Clash Royale New Update – Latest March Update

Clash Royale New Update :  With Clash Royale new update on the way for all fellow Clashers, SuperCell has announced 17 new changes in their March update. With updates mostly likely to go live on 23rd March 2016 (US Time) and being generally launched around 5am, we have to wait and see if it delays this time.


With rumors of many Clash Royale Updates Leaked over the internet, only a few has been confirmed to be in the update so far. So today we are going to discuss few of updates that are going to be launched soon and also take a look whether this updates can really make a big different or not.

Clash Royale March Update has been listed with 17 new changes and the few updates to be confirmed by SuperCell. All the Clash Royale New Update has been noted to be very important and also said to be the best update so far for Clash Royale update.

Clash Royale New Update- Update Leaks and Rumors :

Being 10 changes confirmed as a part of the official update, that will be available out of the 17 new updates, rumors still follows with the changes that have still not been confirmed/noted down by SuperCell. So let’s talk about the few confirmed changes that you will be able to notice in the new update and few of the rumor changes that may be included in the update.

Cannon- Clash Royale New Update:

While cannon has been a great way to defend your towers with just spending 3 elixirs, Supercell seems to have taken this into the account to make cannon last a little less long. Yes that right, cannon won’t last longer as before. As cannon has been noted to be too strong just for 3 elixirs.

Clash Royale New Update

Cannons life span has been decreased from 40 seconds to 30 seconds and through it doesn’t seem much long this will have a positive effect on the game. This will make the game much more interesting with attacks and defense to keep in mind rather than just setting 2-3 cannons and just sitting back.

Tesla & X-Bow- Clash Royale New Update:

Tesla has been said to have a huge life span of 60seconds so the developer has also taken this into account making Tesla’s life span from 60seconds to 40 seconds. And not just that the fire rate has been increased from 0.7 sec to 0.8 sec which will make it a less dominating troop making it more imperil to skeleton and minion troops.

Clash Royale New Update

And now to talk about Xbow, the range has been decreased from 13 tiles to 12 tiles( which won’t make much of a different ) and also made it a little slow to the attack speed.

Clash Royale New Update

Dark Prince & Prince- Clash Royale New Update:

This change may be considered more on the negative side as both this powerful troops has been taken down of power by 13%  making them less damaging. Both this troops has said to be overpowered and they are considered so powerful that they can take down a tower on their own without ease.

DarkPrince clash Royale New Update

Advice: To stop prince or Dark Prince from taking down your tower just drop a few archers or goblins or barbarians near him, this will distract him and make him attack the troops.

The Giant Family- Clash Royale New Update:

Now to talk about Giant & Royal Giant Supercell has taken a step towards making the Giant stronger by 5% so he can deal more damage to buildings and towers. As everyone knows that giants are slow and strong but induce less damage, so step has been taken to make him stronger.

Clash Royale New Update


And Royal Giant has got a bigger boost of 20% increase in their strength making them more perfect and close to the high price to damage troop in the Clash Royale new update.

Clash Royale New Update


Valkyrie- Clash Royale New Update:

If you are Clash of Clan player then you would definitely know this deadly axe-wielding chick who can deal a lot of damage and is also one of the most used troops. But she definitely needs a little change and so here you will have it this time with her dealing 10% more damage.

Clash Royale Update

It has been confirmed that her damage and hit point has been increased by 10% making her more of a tank troop and making her more usable for both attacks and defence purposes which were even a part of Clash Royale Update leaked a few days ago.

Spells- Clash Royale New Update:

Rage spell has been in damage and speed by 40%  instead of 35 which was said in many Clash royale Update Leaked over time. Making spells more usable and damaging at the same time. Though it won’t last long the spell can indeed create chaos on the slow attacking troops.Whereas the poison spell has been increased in effectiveness by 5%. This will make big troops, witches and others more vulnerable to damage. This will make the spell more usable as this spell was considered less strong

Rage Spell Clash Royale New Update

Whereas the poison spell has been increased in effectiveness by 5%. This will make big troops, witches and others more vulnerable to damage. This will make the spell more usable as this spell was considered less strong according to many players.

Clash Royale New Update


3 Musketeers- Clash Royale New Update:

This rumors has been said to be true as deploying the 3 Musketers at a time cost 10 elixirs leaving the players with no elixir and completly defenceless. Now with the Cash Royale March update the 3 musketeers will cost just 9 elixirs.

Clash Royale New Update

This was a crucial change as these troops can deal a lot of damdmge but costing  a lot on elixir too.

Ballon- Clash Royale New Update:

As we all know how much effective the ballons are against cannons and every defence troop or buildings and now it ahs been made even deadlier with a increase of 5% overall. This will make your attacks more effective while using ballons as a cannon adn defence destroyer in a short period of time.

Clash Royale New Update

And paired along with barbarians playing as a distraction or if you are using a rage spell on ballons can clear even the greatest oppoent defence.

Witch- Clash Royale New Update:

Now the last two updates will really make you happy and even shock you for a while. When you are down at Arena 4 you will be facing Witch and even after being overpowere with how she is now, supercell has made her even more deadlier by maker her 5% more faster & stronger.

Clash Royale Update

And with this in hand there can truly be no one that can take you down easily as before (
This was also a part of Clash Royale Update Leaked )

Archers- Clash Royale New Update:

One of the best Clash Roayle March Update include a boost provided to the archers which they really needed. As archers card are really great for begainners but the problem arise whih you reach level 3 where players start iggnoring this amazing card.

Clash Royale New Update

So this time archers has been made faster and will result in fast shooting and quick deploymeny adn which means archers are egtting a huge over all boost making them really usefull even at higher levels. ( apart of  Clash Roayle Update Leaked ).


There you go, these were a list of few of the best Clash Royale New Update and even the Clash Royale Update Leaked over the time. And it isn’t over yet, there are still rumored to be more 7 changes and updates that are still awaiting to be released.

So for more upcomming updates facts & release rumors stay connected with us.

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