Alistar Counter

Alistar Counter- The Minotaur (Easy Tricks and Tips)

Alistar Counter: League of Legends is one of the most played games and are very famous for being able to play online. While the playing game, the main focus should be for countering the opponents to gain victory over the game. And there are lots of strong champions which you have to grab good skills and tactics for countering. So here we are going to discuss the Alistar Counter.

Alistar Counter

Alistar is a minotaur and a very strong and magical champion whom you cannot counter until he has a low health point. So you must continuously strike with a powerful skill on him by choosing a right counter picks for the battle in the arena. A stronger, skilled and most importantly a good fighter with long range type champion will be helpful for the battle with Alistar.


How to Counter Alistar- The Minotaur

Alistar is a champion that a deal with the large enemies or team in the battle. And when he cast his special attacks like the ultimate Unbreakable Will or the Headbutt, it is sure you will have some huge damage. While when you see the strong attack, there is also some weakness. The Headbutt can be easily dodged, which Alistar after the attack will be stunned and slow down for a moment then it is a perfect chance for landing attacks. Along with the high skills of fighting, if you can use the right champion with special powers will be the best tricks of the counter to Alistar.

Alistar Counter Picks

Here among the list of champions, we have picked up the best and skilled champions that can deal with Alistar easily on the battle arena. When you are playing the game, you can easily take down Alistar with the help of these counter pick, but make sure you are also prepared to dodge the special of Alistar. So we also have a list counter tricks which will help you gain extra bonus tips for countering Alistar.

Counter Picks are-

Janna- The Storm’s Fury

Janna’s Howling gale is a very effective attack for countering Alistar. She can create a change in pressure and temperature that will develop a small storm and grow while casting through the targeted location. This attack will bring the huge damage to the enemies sitting on the location and the enemies will fly with the storms. Janna can also restart the storm whenever enemies are around.


Vayne- The Night Hunter

Vayne is very powerful for long range battle, where her special attack i.e. condemns will fire a huge bolt with the help of crossbow and kill the enemies. She has aa very heavy crossbow at her back and fires an unstoppable bolt at the target which will give the maximum damage. This attack brings the damage to the enemies along with stunning them for few seconds.


Soraka- The Starchild

Soraka’s special long range attack is perfect for countering Alistar. With this attack, a star will fall from the sky over your enemies which are coming right from the magics spell you cast. This attack is too powerful that can bring damage to the targets as well as gain movement speed and also recovers health from the dying enemies.


Olaf- The Berserker

Undertow is another long or mid range attack where Olaf throw his axe onto the target which can bring huge damage to whole units in the location of the target. This attacks can also slow down their movement speed which is plus point for countering Alistar and dodging His ultimate.


Alistar Counter tricks

  1. Alistar’s ultimate attack is most powerful when he cast his unbreakable will, try to flee as far as you can. As this attack can lead to getting maximum damage which you won’t have a chance to land any strike on him.
  2. Alistar’s Pulverize is also another high damaging strikes which can bring maximum destruction that can even take down a team. Besides, when he cast this attack, he can also reduce the incoming attacks.
  3. And lastly Alistar’s HeadButt, this unstoppable attack won’t leave you to stay alive once struck. So avoid and try dodge all the attacks for you to stay safe so that you can counter Alistar in the battle.

Alistar the Minotaur special Abilities

Before you play the game with the particular champion, you must know all the special skills and abilities of Alistar (The Minotaur). So that you can dodge the special attacks, and safeguard yourself in the battle with Alistar. Here below are the special skills and abilities of Alistar.


  1. Trample- Trample is a very dangerous attack, which Alistar uses his magic by casting special spells. In this attack, he tramples all the surrounding enemies nearby units and turrets bringing great damages to the enemies. The damage remains for few second and takes down all the enemies.
  2. Pulverize- When you are fighting a close battle, Alistar can smash the ground that is dealing a huge damage to surrounding enemies. The attack is so strong that will toss all the enemies being affected and remain on the air for few seconds. And on landing the enemies becomes stunned.
  3. Headbutt- Being a huge Minotaur Champion, Alistar will dash towards his enemies by striking the target with his head. This attack is too powerful that can bring instant dead for the other champions.
  4. Triumphant Roar- Alistar has a fierce Roar that can bring war cry by which he can restore Health from nearby friendly units up to 33% of the amount. These special abilities are more effective when there are enemies dying nearby.
  5. Unbreakable Will- This special attack is Alistar ultimate, where he has the wild roar which can bring huge damage. Beside, Alistar also can remove all crowd control effects and reduce incoming physical and magical damage for the duration.

Important Note- All these abilities of Alistar is very powerful when used for the closed battle, while you can also change the skin of the champions by earning more point by killing lots of enemies in the game.


So these are the important details of Alistar counter where you can use some fo the best counter picks and counter-tricks on the battle arena in the game. While choosing the best and strong champion for the counter pick is good tactics to counter Alistar but also the way of playing the game is too directly responsible for playing a good game.

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