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How to Counter Irelia: League of Legends Champion Counter

Counter Irelia: Irelia, The will of blades is the champion of the game League of Legends. League of legends is one of the top windows PC game. This game includes action, adventures, and arcade with many magical characters. As this is an online Multiplayer game, you have to follow some rules of the game. There are more than hundreds of champion which you have to choose as your main player. In the

In the game, you can increase the skills, power and unlock new abilities of the champions. Here in this article, we are particularly going to discuss the champion- Irelia. She is a very strong warrior and you can also make her stronger by upgrading yourself i.e. the skin. Irelia consists of the skin like NightBlade Irelia, Aviator Irelia, Infiltrator Irelia, FrostBlade Irelia and the ultimate-Order of Lotus Irelia. As you move on with the new skin and reach the ultimate skin or appearance, you will become more powerful and built with armor. So more you unlock skills and item the more you become stronger and better in the game.

counter irelia

How to Counter Irelia- Champion Counter Tips

Countering a champion in the battle is a very difficult job when you play the game. Especially, when you chose a weak champion. And also we should be careful while choosing counter picks to get a positive result. And picking the right counter pick in the fight will help you conquer the battle.

So here we have great ideas about countering Irelia and the chosen counter picks which were inspired from the world champion matches. While we have also discussed the countering tips which you must keep in mind playing the game and facing Irelia in the battle.

Best counter pick for Irelia are

Olaf, the Berserker

Olaf is the best counter pick for Irelia, Irelia can fight and resist with to the spells; so Olaf have the axes to throw on the opponent whom Irelia cannot resist and ultimately health point decreased and die.

counter irelia

Renekton, the Butcher of the Sand 

Renekton is a devil champion having some of the best magic spells for attacking, defending and even healing himself. So this champion is very much stronger than Irelia and attacks the opponents till death.

counter irelia

Darius, the hand of Noxus

Darius is the warrior with the heavy blade that will attack the opponent and bleed to death. He has the most killing skill in the game which is very useful for countering Irelia.

counter irelia

Garen, the might of Demacia

Garen is also another champion with blade same as that of Irelia. So both the champion are equal to each other and hence applying little more strength and tricks you can easily beat Irelia in a battle.

counter irelia

Some of the Counter Tips

  1. When Irelia uses her 4 spirit blades, there are no ways out but increasing your armor level can save you more.
  2. Using minions in the battle with Irelia is a good idea and effective strategies to beat irelia; as her health point keeps on restoring on every kills she made. So minions will keep on attacking continuously helping you with your counter picked champion
  3. Be very careful when Irelia uses her skills like Hiten style, that slows you down to deliver any attacks and later you will receive the heavy attack from Irelia and ultimately die.

Irelia’s Abilities and Skills

Speaking about the counter for Irelia, you must also know about the skills and ability of the champion so that you can easily target onto the weak point for delivering maximum damage. While Irelia has 5 great skills and abilities which use in the battle to conquer and the abilities are like- Ionian Fever, Bladesurge, Hiten Style, Equilibrium style and transcendent blade.

The abilities and skills of Irelia can also increase by gaining more point and gold in the game and unlocking items and skills. If you also level ups in the game your power and skills in automatically increased from the previous, so kill more beast and earn more to unlock your ultimate powers.

counter irelia

Special abilities of Irelia are-

Ionian Fervor

Lonian fever is the special attack of Irelia which have the ability to slow down enemies attack by reducing their power and energy when came close to Irelia. So once the opponent is arrested, now you can make the quick move and use the transcendent blade on them for instant death to the enemies.


This is the second abilities where you can dash to the enemies to strike. It is single blow attack to the opponent which is strong enough to develop up to 60% damage to the opponent. After the attacks, you can also restore back the mana used on the attack.

Hiten Style

Hiten style is a passive attack, which is also responsible for gaining health point on every kills she made. Irelia can restore the health point from killing the opponents thus making you more strong and powerful.

Equilibrium Strike

This ability is very good for short range attack and this will slows down the enemy. So when the target is arrested by slowing down, now at this time you can strike hard to at once to kill your opponent.

Transcendent Blades

This ability is very powerful which can kill lots of enemies at a single blow; Irelia can summon up to 4 spirit blades and let all the four blades to deliver to the target. So this attack will deliver a series of 4 blades upon the target for sure death to the enemy or opponent. In every kills to your enemies, you can gain back your health point to some percentage.


Irelia is one of the greatest warriors in the game League of Legends and countering Irelia is not a very easy task. Properly used of counter tricks and counter pick with proper gameplay skills will help you best to kill Irelia is the battle ground. And using all the tricks shown above will definitely give you quick victory over Irelia and thus your winning chances increases more. So play well and be the winner of the game among your friends or also in the world championship.

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