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Best News Apps for iPhone – Stay Updated With Daily Happenings

The modern technological world has made everything easy for the people in and around the world that makes us quite lethargic because you can do every piece of work done with a Smartphone. Everything that we need is just at the tip of your finger. Every now and then, there are several apps coming up that makes it much easier and simpler. One can simply sit at home and stay updated with the past and current happenings around the world with news apps installed on your iPhone. Well, with the number of news app available in the store, it becomes a bit tough to choose the best suitable one right? But don’t worry, we have come up with the best news apps for iPhone so that you can easily choose and stay up-to-date always.

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7 Best News Apps for iPhone You Need to Have

#1: Google News & Weather

Google News & Weather is one of the best news apps for both Android and iOS device. You can view both local news & weather as well as headline stories. This news app covers from almost 75,000 publications and gives you instant loading to read any news with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) experience. In this news app, you can quickly browse to read any news and swipe for next news article.

Google News & Weather

In Google News & Weather app, you can easily find news according to category wise like Technology, top stories, Sports and also weather news. You can download this news app from Google Play or iTunes.

#2: Apple News

Apple News app for iPhone users as this news app comes with pre-loaded news on your device so that you can view to read the content without wasting your time. Unfortunately, this news app is unavailable for the Android devices.

apple news

This cool news app for iPhone loads any images and videos quickly. And other publications like National Geographic and The New York Times partner with the Apple News make their readers easy to read their content and always available. Here, the users or readers can get all the latest trending topics, individual topics and other topics from politics to niche i.e. HTML5. You can download this news app from iTunes.

#3: Pocket

If you don’t have enough time to read any news content then Pocket News App for iPhone would be a perfect choice for you. This is a popular news app that lets you quickly save, explore, and also bookmark the most interesting stories on the web so that you can read them later whenever you get time. You can view all your saved contents in an offline mode. This news app has also launched its new recommended feature where you can check what other users have saved easily.

Pocket News app comes with a very good and simple user interface that is sure to give a beautiful reading experience. Here, you can customize the app and the match your style of reading. There are much more interesting features to explore inside. All you have to do is just download and install app now on your device and Pocket will make your subway of reading much more possible. You can download this news app from Google Play or iTunes.

#4: BBC News

The BBC News app is another most popular news organization worldwide where you can catch all the current and latest news stories and it updates on daily basis. This app has been redesigned again with a fresh look as it aims to keep its users with more news content, greater performances, personalization and get news that matters you.


The BBC News app brings to you with almost all the current happenings, breaking news from the trusted global network of journalists. Here, you can find any news content quickly from the indexes like Technology, Business, Health, and entertainment. You can also search for your interests like people, places, themes and things, etc. There are much more exciting features. You can download this news app from Google Play or iTunes.

#5: News360

The News360 is another popular news app for iPhone users and would be a perfect app for you. The app is very simple yet elegant that offers the users to stay updated with the current happenings. News360 is quite alike to that of Flipboard where you can start searching for your favorite topics or browse for other news sites easily.

news 360

News360 has a very good user interface through which you can easily and quickly preview stories, san headlines and much more. it also allows you to share your stories with friends through social media, you can also save stories right on your iPhone device, Android, tablet, etc. so that you can read them offline later. This news app is available for both Android and iOS device users for download.

#6: SmartNews


SmartNews is another best news app for iPhone device as it brings to you with the most trending stories and lets you stay updated always. You can get your news content in just a minute. SmartNews has millions of readers worldwide till date as this app delivers you with the top trending news stories. It comes with a simple user interface where you can browse for any news content easily. All the news contents are categorized accordingly so that it is easy for you to access. You can download this news app from iTunes or Google Play.

#7: Flipboard


Flipboard news app is also one of the popular news app available for the iPhone users. This news app lets you stay updated with the top news stories, latest happenings around the world and much more. Flipboard app is simple and easy to use interface that makes your news reading experience much better and enjoyable. This news app also lets you add several social media sites like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter so that you can share your news stories right away.  You can download the Flipboard app from the App store.

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These are all about the best news apps for iPhone to choose from and choose the suitable app for you now. You can now select any news app from the above so that you don’t need t struggle browsing and choosing which one is best because choosing the new sources is equally important for reading news too so that you are left with well informed about the current happenings. So, select your suitable news app here because we have tried our best possible way in listing out few best news app for iPhone users that have the potential and capability of delivering you the better quality news to you.

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