtual reality for cheap with comfort and satisfaction and it supports 3D side by side video and VR game. This VR headset is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus, S6 Edge, S5, S4, Google Nexus 4/5/6, HTC One, Xiaomi etc. This universal VR headset is the 3D and second generation mobile phone virtual reality headset from the company.

It tends you to watch 3D movies and view 3D pictures anytime you want with your smartphone or enjoy the ultimate experience from VR games. The lenses of it are to achieve a greater field of view and decrease the vignetting the edge of the picture.

  1. VR Shine can 3.0 VR Headset

The VR Shinecon 3.0 supports all smartphone with screens size 4” – 6”. It is the latest and newest version with many improvements from the previous versions and like bigger and better 42mm lenses for higher FOV and immersion. It is currently the best option in the new and exciting world of Virtual Reality and it is made using top grade materials.


The quality of it is Robot Polished, Nano Coated HD Resin and Lens combined with the most comfortable soft cushion lining for the face mask making sure the part that touches your face feels comfortable and is of top grade material. It has unique features like IPD Adjustment which ensures your VR Experience is tailor made to your liking.

And so,…

These are the 5 best Universal VR Headsets that can make your Entertainment feels more realistic and adventurous. So, forget the old methods of playing games and watching movies from now and try to get the Universal Headsets because you will not have to buy different headsets for your different SmartPhone. These above featured VR Headsets are almost Compatible with all SmartPhone.  Get the Universal VR Headset now and feel the difference.

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