Akali Counter

Akali Counter

Akali Counter: Akali- The Fist of Shadow is one of the great shadow warriors and also an assassin type champion. Akali is a Ninja with magic powers having both dynamic attack and defense strikes. She has some of the most damaging abilities and also strength built along with the changes in level. To counter Akali is a very tough job as she is brilliant to fight in shadow and being invisible for the enemies to predict and is also especially known for its surprise attack. All the attack is too destructive and will become stronger when reached to level 6; in that form, she has the capability to take control over the game. So to counter Akali in the first few levels should be the best suggestion as she would be weaker before the 6 level.

Akali Counter

You can also see more powerful Akali forms by changing the skins. There are about nine skins for Akali and they are like- Stinger Akali, Crimson Akali, All-Star Akali, Nurse Akali, Blood Moon Akali, SilverFang Akali, Headhunter Akali and Sashimi Akali. So keep upgrading her for more skills and strength.


How to counter Akali

Akali has some mysterious abilities which are mostly in dark shadow attacks. Akali is a very weak champion for a close range fight, so when whenever you face in the battle arena you must pick the champion who is good at close range. While here analyzing the gameplay, we have created a list of counter pick which will help you get the best skills to use against Akali in the battle for victory.

Top Counter Picks for Akali- Fist of Shadow

  1. Lee Sin

Akali is a very weak in close range battle, and Lee Sin is a very impressive special attack like- Dragon Rage which is the powerful roundhouse kick that can bring great damage in a single blow. Besides, in this kick, the nearby enemies will also face the impact.


  1. Garen

Garen is another close range type champion which has a special attack based on close fights. Garen’s Demacian justice is a great attack for bringing any enemies down. When you face in a close range fight Garen will bring the damage and also possess a finishing blow that can cause death to the opponent.


  1. Renekton

Renekton is the beast champion, who is furious with his blade. His special abilities like- Cull the Meet is a very effective for the close fight which swings his blade around and all the enemies face the impact and get huge damage. While Akali is being very weak against the close fight, so using Renekton is a very good idea.


  1. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is Ghost champion which has lots of magic tools for destroying the enemies. And for countering the Akali, His special attack like- Children of the Grave is a killer spell. In his special kill, Mordekaiser curses to the enemy which can, in fact, steal some percentage of their life. And an interesting element you can observe is that after the champion is dead, its soul will follow as a ghost to Mordekaiser viz. is a victory sign.


Akali counters tricks

Having all the counter pick employed in the battleground will help you defeat Akali but for instant attack or dodge, you must also be aware of some tricks. Here we have a list of tricks which is very effective to use upon Akali Counter.

  1. While using the special attack like Twilight Shroud, Akali can still be hit amongst the shadow. So try to sense Akali and keep blowing hits to give damage.
  2. Try to take down Akali in the first few levels, as she becomes stronger after a certain upgrade and next levels.
  3. You can easily take down Akali at close range as she does not possess much mobility in the battle.

What are the Abilities of Akali- Fist of Shadow

Akali is a strong champion who have some of the killer abilities. When you play the game, you make sure you can execute all the abilities of her. So here we will also explain you all the abilities of Akali.


  1. Twin Disciplines

Akali first attack is based on magic and is a two-strike attack where the first attacks have the potential to maximum damage with additional 6% bonus Magic Damage and also increasing by 1% for every 6 Ability Power. In the next discipline attack, Akali gains 6% Spell Vamp that will increase by 1% on every six Bonus Attack Damage.

  1. Mark of the Assassin

Mark of Assassin is another great killing skill that Akali have. She spins her weapon to the enemy and brings about a huge damage. These attacks keep on damaging for 6 seconds. Again in the next part, Akali has the melee attacks that can blow off the target and destroys with restoring energy. These attacks have the intensity to bring 50% damage to the enemies.

  1. Twilight Shroud

Twilight Shroud a main skill of Akali where she throws a cover of smoke and she becomes invisible within the area. And here Akali gains a good attacking spot to the enemies in which the opponent won’t be able to sense the attack. The enemies that are covered in smoke losses their speed and thus take only damage from Akali.

  1. Crescent Slash

Crescent Slash is another deadly attack of Akali which can bring a greater damage based on her Attack Damage and Ability Power.

  1. Shadow Dance

Akali creates a shadow around the enemies which help to make moves through shadows and quickly strike to the opponent. With the help of this attack, you can kill more than e enemies at a time. This attack intensity can bring damage up to 50% to the enemies.

Notes- You may also use the other skin of Akali which will help you unlock more strength and skill to kill in the arena.


So these are some of the important details for the Akali counter and also have discussed the counter picks. To play a game and gain a victory is not easy until you know the actual potential of all the champions and their skills to use it against the opponent. And by knowing the special abilities of the champion can give you the more winning idea to execute champions and then victory.

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