Best Daydream VR Games

5 Best Daydream VR Games 2017 for True Virtual Reality Gaming Experience!

Generally, we became bored by playing normally as usual games in our Computer or in our devices. It seems that it’s like the regular ordinary game without any updated and latest features we are playing because we don’t have any other option left. But from now you don’t have to be feeling bored and backdated because by using the VR devices while playing the games can give you the experience of virtual reality in the gaming.

Best Daydream VR Games

Subsequently, after using the VR Headsets and playing VR games will lead you to the complete path of updated and reality in the gaming world. As there are VR Headsets and VR games so the complete combination is there but in latest to make the situation more updated you must play 5 Best Daydream VR Games.

What is Daydream VR Games is all about?

Daydream VR platform is definitely a great way to explore virtual reality and there is a lot of games available for Daydream and they are just waiting to get downloaded. Especially the experience of playing games in virtual reality is one that you should try. So if you are having a Daydream View headset and an enabled Android phone too then just start playing. And here below I will be the briefing about the 5 best Daydream VR games which I have talked about in the introduction of this article.

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Best Daydream VR Games- Just Start your Playing!

5. EarthShape:

The EarthShape is a funny puzzle game that will keep you occupied for a long time. EarthShape will have you travelling to various planets and trying to grow plants thereby solving the puzzles. The puzzle in the game starts off easy and get progressively more difficult.


It’s not like the other ordinary puzzle games that you have played earlier.  The graphics in the game are good and fluid and the narration of the story is witty and interesting. This is definitely a game you should try if you like puzzles and just want to pass some time on your Daydream View headset. You also can download it from the Play Store by paying $4.99.

4. Fantastic Beasts:

If you are as big a Harry Potter nerd you will love playing this VR game which you place you inside Newt Scamander’s case. Rather it is a short game but it is free so you can’t really complain. IN the game you start off in Newt’s case and his disembodied voice shows you the path through the game.

Fantastic Beasts

You have to help Newt take care of some creatures while he is away. It is a very realistic game and you will be getting the complete while playing it. So, pick your wand and concoct potions and make sure that Newt’s creatures are cared for. You must definitely try playing it.  You can download it from the Play Store for Free.

3. Mekorama VR

It is an extremely interesting puzzle game that goes from super easy to difficult as you cross the various levels. The graphics are easy on the eyes and well designed. In the game, you have to guide a stranded robot (named “B”), through the levels. The levels are well designed and challenging.  

Mekorama VR

The updated and trendy features of Mekorama will grab your attention to download and play it. The game even features a Diorama maker and you can build your own levels for the game and you can also share them with your friends using the QR code. The game comes with 50 different levels and you will surely feel entertained for a long time. You can download it from Play Store by paying $3.99.

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2. VR Karts Sprint

Another game that I liked playing on the Daydream View headset is VR Karts Sprint. This game is about racing and if you have played games like Lego Racers it will look a bit like that. It includes various powerups that you can use to attack other players in the game. This app is available for free but it includes only a “Quick Race” option in the free version.

VR Karts Sprint

You can also buy the full version of it. The graphics are decent enough and it works fine on VR and the implementation of the steering controls in the game is just awesome. You can simply tilt the Daydream controller to steer your car, keep your finger on the Touchpad in order to accelerate and press app button to fire weapons. You can download it from Play Store (Free. With in-app purchases).

1. The Arcslinger

This is one of my favourite games in my wishlist. The Arcslinger is an FPS game that is a lot of fun to play. Especially the graphics are nice and fluid and the gaming feels great. You can’t walk around in the game but using the Daydream controller to aim your pistol and shoot the enemies is a lot of enjoyment.

The Arcslinger

The game follows a long story, where you have to defeat the antagonist “Gold Smoke”, by being the better gunslinger. You can collect a number of “Arcs” while completing levels and it enhances the power of your pistol and add special abilities to your weapon. The game consists of 15 levels of pure VR fun and you will love it.  You can download it from Play Store by paying $7.99.

Now what… I just want to say that forget your old and ordinary game and be realistic with the Daydream VR Games. And also there are many games that are developed for Daydream and it is composed to make a mark in Virtual Reality platforms.

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These are the 5 best Daydream VR games that I would definitely endorse to anyone who is looking for Daydream games. So after getting the best part and details of the gaming with their actual specialities shown above you don’t have to search more. Just go ahead and make the games downloaded you will surely have some good hours of fun.

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