Android Marshmallow Update – Awesome Stuffs From Updated Android Marshmallow Features

Android is the most crowd platform for Smartphone users and for them Marshmallow Update is on. There are many reasons behind this waiting game, as many of us like follow up latest and trends. Did you receive Marshmallow update yet? Unfairly, smartphone manufacturer are working on their high-end devices only. Hence, many of smartphone users still stuck on Lollipop or older versions.


As we all know that Google owned Nexus devices, and these devices are the first receiver of any Android update. Accordingly Marshmallow Latest Update is not exceptional for these devices.

However, if your device is high-end, and of latest model, then there are most chances to receive Latest Android Marshmallow Features with the recent Update on your device. Marshmallow update comes with latest features and updated optimization.

I am here to shed some light on Marshmallow latest update of June and Recent encoded Android Marshmallow features.

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Android Marshmallow Features from June Marshmallow Update

Marshmallow or technically Android 6.0 is the latest version of Android operating system. Like every year Google releases an improved version of Android operating system for their users, but Marshmallow update pulled out all the stops.  Google owned Android update is always long term process because all of its updates cause difficulties involving chip maker, carriers, device manufacturer and even Google.

android marshmallow features

For an update, there are many things that could go wrong. Research and test that could delay, slow roll-outs and many circumstances also there for Marshmallow update on your device.

Initially, Google has released Android Marshmallow on 5th October 2015 for their Nexus devices. Recently, most of iconic models of other manufacturer have already received the latest Marshmallow Update.

This year, other affordable devices are also coming with Marshmallow version out of the box. You might wonder, What are you getting from latest Android Marshmallow Features. Feeding your concern

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Features That May Attract You to Upgrade Your Android to Marshmallow

Android is always trying to give improved and better user experience to its admirers. With their latest Marshmallow update, they have included bumped up in terms of utility and user experience. Let’s get to those Awesome features right on.

Now on Tap: Google is now focusing on CONTEXT, which is for better assistant and improvement on understanding what you will need to know as a result and were you are. Google Now is one of the biggest change to android Marshmallow feature. Interface wise, its look same unlike on older Android version. This app comes pre-loaded on every android based smartphones.

USB Type-C: This USB Type-C going to be most commonly used connection for charging and data transfer on every smartphone in the coming days.  Recently, most of the popular Smartphone devices are integrated with USB Type-C. As of that you can expect, Marshmallow update is set with built-in USB Type-C support. It means your Marshmallow powered device can take the advantages of USB Type-C.

Android Pay: This feature allows android users to store all of their debit/credit card details on their Marshmallow powered smartphones, that lets an user to pay for their service and goods, safely and quickly with ease, just like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. All information and details of your cards are secured with Android Pay virtual account number that allows you to pay without your own card secret pin code.

Adopted Storage:  Previous versions of Android are always treated memory card as an additional entity; but marshmallow is likely to treat memory card space as rest of the phone memory. This feature allows you to use your memory card space without any fuss.

Improved Copy and Paste: The latest Android Marshmallow update has included improved copy – paste feature in it. Before, on the older Android version, it wasn’t easy task to copy – paste that force you to go to the top of the screen to copy and paste. On latest Marshmallow update, Android allows you hover just above the selected text and that lets you to simply copy and paste. This feature is quite familiar to iOS feature by the way.

Doze – Battery Optimizer: Quick Battery Draining is one of the most common issues with android devices. Marshmallow update features Doze, optimize your battery usage. Doze automatically puts your device into a sleep state whenever it is at idle mode, leaving you maximum saving of battery power.

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Marshmallow certainly brought a bumped update to android ecosystem. It is the latest firmware update till date to android, with many added features and utilities that lets you optimizing user experiences. Almost all Hottest android phones are receiving latest Android Marshmallow features, so, if you are on the waiting game or don’t know about your device’s Marshmallow update availability, then you can check Marshmallow update on your mobile in the Setting.

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