Ashe counter

Ashe Counter- Easy and Best Counter Tips

Ashe Counter: Ashe the Frost Archer is a mid-range champion of the game League of Legends. She has magic and spells that can cast ice to attack the enemies. She is a master in archery and in the game there is only a few with the archer and Ashe is one of the best. Besides, she also has some of the great abilities and attacks that can not only give physical damage to the enemies but also stun them for few second. The intensity of attacks can also be increased using the special abilities like Ranger’s focus. So countering Ashe in a battle won’t be much easier in the battle. So here we have brought easy and simple tips to which you can counter Ashe using more stronger champions.

Ashe counter


How to Counter Ashe- The Frost Archer

Ashe is a very slow champion and can attack only by staying at a particular position. You cannot chase or dash toward the enemies and strike at the same time. So this is a good positive point that can take a better-skilled counter pick or a champion having high-speed movements. This way you can easily get into speed benefit for countering Ashe in the close battle.

Counter Picks for Ashe

Here we have a list of the best counter pick for Ashe. You can summon these champion when you face Ashe, the Frost archer in the battle arena. She has some of the limited strength which you can use it to encounter her in the battle. So the Counter picks are shown below.

Rengar, the Pridestalker

Rengar is a close range fighter which you can have a great battle with the mid-range champion- Ashe. His ultimate- Thrill of the Hunt is a very effective counter attack for Ashe. With the help of his ultimate, he can activate the predatory instincts and sense all enemy Champions in his attacking radius surrounding him. Once activated, he gains high-speed Movement and his attacks become more powerful damaging everyone in the arena. This whole attacks intensity remains for 5 seconds in the battle that is enough for taking down a single champion.


Zed, the master of Shadow

Zed’s ultimate- Death mark is a very powerful strike which last for 6 deadly seconds. Zed moves in flash forming a dark shadow and putting a mark on the target, which instantly continuous attack is executed to the opponent dealing up to 80% of physical damage. The mark is very precise and cannot escape if the champion is very slow. And so Zed is a perfect counter pick for Ashe.


Galio, the Sentinel’s Sorrow

Galio is a champion of magic and spell so when you come face to face with the Ashe, Galio can flee away and attack from a distance with magic. While He also has an ultimate i.e. Idol of Durand where he creates a statue of himself which in turns taunt the surrounding enemies. And, after a few second the statue blasts with a high energy that attacks the enemies the shell breaks and destroys all the enemies. This explosive attack can deal the damage up to 80% in the battle and also stun the opponent for few moments.


Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman 

Master Yi have a special speed attack which can be used against Ashe who is slower and mid-range champion. He has the ultimate- Highlander where he can moves with unparalleled agility and then increasing the movement and attacks with unpredictable speed on to the opponent. This attack will not only give physical damage but also makes the opponent stunned for 7 seconds after the strikes.


Ashe Counter Tricks

  1. Ashe is a slow and defenseless champion which has no great escape plan. SO when you come close to Ashe, you can stun her and land good attacks. For easy counter.
  2. Ashe becomes slow soon after she cast her special attacks. Especially, after the Volley it actually takes a longer time for cooling down, so it is a good chance for you to give a great attack.
  3. When Ashe uses her ultimate, all the enemies when get hits will definitely stun. So try to avoid such attacks in the battle.
  4. A volley of Ashe is quite predictable and also very slow, so you can easy dodge when you realized that she is going to cast Volley for the attack.

Ashe Special Abilities

Here are the special abilities of Ashe- the frost archer. You can find out all the attacks of Ashe to use in the game precisely.


Frost Shot

When the enemy champion is dashing toward Ashe, she can use the Frost Shot to slow their attacks. This ability will give you much time for Ashe to make a quick movement for landing a blow on the enemies. Ashe can easily block enemies from attacking her in the battleground.

Ranger’s Focus

Ranger’s focus is the special type of Ashe’s attack where she builds up Focus until it reaches to maximum Focus. Once it has gone to the maximum, now she can cast Ranger’s Focus to consume all stacks of Focus and temporarily it will increase the Attack Speed. Now with the help of this Focus, even her basic attack can also give the maximum damage to the enemies.


Volley is most beautiful and stunning attack that Ashe releases a bunch of fires 9 arrows forming a cone and also the intensity of damage is at the highest rate. Along with damages, the arrow also gives the enemies to stun for few seconds after the strike.

Hawk Shot

Ashe can release a Hawk Spirit upon the enemy’s units which will destroy all the champion which fall under the target. This attack lasts for 5 seconds and destroying all the surrounding enemies. Ashe can store up to 2 charges of Hawk shot and release one after another in the battle.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

This is the ultimate of Ashe where she can fire a missile of ice in the targeted area. Once the arrow is released all the enemies touching the arrow will get the maximum damage and also stun for few second. The arrow can travel a far distance and all the enemy champion coming in the route of the arrow will get the physical damage. This attack can also slow down any dashing units of enemies and gain speed upon them for giving surprise attack. The enemies will stay stunned for more than 3 seconds.


So these are some of the important details by which you can counter Ashe easily in the battle. You can use all the Counter picks on the arena but the main fact that will help you for Ashe counter is the skills you play the game. Analyse all the attacks of the champion or opponent in the game and start playing which will give you victory.

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