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Clash Royale for Android Team Supercell is on the news once again with another milestone creation which is called “Clash Royale”. The team recently announced that their new monstrous creation is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. As they have launched Clash Royale for Android , definitely they know how to sink people deeper into their real-time strategy games.

Clash Royales for Android

In a moment I realized that, we have been playing COC in the toilet, bath-room, at the bus-stop, in the office/class-room, on the dining table, under the blanket, and in dreams. Sounds familiar to your ‘Story of Addiction’? This is what Clash of Clans team Supercell has done to our lifestyle. And they are not yet satisfied?

The clash is no more bounded between small clans; the clash has just got bigger. It’s going to be of royals, and each one of you should be prepared for the royal clash.


Briefly About Clash Royale

The Finland based Video game Company Supercell has already been on the headings for their 2012’s best creation which is Clash of Clans. After a vast taste of success the team has developed another R.T.S. game Clash Royale during early aspect of the present year. The game at first launched in only iOS platform, and recently they have headed to making it available for the most popular OS platform Android.

Here you might think that the game is a sequel of Clash of Clans. Well, it’s not. The characters, appearances and direction of Clash Royale are quite similar to the previous game Clash of Clans. However, you will find differences in its game-play and game-design. Beside some other similar characters to COC, there are new characters included in the game such as Knight, Princes and Baby Dragons.


In the game, your objectives will be to defend your Royales which are Knight and Princes; and to bring down opponent’s tower or Rolaye family as well. Frome each victory, you can win Crowns, Trophies and cards. Similar to COC, here you can form your clans, share cards among your battle community making your community stronger. The more cards you collects, the more powerful characters you can unlock through the game.

Developer team stated that the new game is much more fun and interesting. As early expected, within just few months of its release the game succeed to give a great impact over users. It’s over 10 million downloads and 4.5 overall rating from Google Play Store makes it clear.


Important Features

1: The real-time game allows duel players to fight in an arena, winner takes Trophies home. Any players from around the world can participate against anyone.

2: Rewards are to be unlocked by chest earnings. Collect new powerful cards and you can upgrade your existing cards as well.

3: Height of the Victory is to Destroy enemy Towers. Epic Crown chests can be earned by winning multiple Crowns through many victories.

4: Build and Upgrade collection of your cards. Also, collect your Defences, Spells and troops.

5: Construct defensive Battle Deck to prevent your loss and defeat enemies as well.

6: In order to get on the top stage, you have to win in multiple fights.

7: You can form your clan, share your cards and build up a battle community.

8: You can challenge your mates or friends in your clan fro private duels and sharpen your battle tactics with practice.

9: TV Royale will show you ultimate battle tactics, watch and learn to be best.


Clash Royale For Android

There are dozens of websites where you can download the APK file of Clash Royale for Android. Though the best thing for you to do is, visit the Google Play Store from here and follow the usual procedure to download the file.

Clash Royale for Android

  • In the Play Store, type a search term “Clash Royale”.
  • Tap on the title from result list.
  • Now, click on the “Install” button.
  • “Accept” the term and conditions. Downloading will take place immediately.
  • Once the downloading is complete, you free to launch the game and have fun of it.

This will provide you the safest file of Clash Royale for android devices verified by Google.


The version of Clash Royale for Android is available in free of cost with in-app purchase. As the real-time-strategy game is officially launched only on Android and iOS platform, you will need for third-party software in order to have it on your Windows PC devices.

Just click on this linked phrase about “How to download Clash Royales for PC”, it will direct you to the ultimate guide of downloading the android game for personal computer. And to the iOS users, I recommend to click the same way on this bold linked Phrase about “Clash Royales for iOS”.

And finally, this is time to get addicted in clashes over again, yet in a bran new style! So, my dear fellow clash freaks, time is not being wasted when we play games; time is being wasted when we still have a second thought before going to Clash. Now, get the Clash Royale for Android and forget the planet.

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