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Bard Counter Tips: Best Counter Picks and Tricks- League of Legends

Bard Counter: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker is a very strong champion of the game- League of Legends. He has special ability to teleport himself from one place to others and has some of the great escape ability. While he is a very good supportive champion which will be best to use the troops for making escape plans. Though, he too has some of the great attacks like his ultimate which is very powerful that can take the whole unit of enemies. And so countering him will need different champion’s abilities which you would use against him. Here below we will discuss more important fact about countering Bard, the Wandering Caretaker.


Bard Counter

How to counter Bard-the Wandering Caretaker

To Counter Bard, you first have to use the stronger champion in the battle. So there are many champions in the game League of Legends which is not possible for choosing the best against Bard. And here we have the solution for you, as we have revealed you the best four Counter picks that will definitely help you gain victory over Ward in the battle. Besides, we also have brought you easy and effective counter tricks which when you use in the battle against Bard then it will help you counter.

Counter Picks for Bard

Blitzcrank, The great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank is a long range champion who has the ability of bolts. Static Field is the ultimate attack where he can cast a lightning bolt that throws upon enemies and deal maximum physical damage. This attacks charge in the battle for below than 0.5 seconds and blows high-speed lightning bolts toward the enemies.


Leona, The Radiant Dawn

When you are dealing the slow champion like Bards, then the Solar Flare of Leona will bring the best shot for countering him. This is the ultimate of Leona where she calls down the beam of solar energy that bring the maximum physical damage to the enemies in an area. The enemies will also get stunned whereas the surrounding enemies and other whole units of champions will get slowed down for few moments. And in the midst of the beam of solar, come Leona’s sword dealing deathly blows over the enemies. This attack is an long range and also deadly for the surrounding enemies thus any champions coming with their minions will also get destroyed in one single blow.


Thresh, The Chain Warden

Thresh is a Ghost champion in the game whose powers are unpredictable and deal with the winds. As he can control the wind, he has his special ability like Flay which counters strike by winds and target at the enemies from a long distance. After that with an instant strike comes his chain towards the enemies hitting to give huge damage. The chains come swinging from all direction by which you can reach to enemies and also pull backward and ending blows. This attack remains for 1 second that is quite strong enough to deal huge physical damage.


Draven, the Glorious Executioner

Draven is very strong champion specialized for short range fight. His ultimate i.e. Whirling Death is an extreme killing ability. He uses his two massive axes by dashing towards the enemies or the whole units. This attack contains a huge damage as he threw the whirling axe towards the enemies and thence it deal with the maximum damage. The axe when touch will not only damage but also stun the enemies for few second which he can next use basic axe attack for countering another enemy champion.


Counter Tricks for Bard

  1. Bard is very powerful with Cosmic Binding, so when you are in a close battle you must try to flee away from him immediately.
  2. Bard’s Magical Journey is a very helpful escape for him but the open portal remains for 10 seconds. So you can chase him along the path and destroy on the other side of the route.
  3. Bard’s ultimate is the most destructive attack which blows the whole target and remains until the enemies were death. So try to avoid it in the battle.
  4. Bard is a very good as supporting champion, so when you are facing battles and finds Bard in the troop try fist to execute him.

Bard-the Wandering Caretaker Special Abilities

Bard is though a huge figured and slow champion but he also has some of the best abilities which others don’t have. Here below we have listed the special abilities of Bard which will help you play the game easily using Bard.

bard counter

Traveler’s Call

Bard can call tiny magical chimes which come or goes along with Bard, collect mana, also help to blow attacks. Bard is a slow and short range champion so with all the help of Chimes he manages to travel and counter opponents.

Cosmic Binding

When you come to a close fight surrounded by enemies, then Bard can fires a missile to them. This attack will not only deal physical damage and slow down the enemy when struck. This missile can target many enemies, which can strike two enemies with a single missile while when struck both will get physical damage as well as slows down. While the Bard can continuously fire his missile until the enemies were death.

Caretaker’s Shrine

When Bard’s health drop down, he can use his Caretaker’s Shrine ability by which you can powers up over a short time. While the shrine packs disappear soon it after it touches or after healing itself. Bard can have up to 3 shrines at a time for his usage and it can also be used for power ups for 10 seconds on the battle field.

Magical Journey

This is Bard’s special abilities by which you can open a portal in nearby terrain or any rocks. Now through this ally or opens created, you can easily get through the other path for a good escape ability. Through this path, both Allies and enemies can travel while it will get disappear after 10 seconds.

Tempered Fate

This is the ultimate of Bard which uses the magical damage from which you can form a target and fires to the enemies. This attack is too powerful that will hit all the enemies and keep striking until the enemies were death. This is very useful abilities when you are trying to destroy a tower or a whole unit of enemy champions.


So these are some of the important details for countering Bard. We have listed some of the best counter picks and counter-tricks which you can use for Bard counter in the battle. While only choosing the strong champion is not dependable for countering Bard but also if you will need good experience for plying the game. So keep enjoying the game- League of Legends with your Friends.

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