Aatrox Counter

Aatrox counter: Built for Counter Aatrox- The Darken Clans

Aatrox counter: When you start the game in the League of legends you will come across with choosing a summoned for your you. And there are more than hundreds of champion to choose and play with it. Aatrox- the Darken Blade is one of the strong champions of the Game.

Aatrox Counter

League of legend is one of the most liked online multiplayer games which you have to team up and form and troops of about 5 champions against the troops of another 5 champions as your opponents. The main purpose of the game is to destroy the Nexus of the opponent which after destroying it, you will be the winner.


About Aatrox- The Darken clan

Aatrox is a last warrior of the Darken clan, and are a perfect fit to choose this champion for battling in the lane portion of the game. Aatrox has some of the killing abilities that will bring maximum damage to the enemies. You can upgrade the champion- Aatrox; he has the four different forms including the present form. If you can manage to upgrade the champion you will unlock his maximum power and skills or strength for the battlefield. Upgrading the form is termed as skins and the three new skins are like Justicar Aatrox, Mecha Aatrox, and Sea Hunter Aatrox.

So when you play the game you will come face to face battle with many beasts and other champions which you have to kill and survived in the game. Well, to survived and kill all you need is to know all the skills and execute in proper time to win the battle.

And also you must know about the counter tricks and counter pick for the Aatrox when you are facing Aatrox in the battle. And the easy way is to get the best counter pick for playing the game. So here is this article we are going to discuss the game champion- Aatrox and its counter pick & tricks.

Counter Pick for Aatrox the Darken Blade

To win the battle against the Aatrox in the game, here it is very important to know about the 5 great champions as the counter pick. And using the counter picks with their unique skills and abilities will bring you great victory very easily.

aatrox counter

So let us see the list of counter picks for Aatrox. And their strength which will help you counters Aatrox in the battleground. We have also discussed some of the counter tricks by which you can get an extra idea for using skills and tricks for countering Aatrox in the game.

The counter picks are-

  1. Jax- For countering Aatrox, Jax is one of the first counter picks in our list that is quite effective. Jax is a long-range champion, that uses spells and magic to destroy enemies and has the ability to slow down the enemy’s attacking speeds. And overall have the full potential to deliver maximum damage to the enemies.

aatrox counter

  1. Riven- Riven is another counter pick for Aatrox, she is a warrior with heavy blades that is very strong when it comes to close range fighting. Her skills are more effective than Aatrox which is a positive print for giving you sure win in the battle.

aatrox counter

  1. Teemo- Teemo is another long range warrior and has accurate striking abilities using the blow dart. This will help you attack Aatrox from a far distance and countering him without getting any closer. Teemo special attack is the blinding dart which will pause the Aatrox movements for a few moments and finally, Teemo with his deadly attack can destroy Aatrox in the battle.

aatrox counter

  1. Fiora- Fiora is a warrior of speed, she can turn on enemies with her faster strikes which are double the speed of any champion. So her skill and maximum damage combo will definitely counter Aatrox on the spot in the closed fight.

aatrox counter

Some of the counter tricks or tips are-

Only choosing the right counter pick against Aatrox won’t work to counter him. But proper executions of skilled on the right time in the battle. So here we also provide you some of the best counter tricks that will help you counter Aatrox easily in the battle.

Counter Tricks are-

  1. Magic and spells are the best attacks as it is a longer range strike. This will prevent Aatrox to get close to your champion and instead and execute Aatrox easily. Besides, the fast attacking strike is also very helpful in killing Aatrox easily.
  2. Aatrox deadliest strike or attack is the dark flight that will cause you maximum damage; it is suggested to avoid such attacks.
  • There is another special attack, which is Blood well, try to avoid this attack.

Abilities of the Aatrox- the darkened blade

aatrox counter

Aatrox is also one of the strong champions in the Game. So it is also very important to know all the abilities of his attacks. And it is a good to know it as well for making strong strategies for Aatrox counter.

And so here below is the list of Aatrox special Abilities-

  1. Blood Well

Blood well is special recovery abilities, which Aatrox uses to kill the enemies. Aatrox can store stores self-inflicted damage into the Blood Well that will later help you to restore and recover his health point. After you deliver this attack you will gain 1% Attack Speed on every 2% blood from the blood well.

  1. Dark Flight

Dark Flight is the special attack that includes flight in the air and then all of the sudden slammings down to the target location which gives maximum damage to the targeted enemy’s locations. The intensity of this attack is way too high that destroy the whole location of the target entirely. This attack gives 60% bonus attack damage.

  1. Blood Thirst / Blood Price

Blood Thirst and Blood Price is the two special attack mode- this includes triple strike that will help you restore Health Points and also increase the physical damage. And the blood thirst will increase the health point from the killings and restore from enemy’s blood. So this combo is a total deadly strike to the enemies.

  1. Blades of Torment

Blades of Torment- is the evilest attack of Aatrox that will throw continuous attack on the enemies with his powerful blade for 5-6 seconds. This attack will produce a hit and slows enemies down to give maximum damage.

  1. Massacre

Aatrox attracts the blood from its nearby enemies after giving maximum physical damage. This attack can slow down the enemies and in the meantime gain attack speed and restore health points from the death of enemies.

Note- These are some of the extreme killing skills of Aatrox, and you can also gain more power and strength and killing skills by upgrading the champions to its ultimate skin. The ultimate Aatrox is much stronger than you could ever think of.


So these are some of the important details for Aatrox-The darken blade. You can counter Aatrox by using a special counter pick and tricks as we have shown above. So hen you are facing Aatrox in the battle now you know what to summon and how to strike a deadly attack for countering Aatrox. For more interesting fact and tricks about the Champion and the game- League of legends; keep visiting our site.

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