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Ahri Counter- The nine tail fox (League of Legends)

Ahri Counter: Ahri- The Nine Tail fox is a very strong champion in the game with her abilities for mid-range fighting skills. She got the skill like huge shots, taunting enemies, and high speed or mobility towards attacking the opponents.  Ahri also has special fighting potential on the lane phase and also great team fighting ability.

Ahri Counter

Some of her great strength are like she has the great escapes tactics and also chases down any enemies till death. Ahri can also land a taunt to the enemies whoever hits will cause dead. And also here weakness in the battles are like- Ahri cannot land the skill shot correctly on the targets, she have a very low healing powers and Ahri has her ultimate, her movement slows down. Ahri’s power can also be increased by upgrading and transforming to other skins. She has up to eight skins including her basic forms. And the skins are like- Dynasty Ahri, Midnight Ahri, Firefox Ahri, Popstar Ahri, Challenger Ahri, Academy Ahri and Arcade Ahri.


Ahri Counter Picks

Here we have listed some of the important counters picks for playing against Ahri. She is no doubt a powerful champion in the game but using other skills towards her carefully can bring her down. And also seeking the weakness of her skill will allow you gain victory against her.

So the Ahri’s counter picks champions are-

  1. Malzahar

Malzahar is the first counter pick for Ahri. His abilities have such magical power that will bring lots of damages to the enemies sitting nearby. And Malzahar special attack- Malefic Visions is the most powerful strike towards Ahri, as it can target the minds of the champion and giving continuous damage. After the champion is death with the Malefic vision, the nearby enemies will get instant affected causing unending damage.

ahri counter

  1. Kassadin

Kassadin is a magic type champion which can handle a mid-range attack to the opponent. He has the special attack like- Riftwalk which is the most powerful and deadliest skill. You can teleport yourself very quickly to the nearby location causing damages throughout the path that Kassadin have traveled. In this way with the help of his special skills, you can counter Ahri will be much easier without even making close contact with your opponents.

ahri counter

  1. Swain

Swain is a close range fighter and his best shot for Ahri counter is Torments. Torment will allow to attacks its opponents targets and bringing huge damage over them. For quick and more damage you can use the Ravenous Flock which will take a Ravens form and will able to strikes up to 5 enemies surrounded him.

ahri counter

  1. Ryze

Ryze is a very good mid lane game. He can cast a very powerful spell which will land over the targeted place and cause the damages to the enemy’s up to 50% and the intensity of the attacks remains for 5-6 seconds once the spells are cast.

ahri counter

Ahri Counter Tricks

Besides choosing the counter picks, you must also be aware of the simple but effective trick to use in the battle for countering Ahri. So you must also know about the counter tricks.

Counter tricks-

  1. You can easily dodge Ahri’s Orb of Deception and Charm so take a good chance to land an attack as her attacks are missed.
  2. Using minions in the fight can bring you great defense deals. As you can easily block the charms using your minions in the fight.
  3. Orb of Deception also can bring damage from back, so be aware and try to dodge it again

Ahri Special Abilities

 ahri counter

Ahri is a very powerful champion with many Skins and skills. Here are some of the great abilities that Ahri executes on the battle and bring a great damage to the opponents.

  1. Essence Theft

Essence Theft is Ahri special abilities that will help you gain to recover from severe damage whenever to hit the Enemy in the battle. Ahri speaks her spell for attacking and when it hits the enemies, you will completely heal at once.

  1. Orb of Deception

Ord of Deception is a sphere of magic bolts that can bring a great damage to the enemies. Ahri can send out and pulls back her orb which brings more damage intensity to the surrounding enemies. Ahri also can gain the movement speed that she gets while her orb is traveling.

  1. Fox-Fire

When you are surrounded by multiple enemies and are about take some hits from the enemies, then you can release Ahri’s Foxfire which will lock the enemies and attack all the surrounding enemies. When the enemies get hit with the foxfire will reduce their HP by 50% leading to maximum damage.

  1. Charm

Charm is Ahri’s another special ability where she blows a kiss and let the enemies walk harmlessly towards her. And later with a strong attack can blow all the enemies bring more than 50% damage. This ability makes the enemies walk harmlessly towards her for 2-3 seconds in the battle.

  1. Spirit Rush

This is the ultimate abilities of Ahri, where she dashes forward and blows off with fires essence bolts. The damages of this attack can cover up to 3 enemies around you and it can be cast three times before the power-ups are going to cool down.

This attack is very powerful that can bring lot damage up to 3 enemies in a single stroke.

Notes- Ahri has up to eight forms which you can upgrade with the increased in the stage or buying using your mana. So for powerful strength and skills try upgrading more skins of Ahri- the nine tail fox.


So these are some of the important details about Ahri and also the main Counter picks. When you face a battle with Ahri in the game, then all the champions mentioned above will help you counter very easily. Besides, using the tricks in the battle will also help you gain more chances for countering Ahri. And finally, most importantly, your skills of playing the game will help you bring maximum damage to the opponents.

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