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Anivia Counter- The Cryophoenix (LOL champion counter)

Anivia Counter: Anivia- The Cryophoenix is a champion dealing with magic attacks in the battle. In the game, League of Legends you will see many actions and fight with the help of Magics and powers. Anivia is one of those champions who can take a flight and attack upon the enemies. She has some fo the cool abilities like the Reborn, which will make killing her impossible as she can gain rebirth even after her instant death. So you must make sure you knows all the tricks to kill or counter Anivia. And here in this article, we are going to discuss the counter picks and counter-tricks of Anivia. Besides, you should also choose the right Counter pick for their unique style or skill on the time to counter.

Anivia Counter


How to Counter Anivia- The Cryophoenix

Anivia is a very strong champion in the game league of Legends. Being a special with the flight mode, she is unstoppable when it comes to killing enemies in the battle. And for Anivia counter in the fight can only be achieved when you have a perfect counter pick against Anivia. So here by analyzing the latest game statistic, we have listed a stronger Counter picks to fight against Anivia.

And the counter picks of Anivia are

Talon- The Blade Shadow

Talon is a long range champion by which you can use for countering Anivia when she in on the flight. Talon’s Shadow Assault is a special attack that can strike with the ring of blades which on throwing becomes invisible and gaining maximum speed. When the blade touches the enemies it comes with an explosion and gives the maximum physical damage to the enemies. This attack can take a whole team of a single strike so there is no escape with Shadow Assault.


Diana- Scorn of the Moon

Diana is a high-speed champion whose ability is perfect for countering Anivia. She can use the Lunar Rush which will dash toward the target and strike with magic that brings a high damage. Another more impressive thing about this ability is that Lunar Rush does not cool down when you use to teleport to the targeted enemies.


Azir- Emperor of the Sand

Azir is a great summon champion and can arise a Sand Soldier. All the sand soldier of Azir, charge toward the enemies to attack for him and replacing him for fighting the battle in the arena while sand soldiers deal with the magic damage to enemies. This attack is very effective for the enemies bringing maximum damage that comes from the targeted area.


Malzahar- The Prophet of the Void

Malzahar is a magic type champion which can deal with long range battle. He has a special ability- Call of Void where he opens up two portals to the Void from which a powerful fire strike appears that can bring huge damage to the enemy champions.


Anivia Counter Tricks

  1. To cast the Anivia’s ultimate, it takes few second to strike. So you can have a chance to escape which you can flee from the target and safe yourself.
  2. When you are fighting a close battle with Anivia, you must keep in mind that Anivia’s Flash Frost and Crystallize can be cast anytime in the fight.
  3. Be very careful with Anivia death, she can form an egg and later rebirth within 6 seconds. SO when it comes, make sure you destroy the egg too.
  4. Anivia’s Flash Frost is very predictable, so when you can dodge it then you can make a good chance for counter striking Her.

Anivia Special Abilities


Here we have also listed the strength nd abilities of Anivia, which she uses on the battleground.


Anivia has a special ability of restoration by which you can come back to life even after dying. Once you are death in the battle, Anivia will instantly form into an Egg, which if you can survive for 6 seconds then you will have a glorious reborn.

Flash Frost

Flash Frost is a special attack ability where Anivia uses her wings to blow and create a sphere of ice which you can throw towards the opponents. This attack will have the cold and damaging effect on the enemies and also damaging the area in the target . Not only that, the effect will make the enemies stunned for few seconds.


Anivia can even block the enemy’s attack by creating a wall of ice using the special ability- Crystallize. She can condense the surrounding moisture from the air and develop a huge wall of ice to block against opponent damage. The wall can hold for only a short duration until then it melts and destroyed by itself.


When you are in a close battle, Frostbite is a very great counter attack that takes a flight over the enemies. And on the air, she flaps her wings and blasts of freezing gust of wind shoots over the target. This attack can be more dangerous when it is used with a combo of Flash Frost or Glacial Storm. This combo will bring the damage doubled to make maximum destruction.

Glacial Storm

Glacial Storm is the ultimate of Anivia where she takes a high flight and makes a target later driving a shower of ice upon the enemies. This attack is too powerful that all the enemies get to wipe out from the targeted area in a single blow. Besides, it also stunned the enemies which are a plus point that can help you land more damage to the target.

Important Note– You can also improve your skills by changing your champions skins. In the battle, you earn point by which you can use it for upgrading yourself to unlock cool skins and also skills.


So these are the important details for Anivia counter and the best counter picks. When you play the game with the right skills, you can easily counter upon Anivia. While you can also see the abilities to know about her and how strong is she in the battle-ground. So for more details and information keep visiting our site for latest updates.

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