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Best Free Recharge Apps | Earn Free Talktime Apps 2015 {Android/PC}

Best Free Recharge Apps for Android/PC 2015:  Have you ever Wondered how to earn free Recharge and Talktime from your Android Phone? We all know that we might have at least tried once to earn free Talktime on our Android Smartphone and now if you are still unknown to the feature of Free Recharge Apps for Android then let me assure you that you are missing out on the best of your Android device.

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Now every Android/PC user wants to know how to earn free Recharges and Talktime on Android/PC 2015? As Free Talktime Apps are quite famous among Android users that allows users to get free recharges on there Android Mobile. And in the recent time there were many free recharge apps 2015  but most of the apps to Earn Free Talking are either just fake or they gives just little credit.

Free Talktime Apps gives its users to earn Free Mobile Recharges and Talktime by Referral, downloading Apps, Quiz, Watching Videos. But nevertheless it is quite amazing regarding the you will be able to earn free Talktime right at the comfort of your home.

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Best Highest Paying Free Recharge Apps for Android/PC 2015:

So now here we will take a look at the best Free Recharge Apps to by free Talktime on Android Mobile 2015. Now all the above Free Recharge Apps are personally tried by me and all of the given apps below works quite well for you to earn free Talktime for your Android Mobile and it is certainly worth trying.

  • Mcent:

Mcent was the First free Recharge app that I have tried for earning free talktime on my Android Phone. I came to know about this App from a Friend and first I was not quite comfortable in using this Free Recharge App because most of the Apps that offers its users with free recharge were not genuine.


But trust me I was proven totally wrong by the fact that Mcent perform quite well and till now I was able to earn more than Rs 445 Talktime using this free recharge app. Mcent pays Rs 10 as sign up bonus for its new users and you can earn Rs 40 per referral to a Friend. It also offers its users the facility to earn Free Recharge by Downloading Advertisers Apps.

  •     Earn Talktime:

Earn Talktime is another one of the most popular free App for earning free Recharge on your Android Mobile and this is one of the most genuine App for earning Free Talking I will advise my readers to try it out on there Android Mobile to earn free Talktime.

earn talktime

Now the earning process of free Talktime using Earn Talktime Android App is quite simple you can refer this app with your referral link∼which you can even share it in Facebook and once your Friend install the App you will be paid Rs 35 per referral with the minimum payout being Rs 30.

  • Task Bucks:

Task Bucks is another awesome app for earning Free Mobile Recharge on your Android Mobile. Now there are many features that makes this app unique from other from other Free Recharge Apps available for Android users. And I have personally tried this Free Recharge App and was quite satisfied with the fact that how it performed.


Earning Free Talktime and Recharge on Task Bucks Android App is quite simple you will earn you will be paid Rs 40 per referral to a Friend. But there are also other ways to earn Free Recharge that Task Bucks offers its users you can earn credits by downloading Apps or Referral to the Website and you can Redeem your Rewards from various apps like Paytm, Mobikwik etc. And it also offers a facility of providing Rs 25 Paytm Cash per Referral.

  • AppTrials:

AppTrials is one of the oldest Free Recharge App for Android in the Market that offers its users with free recharge for trying out new Apps and games. Now AppTrials has been so famous among its Users for Free Recharge apps because it regularly rewards its users with free mobile recharge.


Now using AppTrials you will be able to earn Rs 100 per 10 Successful Referral and you can use this rewards to redeem it for recharging not only Mobile but also your DTH. And another best thing is that you can transfer your Mobile recharge to Payumoney which you can further use to do any online transaction.

  • Ladoo:

Ladoo is another reliable Android App for getting free Recharge and talktime with more than 10 Lakh + downloads from Google Play Store. It is very popular among Android users mainly because it offers its users with exciting offers on regular basis.


Now you can use Ladoo App to earn free recharge on Android mobile by just referring the apps to download on your Friends devices. And you will be paid Rs 44 per successful referral with your link and you can earn unlimited rewards as there is no limit to the free recharge you can earn using Ladoo App for Android.

  •  Joy:

Joy is another best Android App for earning free Talktime/Recharge on your Android Mobile and it is one of the rising apps that offer free recharge for Android that you can download easily from Google Play Store.


Now the earning process with Joy app is quite simple and straight forward you will just need to download and install the app on your Android Phone and to earn free Recharge you will need to send referral to your friends and for each successful referral you will earn 10 Rs credit.

  • Cashboss:

Cashboss is an Android App powered by Coupon Dunia Site where you can earn free Recharge/Talktime on your Android Mobile for free.


Now you can earn free mobile Talktime/Recharge by either referral or downloading the advertisers apps. Cashboss pays around Rs 10 per successful referral and you can earn up to 100 Rs per 10 referral using this free Recharge App on your Android mobile.

Up coming Free Recharge Apps:

Now once we try this Apps given below on our Android Devices and if it performs quite well then we will update this post of the Best Free Recharge on Android.

  • FreePlus:
  • CashChamp:
  • Cashon:

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So the above are the best Free Recharge Apps to earn free Talktime on Android 2015 and once you have tried any of the apps given above please leave your reviews of the Free Recharge Apps below in the comment section.

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