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AppLock: Hide Video, Photo & Apps/ PC download

AppLock is certainly one highly recommended application among Smartphone users currently. It was always a major requirement to protect your private assets from stealthy hands and furtive eyes. Ever since Smartphone has become most handy device, that we could carry anywhere and we could do anything using this single electronic device; most of our important work reports, files, conversations and more are being stored in the Smartphone.


As your Smartphone holds loads of your important assets, and personal things as well; privacy locker apps like AppLock have got your back. Now, also you can’t forget about your computer device. Computer holds its own prime status which nothing else can replace. As you know that your computer device too has loads of important yet private data stored in it, you can not sleep in peace just locking one single vault while your other vault is wide open.

So, here AppLock comes to business again. When this amazing mobile app can protect your mobile data, it can do the same for your computer too. Now this article here, my friend, is all about AppLock. How does this app protect your privacy, its cool features; and most importantly how to install it in your personal computer.


About AppLock

Currently, AppLock is the most searched term in Google Play Store with more than 100 million users globally and overall rating of 4.3. Holds the top position among all locker apps developed till now. Apart from protecting your private assets, this app comes with a pretty appealing background and easy to use functions.


Since you can lock down almost everything on your personal devices using this app, now onwards you don’t have to bother if your friends, parents, or kids if they check out your device. You can freely handover your device to them for a moment as your private data is all hidden and safe. This sounds very pleasing, right?

Alright, this app’s various features are as follows:

  • This app locks Contacts (personal), SMS (private conversations), Gallery (including individual photos and videos), Facebook, Gmail, Phone Calls, and Mobile Settings.
  • You can lock any app of your choice too.
  • If you don’t want to lock the entire Gallery but only some contents inside it, you can do it with ease.
  • It hides the selected contents from your Gallery, keeps it locked.
  • You can make an easy-to-remember PIN code and access to these hidden items using this PIN code whenever you want.

Note: For the best use of this locker app, it is suggested to save your private data on your internal phone memory. Private contents from external SD cards may appear back to the phone Gallery or copied to someone else’s devices easily.


AppLock for PC

While this app is designed and coded basically for Android Operating System based Smartphones, you will need a third party software called android emulator in order to run it in your computer. Well, every android app can be run in your pc using android emulator Bluestacks App Player.

Here is the complete step-wise instruction that will lead to successful installation of AppLock on your PC without any issues.

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks App Player


  • Start with downloading Bluestacks App Player on your computer from the link given below.

Download Bluestacks Here

  • After downloading the Bluestacks file, click to run the file. It will take you through installation process of this emulator.
  • Accept the “Terms & Conditions” by clicking on “Next” tab and finally “Install” tab.


Step 2: Download and install AppLock using Bluestacks


  • Once the Bluestacks App Player is completely installed, launch the player by clicking on its shortcut icon from your desktop. If the icon is not shown in desktop, try searching for it in the Start menu.
  • After launching Bluestacks, navigate and click on the yellow colour search icon from top left corner of the Bluestack window.
  • Type a text as “AppLock” in the search bar, then click on the search result that’s “Search Play for AppLock”.
  • There you will be asked to enable Appstore and shown App Sync.
  • Click the “Continue” alternative and enter your Google Account details in order to link your Google account with Bluestacks.
  • From here you will be directed to Google Play Store.
  • Now, navigate your required app here and follow the download, terms & conditions, installation of the app respectively.


What do you think? The entire installation process of the AppLock is all done, before you know it! Now, you can close your eyes and deeply inhale a breath of peace. Following the above instructions, you shouldn’t face any difficulties as I have done my best to make it easy-to-understand. However, if there is anything you want to be known about the article or protecting your private assets, you are very welcome to share. The comments section is all yours.

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