Counter Dr.mundo

Best and Easy Tricks to Counter Dr.mundo: League of Legends

Counter Dr.Mundo: Dr.Mundo is a very strong champion which is very flexible for playing in Jungle. He can be the best as a tank which takes also take the whole bunch of enemies with his blow. Another strength of having Mundo as your champion is being a very tough job for countering him in the jungle arena. He has some of best abilities which can be used in the game while battling, and you can also upgrade his power and skins.

Countering Dr.mundo will be easy if you can use the champion who would hold the ability that can beat his strength. And so here we have some of the simple tricks and best counter picks that will definitely help you win against Dr.Mundo in the game- League of Legends.

Counter Dr.mundo

How to counter Dr.Mundo, the Madman of Zaun

Dr.Mundo is a very strong champion dealing magic strength. In the game League of Legends, when you come in a close fight with Mundo you are in the great problem if you are choosing the right champion against him. Here below in this article we are going to give you a list of Counter picks which will help you win any battle against Mundo.

So let’s discuss the counter pick and their abilities that will help you in the battle fighting with Dr.Mundo.

Best Counter Pick for Dr.Mundo

Olaf, the berserker

Olaf is a mid-range fighter where he uses his special like- Undertow. This will throw an ax to the target dealing damage to enemies. Once the axe hits the enemies they became stunned and slow down their movement speed. And also his ultimate- Ragnarok is a very useful trick for fighting enemies as for whenever this ability is cast, he can temporarily become immune to any disables. This will last for a duration of about 6 seconds in the battle.

Counter Dr.mundo

Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge

Gangplank is a pirate champion with a great style of killing his opponents. He is also a long range champion which is a very effective choice for playing against Mundo. Especially, the Powder Keg is one of the most dangerous explosives that can be used to destroy any enemies dealing huge physical damage. And most extremely, the ultimate of Gangplank:  Cannon Barrage- this attack has the ability to bombard the whole area by just signaling his ship to fire. This can also slow down enemies and deal huge damage.

Counter Dr.mundo

Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

Fizz is a Water champion having the mid-range fighting skills. Fizz have some of the cool fighting skills that you can use against Mundo lows and have a great victory against him. His ability like- Seastone Trident is very powerful over Mundo. This attack can make the opponent bleed dealing magic damage for 3 seconds. This will also give you bonus damage which will give you more duration for the enemies to bleed. And also his ultimate i.e. Chum of water is the most deadly, Fizz can create an area where he tosses a fish to the direction to any champion which slows down the target. And soon after few seconds, a shark erupts from the ground which will knock on the enemies and deal maximum damage.

And also his ultimate i.e. Chum of water is the most deadly, Fizz can create an area where he tosses a fish to the direction to any champion which will slow down the target. And soon after few seconds, a shark erupts from the ground which will knock on the enemies and deal maximum damage.

Counter Dr.mundo

Trundle, the Troll King

Trundle have some of the best abilities which you use to counter Trundle. His special attack like- Frozen is very effective on Mundo. This attack will turn target and its location into his domain and in few second he gains Attack and movement Speed to strike on opponents. In this attack, you will also get healing from your enemies you killed.

Counter Dr.mundo

Counter Tricks for Dr.Mundo

  1. Mundo’s attack is too predictable and can even easily dodge in the fight. Especially the Infected Cleaver. When you can dodge it, you will be safe from receiving any damage.
  2. Mundo is a very slow champion which you can predict his moves and also strike back easily landing maximum physical damage.
  3. The ultimate of Mundo’s for heal reduction can be stopped and also remain reduced if he missed releasing his attack.
  4. You can employ a bunch of minions in the battle as to gain defense and also striking some physical damage to Mundo.

Special Abilities of Dr.Mundo, the Madman of Zaun

Counter Dr.mundo

Here we have listed the special abilities of Dr.Mundo which you can use while playing the game. Dr.Mundo is a close ranged champion dealing with high damage attacks and the special abilities are as shown below.

Adrenaline Rush

Dr. Mundo has a special ability to regenerate its health by 0.3% each second. So when you are taking any attack or blow, you would easily recover your health in every second.

Infected Cleaver

Dr. Mundo uses to have his huge cleaver which he throws over the enemies dealing maximum physical damage. When the cleaver hits the enemy it reduces up to 50% of its Health and also slows them for few second. Dr. Mundo’s increases his attack and movement speed and also when the cleaver is landed upon enemies half of the health is a gain if hits on the enemy. And when the cleaver strikes and full enemy’s health is to reduce then His health will be refunded.

Burning Agony

This special ability of Dr. Mundo has released off his Health which will, in turn, reduces the duration of disables. Now with the help of this attack, your enemies will face continual damage and also deal magic damage for certain durations.


Masochism is a special type of ability or supportive skills which will give bonus damage on the basic attack. This will also increase the speed of his Attack and the intensity of the Damage increases too. This attack remains for 5 seconds and stunning or slowing down enemies.


When you are in the battle and surrounded lots of enemies, then Dr. Mundo can sacrifice his portion of Health. This sacrifice will, in turn, increase the movement Speed and soon after this attack, his health will be automatically regenerated.


So these are some of the best counter pick and counter trick for Dr.Mundo. As being a strong champion, countering Mundo will be a tough job but if you use the skills of the counter pick then you can get the victory. Besides winning over another champion will also require your good playing experience.

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