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Amumu Counter- League of Legends

Amumu Counter: Amumu, the Sad Mummy is a mini size champion but have some of the coolest abilities. He is a mummy with great magic that is the best fit for longer range battle. Amumu is also great for the fights together with the team.  All his special attacks are coming out of his bandages that are unlimitedly coming out. When you are trying to counter Amumu make sure you have come closer. As Amumu is not so very strong when it comes to close fights.

Amumu Counter

Besides Weakness, Amumu also has some of the brilliant spells that can be used in the battle.He also has a nine skins forms which you can unlock by winning more battles in the game. The Skins which we will find for the Amumu are like- Pharaoh Amumu, Vancouver Amumu, Emumu, Re-gifted Amumu, Almost-prom king Amumu, Little Knight Amumu, Sad Robot Amumu and surprise party Amumu.


Counter Pick for Amumu- The Sad Mummy

To counter Amumu, you have found those champions who is very good at close range battle and having great damaging effects. A long range champion won’t be helpful for the counter as Amumu possess some of the very intelligent defense abilities which can prevent high damage attacks.

So, here below we have prepared a list of counter picks which is very effective to use against Amumu to counter in the battleground.

Counter Picks are-

Janna- She is a very special champion for battling in a team and to counter Amumu teamwork is very effective. Beside Janna ultimate attack i.e. Monsoon is fairly unpredictive and can bring Amumu down in the battle.


Shyvana-Shyvana is a Half Dragon beast champion which can bring a great destruction for the Amumu. She has special abilities called- Dragon’s Descent. With the help this abilities she can transform into a dragon which will take a flight and blow a strike of fury from above. Her ultimate attacks can effect all the location which falls under the targeted area.


Xin Zhao- Xin Zhao can bring a great damage to nearby enemies and especially the target. His special attack Crescent Sweep is a powerful attack that will destroy all the enemies located under the targets.


Lee shin- Lee shin is a very good at Jungle lane and better fighter for closed range. He can counter Amumu very easily using his Dragon’s Rage which is a powerful roundhouse kick that lands on enemy to give huge physical damage. The more interesting action is that once the target takes the kick; he flew on the air for a short duration to knock out.


Easy and effective Amumu Counter Tricks

  1. Amumu, after he tosses his bandage, he gets stunned for a few seconds which is a very good chance of countering him. So you must be close to him as for quick dodge and strike on Amumu.
  2. It is very easy to dodge the Amumu’s bandage, so whenever you get the chance you can strike hard as he is also a weak champion in the closed fight.
  3. Amumu is again very weak in the jungle, so you should the champion good in Jungle and battle in the jungle lane for counter
  4. Amumu’s ultimate strike is very powerful that can take down the whole team. So try to avoid being closed with the team as he released his ultimate strike.

Amumu Special Abilities

amumu counter

Here let us also discuss the special abilities of Amumu, which will help you play the game with great effort. Amumu is a long range champion which will help you take down you enemies from a far distance. So the special attacks of Amumu are like-

  1. Cursed Touch

Cursed Touch is a special ability of Amumu which he can prevent any kind of damage delivered from some kind of magic attacks. The resistance will last for a few moment that is long enough for fled away or hit the opponent.

  1. Bandage Toss

Amumu is a mummy whose whole body wrap with a bandage, but this bandage can also use as the weapon where he throws the bandage towards the target. When the bandage hit the opponent; it gives maximum damage to the target and also pulls back to himself for giving more hits to the enemy. When the opponent touches the bandage, they become stunned and motionless for 2 seconds giving a chance for Amumu to strike hard.

  1. Despair

Despair is a deadly spell which you cast when there are enemies surrounding you. This will decrease the percentage of their maximum health which in turn is destroying the enemies. With the help of this spells, you can decrease the health of your enemies by 1% every second.

  1. Tantrum

Tantrum is a special ability that deals physical damage. Heavy physical damage can be easily reduced by Amumu and unleash huge rage bringing maximum damage to nearby enemies. The Tantrum remains in attacks for 0.5 seconds that will wipe all the enemies surrounding him in the battleground.

  1. Curse of the Sad Mummy

This is the final and ultimate curse of Amumu the sad mummy, here in this attack Amumu cast a spell which will entangle all the enemies sitting near to him. This special attack will cover all the enemies with the bandage and also bringing damage for 2-3 seconds. With this enemy will be unable to move and slows down the attack towards Amumu.

Notes- You can also upgrade the power and strength of the Amumu winning more battles. And you can switch to new skins by which you will be able to unlock more skills.


So these are the main factor by which you can counter Amumu. Bringing the right counter pick and right counter tricks for battling with Amumu will surely bring victory to you. Beside, Amumu is well, too strong in his next level so careful using the other champion to counter and should also have a good skill in playing the game right with proper strategies. Hope you have found good tricks idea reading with us, for more details and tricks keep looking our new updates.

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