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Best Brand Counter Picks and Counter Tips: League of Legends

Brand Counter: Brand, the Burning Vengeance is the fire spirit champion of the game League of Legends. The League of Legends is one of the best online games in the world, every season there is many challengers summit together for the championship. Here in this article we will discuss how to counter Brand- the Burning Vengeance. He is a very strong champion who possesses the fire skill and is also long range fighter. So it is a very tough job for countering him in the battle. But using perfect counter pick against him will make you win the battle against him. Besides we have also discussed some of the important fact and easy tricks by which you can take down Brand easily in the battle.

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How to Counter Brand, the Burning Vengeance

To counter the close range fighter like Brand, you must choose the longer range for countering him. Many people make mistake, choosing randomly for their summon and left to be defeated by Brand in the area. While Brand’s ultimate is also very powerful and there is no escape for whose who were surrounding him. All the minion will get swipe away using the Pillar of fire, so no close range tricks will work for countering Brand. So here we have brought you easy and simple tricks that will help you get the best shot in the game.

Counter Picks for Brands- the Burning Vengeance

Here we have the top four counter picks that you can use it while playing against Brand. There is also tricks for using their skills in the battle that will provide you full support to counter Brand.

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow

Talon is a master of the blade and the champion that deals with huge blade skill. One of the attacks like Cutthroat is very dangerous which have both high speed and also huge damage. Using cutthroat, Talon will teleport himself direct to the target and instantly appears behind slaying the target. This gives the huge damage and the attack is done within 3 seconds.

And also there is another attack for countering Brand when he uses pillar of Fire. The ultimate of Talon- Shadow Assault is a perfect skill which disperses a ring of blades and instantly disappears moving towards the target. This shadow assault will bring huge damage to the enemies that are an invisible blade slaying and stunning the enemies. The attack is gaining the high-speed movement and keeps on slaying to the enemies for 3 seconds and deals maximum physical damage.

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Kassadin, the Void Walker

Kassadin is a close range Champion and is also perfect for countering Brand. He can use the Riftwalk (ultimate) where he teleports himself to the target’s location and destroys the nearby enemy units. This attack deals the Multiple Riftwalks in a short period of time and uses the Mana for dealing more damages. Riftwalks remains for 15 seconds and attempts multiple times for damaging the target.

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Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void

Vel’koz is a one-eyed beast champion which can unleash deadly beam to the target. When you are fighting with the brand and he uses some of the long range attacks, here Vel’koz can use the ultimate- Life Form Disintegration Ray. The ultimate is a ray of the powerful beam which he unleashes to the target and dealing magic damage. This damage can cause damage to the target for 2.5 seconds continuously until death. This ultimate will also increase the movement speed and bring maximum physical damage.

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Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

Lux is a champion that can deal the longest range attack. Her ultimate Final Spark charges her full energy and fires a beam of light to the target that deals high damage along with the target area. As this attack can be fire from a far distance, Brand can be an easy target in the battle.

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Counter Tricks for Brand-the Burning Vengeance

  1. The Brand’s Ultimate is a furious attack that keeps on bouncing for 5 times over you. So to prevent getting huge damage, you must dodge the bouncing fireball.
  2. Avoid the blazing attack of Brand which will keep you on fire for few second damaging more than 50% of your health.
  3. The pillar of Fire is unpredictable so when you are facing him, you must choose the high-speed champion. If not, you can never dodge the pillar of fire in the close battle.
  4. You can use lots of minions that will interrupt Brand’s spell and stun for few second. Thus getting a chance for countering him.

Brand Special Abilities

Here below we have also discussed the special abilities of Brand which you will use in the battle. Playing the game can only be better when you play it by knowing every skill of the champions, so the abilities are-

brand counter

  1. Blaze

The brand has a special attack which will help you burn the target. He cast a spell when the enemies are nearby, this attack can damage the champion and the intensity of the attack remains for 4 seconds. The enemies got no way to escape after hitting from the blaze.

  1. Sear

A brand can also launch a ball of fire to the enemies which deal maximum physical damage. This fireball will also bring downs enemies and also stun for 2 seconds. When the ball of fire struck the enemies, they get ablaze too and stunned immediately.

  1. Pillar of Flame

When you are surrounded by lots of enemies, now you can get rid of them by using the Pillar of Flame which will also deal physical damage. This is a magic attack with highly blazing for the enemies.

  1. Conflagration

Conflagration is a more dangerous attack which he cast a spell creating a powerful blast at his target. This is a pure magical damage perfect with the long range champion and enemies. This attack will also burn alive to the nearby enemies surrounding the target and the intensity remains for 3 seconds.

  1. Pyroclasm

This is the ultimate of the Brand. He unleashes the most destructive torrent of fire and launch towards the enemies and deals magic damage. This attack does not stop only at the target but also bounces up to 5 times and those who received hit will get blaze right away. This blaze of fire when hit will also stun the enemies and gave chance for landing magical damage.


So these are the important counter picks which you can use it in the battleground against Brand. There are top counter picks and easy counter tricks which we have to discuss here in this article. You can keep visiting our site for more cool tricks and updates and help you play the League of Legends to win every time.

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