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Annie Counter- LOL Counter Champions Tips

Annie Counter: Annie, the Dark Child is a little small size but very strong magic type champion of the game League of Legends. Annie has her giant bear- Tibbers which is her special ability to bring him alive. The rage of Tibbers is too extreme that will cause instant kill to other enemy champions. Besides she also has the abilities to cast spell burning with flame balls that you can destroy any units. And seeing overall skills, she is too a very tough champion to counter in a battle. So here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the tricks and counter picks that will take down Annie in the battle.

Annie Counter


How to counter Annie- The dark Child

To counter Annie the Dark child you must keep some of the weak points of her in your mind. As Annie is being a short range type champion, so you must use a longer ranged champion against her. So here we have brought you a list of counter pick and they are all magic type and long range type fighter.

Counter pick for Annie

Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

Lux is a long range type champion. Her special attacks like- Prismatic Barrier is a very dangerous strike for countering Annie. Lux throws her hands, by which her surrounding enemies will be hunted down with a single touch. This attack remains affected for 3 seconds in the battleground.


Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil

Veigar is also another magic type champion, here when you battle Annie you can use two abilities to counter. First, cast the Event Horizon that will twist the edges of space and create a hollow appearance around the opponent location for 3 seconds. This then will stun the enemies for few second whenever they pass through space. Now once the enemies were stunned now use the Primordial Burst which will blow an explosion to the enemy champion dealing huge damages.


Brand, the Burning Vengeance

The brand uses his ultimate- Pyroclasm which unleash a devastating torrent of fire and once they are a strike it damages all the enemies in the directions where the fireball bounces. The torrent of fire bounces up to 5 times which makes enemies could not escape the torment. The attack is completely based on magic striking in a Blaze and also stun the enemies when hit or even instant counter. There is also another attack of Brand- Conflagration which brings out a powerful blast to the enemies with magic damage.



Ziggs is very good with the explosion and here his ultimate is exactly what is required for countering Annie. The ultimate, Mega Inferno Bomb will allow you to create a huge Inferno Bomb that can even strike the enemies from a great distance. All the enemies getting involved in the blast region will definitely be death-dealing maximum damage.


Annie counter tricks

  1. Annie’s Pyromania is very serious when it comes for a close battle. It can you’re your champion for a short duration and even kill. So try to avoid whenever she try to use this ability.
  2. Unleashed Tibbers is a no chance for escape when it is summoned. So try to stun or interrupt her spell in the battle.
  3. Annie’s abilities targets for only the short ranged so if you use against the distance with other long ranged champion then the chance of countering Annie is more.
  4. Staying closed to Annie will help you get a great chance for blowing strike on her as she is very weak champion until she released her Tibbers.
  5. Annie is completely dependent on the Mana, so if you can avoid her from receiving mana her abilities will ultimately not work at all.

Annie- The dark Child Special Abilities

Here we have also listed about the special abilities of Annie the Dark Child. Knowing the champion clearly will help you get full information about what kind of attacks he or she will be using in the battle. So when you face Annie in the arena, keep this few Special abilities in your mind before casting any attacks on her.


And the Special Abilities are like-


Annie is an evil child with the most extreme magic spells. Pyromania is an offensive spell that will stun the enemies for a short time. By which, you can land some blows to the enemies for giving maximum damage.


When you are surrounded by the enemies in a close battle, Annie will hurl a Mana infused fireball. This fireball is too powerful to take down all the surrounding enemies. Using this attack will consume some of the Mana from your Items but it will get a refund on every kill off enemies.


Incinerate is another attack, where she cast a spell which creates a blazing cone of fire and brings destruction to all enemies in the area. Annie cast the spell where it forms a circle or area in which the attack is going to damage.

Molten Shield

Annie has special summon i.e. Tibbers who have the special abilities that can increase the Damage percentage to the enemies and also resist to any incoming attacks. In these attacks, both Annie and Tibbers come in the fights and also develop a shield which can reduce any attacks for 3 seconds.

Summon Tibbers

When Annie is in a great fight, she summons her Tibbers- a bear to come in life. Tibbers is extremely dangerous that can bring damage to all the units of the enemies. This bear can burn all the area of the target and are effects remains for 45 seconds in the area. When Tibbers is enraged, he gains maximum speed and maximum attack rage. So when Tibbers is released it comes only with the destruction.


SO these are the important details by which you can counter Annie. League of legends is a very popular game which also holds a world competition where players from all the regions come together and compete. So if you are a great fan of LOL you must play the champion’s to its most ultimate levels. And thus will create skills to play the best game compared to your opponents.

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