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6 Best News Apps For Android – Stay Updated On The Go!

Due to the advancement in technology, you can now easily read new in your Smartphone and Tablets easily. The latest updates of news are even widely spread through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You care now in the 21st century of a global era where you no longer depend on a piece of paper. In this post, I will discuss the best news apps for Android that you will find helpful. Read to know ahead about some of the best new apps.

Recommended Best news apps for Android:

1. Feedly

This is the best app for organizing, share and read messages that help you to stay updated with the news. You can easily follow the magazines, blogs, and other educational sources through this app. By using this news app you can easily organize all kinds of publications and blogs on the YouTube channel. You can easily read the blogs of others and learn new topics, track keywords, etc. You can enter any topic in the URL to search your desired content of news. The Feedly app is integrated with Twitter, Buffer, Pinterest, Evernote, Facebook, etc. You will experience fast loading speed in Feedly which will help you add an RSS feed to read it later.

2. Flipboard

You can get this app on your Android device where you can easily create a magazine by selecting topics of your own. You can easily write on where you interest lies and add photos for publications via this app. In Flipboard you can access to 9 Smart Magazines and create custom magazines by collecting photos, people, etc. You can read news, comment, like and share multiple topics available in this app. You are free to read the stories from CNN, The New York Times, Forbes, The Washington Post, etc. Flipboard app provides you with 25 local editions that include different versions such as Turkey, Brazil, Australia, China, and India. This is the best platform to share your interest arena with public and friends world around.

3. Google

This app will keep you updated with sports, new, entertainment stuff and other events. You will get the personalized feed and notifications on the latest market changes and information on the latest update of your interest. This app helps you to view live sports scores, news, and other interesting topics. You can easily search and browse your desired contents via this app just by entering a topic in the URL. The app lets you customize your own magazines by collecting themes, photos, topics, design and much more.

4. The Guardian

The Guardian is the best news app for Android that provides different topics and types of news which you can read, share, comment and like as well. You can explore your interest by customizing the topics that you are most interested in. It also features the breaking news alert that keeps you informed about all kinds of news world around. The Guardian app also has a premium version that consists crossword puzzles, extra content and you will not find annoying adds as well.

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5. Inoreader

The Inoreader news app has come with multiple features which are really appealing for use. It has professional features for professional plans like filters, rules, push notifications, offline mode and much more. There is vast suggestion of topics such as Technology, Business & Finance, News & Politics, Programming, Movies, YouTube Channels, Health & Life, Photography and much more. You can easily find news of your desired topics by easily entering the keyword in the search URL. There are more than 28 topics that you can navigate to access to magazines, newspaper, articles, etc.

6. New Republic

This app provides more than 1,650 licensed news sources of national and worldwide. You can easily customize and personalize your contents according to your desire. You can stay updated with the latest US Headlines such as International Headlines, World News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Politics, Celebrity News, etc. If you are an interested person in writings then you can easily keep track on your ranking, and compare it with friends as well as followers. You can also add custom headlines from the best RSS feeds of your desire. You can watch sports news on channels like NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, MotoGP news, Global International Soccer, etc.

You can now instantly watch to any kinds of news related to sports, entertainment, education, business & commerce, politics, etc. Some of the suggest apps are the best news apps for Android platform. You can install the app directly from your official Google Play Store on your Android device and start using. If you are interested in writing articles then you can write contents, personalize and publish in via any of the suggested apps.

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