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Best Twitter Apps for Android

Twitter is a name in the world of Social Media where you can find people who are new to Twitter to out most famous people like Barack Obama, Kapil Sharma, Virat Kohli and even your most favourite movie actors and many more.

But having twitter app to follow your favourite actors, players and even the president isn’t the only way. There are a lot of alternative that you can choose as your Best Twitter Apps for Android. So today let me take you through few of the best Twitter apps that you can choose from.


But don’t just crazy over the Google Play Store and type down for alternatives, as you will be thrown with a lot of search results which will make it difficult to choose from.

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Choosing the Best Twitter Client:

With a lot of third party twitter apps to chose from, you can barely go through typing in for an alternative for yourself in Google Play store and not being thrown around with many alternatives from which you have to choose from.

So let me chose few of the best Twitter clients that you can choose from and also which can be legit and applicable as a Twitter alternative for your self.

TweetCaster Tweeting App

Best Twitter Apps

This is another one of the best twitter apps with several built-in features such as Photo Edit and Mute. You can get updates of anything new being posted or mentioned on Twitter. For different taste of users, the developers have embedded several cool looking themes into their app. The widget looks appealing and overall functionality is great.

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Twidere Tweeting App

Best Twitter Apps for Android

Over the time, the Twidere tweeting app has improved many things in it through each updates and Twidere is certainly of the best twitter apps for Android today. Going to its basic built-in features, the app has image viewer, multiple themes and multiple account support. The app is free of cost and the best part is it doesn’t shows up any ad.

Plume Tweeting App

Best Twitter App

The app Plum for Twitter is one best android tool you must have. Plume has been very reliable and most stable twitting app among all those apps I have tried. Plume’s free version comes with many useful features. The app allows you to create multiple accounts in it. Additionally, it allows you to set up even your Facebook profile in it.

The tool keeps you updated automatically of latest tweets, messages and mentions in various tabs. Tweeting with this app is easy and very fast comparing other free ones. So this is certainly a worth trying tweeting app.


So these were a list of few of the best Twitter source that you can choose from. Enjoy.

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