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Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Android Phone

Best Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Android Phone: Android Phones and devices has certainly made our work much easier than before. As now we could use our Android Phones to do most of our basic and technical stuff without consuming much time and with efficiency. And if you want to speed up your Android Phone Without Rooting you can check it out.

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Now Automatic Call recorder App for Android Phone is one of those features that are provided by Android that will allow you to record your calls. We have many important conversation both for professional and personal purpose over our Android Phone. Now trust me in most of the cases we mostly remember only 30% of the conversation that we had over the Phone and the other 70% of important points that we had the conversation are mostly forgotten by us.

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Now this 70% of the points that you forget does not feel costly unless you had something related to your Professional or Personal life. And that is where Automatic Call recorder App for Android comes along as it will allow you to record important calls that you will need in the future.

For those who are new to Android devices then you might be actually quite confused about this feature of call recording and you might be having some of a question like “how to record phone call”.

Then now you are in safe hands as here we will provide you with some of the app to record phone calls and using this app will answer your question on “how to record phone calls”

In the recent time as Android Phones being so famous among all the people around the Globe. Many new apps and games are released for Android Phones. Now even in the field of Phone Call recorder Apps for Android there are many call recorder apps that allows the feature of automatic call recorded on Android.

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So now choosing the best among the huge number of different Call Recorder apps can be quite tough and time-consuming. So now to make your work lighter here we have already provided with the list best call recorder for Android and you can use any of this call recording apps on your Android device as an automatic call recorder.  

Top 5 Best Phone Call Recorder Apps For Android:

So here you will get the Top 5 Best Phone Call Recording App that you can download for free on your Android Phone. And have your calls recorded on Android Phone, which you could use further as a prove of any important conversation or just keep your wonderful memories of conversation recorded using the Call Recording apps for Android.

1.Call Recorder ACR:

Call Recorder ACR is by far better than any other Call recording apps for Android present right now. And due to which it is rightfully the most rated Phone call recording app for Android. Now this allows its users to record phone calls on both incoming and outgoing calls on your Phone.


Download From Google Play Store

And in addition to this feature it also offers many other features for its Android users mainly manual or auto recording, auto deleting old recordings, password protection of recordings and many more. And also it allows its recording to either save in your local storage or Cloud Storage and you can export the recording files in different formats such as MP3, AAC, 3GP, WAV etc.

2. Call Recorder:

Call Recorder App is another one of the best call recording apps for Android. Now once you install this automatic call recorder app on your Android Phone it will start recording any of your outgoing or incoming calls which you can save on your SD Card for more space.

call recorder

Download from Google Play Store.

The plus point about this app is the user interface that it offer for its users. And you can find all your recorded app sorted by group, name and time and play all those recorded call on your Android Phone.

3. Galaxy Call Recorder:

Now if you own a Samsung device this call recording app Galaxy call Recorder will come very handy to you. The app works just fine to record the conversation both ways  and you will not need to turn your loudspeaker for Samsung device to record the call.

galaxy call recorder

Download From Google Play Store

But if you are using this app for any non-Samsung Android phones then you will need to turn on the loud speaker of your Phone while recording the Phone call. The recording of your Calls are stored in your SD Card but you can also store the recording with Cloud Storage as it comes with integrated Dropbox.

4. Automatic Call Recorder:

Now as the name suggest this Automatic Call Recorder app for android will start recording any of your incoming and outgoing calls automatically one the app is installed on your Android. But if you want to specify it for only some of the contacts you can do it on the settings option of the app.

Automatic Call Recorder

Download From Google Play Store

And another important feature is that you can select the format of the recording in which the file will be saved and it also allows its user to specify the path where it will be saved in the SD Card or Internal storage and if your device is running out of space you can also option for the Dropbox storage.

5. All call Recorder:

All Call Recorder is another simple yet powerful call recorder app that does its work perfectly. As it records all the outgoing and incoming call automatically in MP3 format and save the files on your SD Card or Internal storage in your Android phone.

all call recorder

Download From Google Play Store

And if you want other storage option you can also use other cloud storage option as it is well integrated with cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, Sky Drive.

Some Bonus Automatic Call Recording Apps for Android Phone:

  • Android Call Recorder.
  • Easy Voice Recorder.

So the above given Call recording apps were the top 5 best Automatic Call recorder app for Android and you can download all the apps above from Google Play Store for You.

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