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Websites To Watch Anime/Cartoon Online For Free: Watching Anime Online is one of the best thing to do if you are bored as it makes you past time in a Flash. Now watching Anime Online has become quite popular among people specially with the teenagers as it takes people into new world of Japanese Animation filled with there colorful and kawai{Cute} characters with a moral message which makes it totally addictive for the people.


Now if you are wondering which Anime to watch online free then let me tell you that you have just entered into the world of infinity where the entertainment never ends but if you want to know some of my personal favorite Anime that I watch online then you just got lucky as here I will also be listing some of my personal Best Anime that I watch and to know it you will just need to continue reading the Article.


And as watching Anime/Cartoon Online Free has became so famous among people there are many ways to watch Anime for free but the best way that I do is to Watch Anime.Cartoons Online as there are many websites which offers the users to watch Anime/Cartoon Online for Free. So here in this article I will be listing the Top 10 Best Websites To Watch Anime/Cartoon Online For Free.

Top 10 Best Websites To Watch Anime/Cartoon Online For Free:

Here are the top 10 Best Sites To Watch Anime/Cartoon Online for Free.

Sites To Watch Anime Online For Free

  1. KissAnime:


KissAnime is one of the Sites that I have been using for quite a long time now to watch Anime Online free. KissAnime has became one of my personal favorite Website to watch Anime Online for free because on KissAnime you will get different Anime Movies and Episodes well organize by there genre so that you can find your favorite anime easily. And another thing that I like about KissAnime is that it lets users choose the Video format in which you want to watch Anime Online Free.

2. Anime44:


Anime44 is another one of my go to websites for Watching Anime Online for Free. Where you will find all the latest Anime Movies and Series which are well organize in different category with user friendly interface and it is certainly one of the Anime Site that a Anime fan must check out now.

3. GoGoAnime:

gogo anime

GoGoAnime is another Website that you should check out if you are a Hardcore Anime Fans as GoGoAnime has a whole bunch of collection of different Anime Movies and series with regular updates with new Anime Episodes and new Anime.

4. Crunchyroll:


Now comes Crunchyroll which is by far favorite of many of the Anime Lovers because it is is one of the Anime Site where you can find the latest episodes and Movies before any other Anime sites on the Web and it is certainly one of the best site to watch Anime Online for Free.

5. AnimeSeason:


AnimeSeason is another Site where you can watch your Anime Movies and episodes online for free. AnimeSeason gives its users a wide rage of Anime from different genre to choose from so there is always something new for the visitor every time.

Other Anime Sites To Watch Online For Free:


Some of my Favorite Anime that you can watch and stream online for free are:

1.Naruto & Naruto Shippuden.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

3. One Piece.

4. Dragon Ball Z

5. Bleach.

6. Sword Art Online.

7. Death Note.

8. Fairy tail.

9. Code Geass.

10. Parasyte.  

Sites To Watch Cartoons Online For Free:

1. Cartoons Movies HQ:

Cartoon Movies HQ is one of the best websites where you can find Movies and Episodes to watch Cartoons online for free. And also you can find variety of other categories that you can choose from such as TV Shows, Anime, and many more.

2. Watch Cartoons Online:

Watch Cartoons Online is another sites that you must try out to watch Cartoons online for free where you will get a huge directory of different cartoons organize in different category. Not only that Watch Cartoons Online also provides huge collection of Anime that you can watch for free.

3. ToonJet:

ToonJet is another Site for you to watch free Cartoons online where you can find all the latest and Classic cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse, Looney Tunes and many more for free. And you can watch all the Cartoons for free without any signup’s right at the go.

4. SuperCartoons:

SuperCartoons is another Website for watching cartoons for free and it is one of the sites that I personally visits to check on all my favorite Cartoons Movies and Episodes and all the Videos on SuperCartoons are of high quality.

5. NickToons:

NickCartoons is another Free Website where you can watch cartoons online for free. And on NickToons you will not only find cartoons Movies and episodes but you will also find different option like Nicktoons games, Cartoons Games and many more.

{ P.S: Anime and Cartoons are Totally Two Different Things }

So the above given Websites are the Top 10 Best site to watch Anime/Cartoon Online for Free. Now share it with your Friends so that they will also know how awesome is the world of Otaku.

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