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Download Blackmart Alpha for Android

Blackmart Alpha is an online market store for Android Apps. Here you will get all the Android Apps and games fully free. It is considered to be an alternative to the popular Google Play store that we used on our Android Smartphone and tablets for installing any apps. Also, you don’t need any kind of account unlike Google Play and you can easily use apps from Blackmart Alpha without any registration.

blackmart alpha for android

In Blackmart Alpha, you will get all the premium & paid version of apps fully free. That’s the reason it become so popular nowadays and became a substitute of No.1 Android app market store Google Play.

Sometimes Android App developers upload their app on Blackmart store for the Beta testing purposes and sometimes modified version of games and apps also uploaded here. So, it’s a place where you will get all the premium & paid apps and games which are fully free to download here.

Benefits of Using Blackmart Alpha:

  blackmart alpha for android phone

  1. If I talk about the benefits of using this app, then the first point I can say that it is the best alternative or substitute of Google play store and it is fully freely available to you. So, if any app that you cannot able to find and download from Google play store then it may be possible that you can find it on Blackmart Alpha store.


  1. Moreover, not all the apps available on Google play support every device or sometimes even some low version of Android devices are not compatible with Google play, so, in that case, you can use this Blackmart Alpha store for the downloading of Android Apps.


  1. Another best thing is all the apps and games you found here are fully free to use. It’s the main thing a Smartphone user first looking for.


  1. Blackmart Alpha will appear only such kind of apps and games which are compatible with your Android device. ( Maybe there’s a possibility that some apps do not support your device, but it is in the least number of cases.)


  1. Fortunately, here in Blackmart app store, you will get some of the apps with its multiple versions. So if one is not compatible, you can try another version.


Features of Blackmart Alpha:

  • Simple and very easy to use and fully user-friendly interface.
  • It offers multiple languages for an ultimate user experience globally.
  • Very fast in downloading and installing any apps.
  • Completely free to use and download.
  • Fully packed with numerous downloadable apps.


Blackmart store is really very simple app and with a very nice user interface. There is no ‘Trial’ version here, all you get a full or complete version of any apps which are free to download.

In Google play, sometimes you can see that instead of compatible to your device, some app may not download. Or you can see many paid apps and free apps in Google play store. But in this app, this thing is not here.

No limitation of using any apps as all the apps available here are free.

How to Download and Install Blackmart Alpha on your Android:

  • You cannot directly install Blackmart  App on your Android device. It is not available in Google play as there’s some issues regarding the terms and services with the Google. So you have to download Blackmart app from any external source.
  • Another way of downloading the APK file of Blackmart is, you can download the APK file to your PC and then transfer the file to your Android device. The APK is a very small in size, approx 2-3 MB. So you can easily download it.
  • Now install the APK by tapping on it and follow the instructions for the installation process.

Note: One thing you need to know, make sure that you have enabled the ‘Unknown Sources’ option on your Android device to allow installation of an android app from any third party.

You can download the APK file of Blackmart Alpha from anywhere on net as it is freely available and you can easily find it on a net.

This is the simple way of downloading and installing the Blackmart Alpha store on your Android. Here are the some screenshots of Blackmart Alpha app.

Blackmart alpha app for android

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Final Words.

Unlike Google Play store or any other Apps store available, this Store gives you a wide range of apps and games which are totally free to download on your Android device.

If some of the apps are showing incompatible to your device after downloaded from Google play and Blackmart store, in that case, make sure that you have the original version of Android installed on your device.

Most of all the apps available on Blackmart Alpha are compatible with any Android devices and some are available in multiple versions too. So, there’s the least possibility of an incompatible app from here.

So it’s a great platform for the Android users as they can get all the free as well as paid apps here which are totally free to use.

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