Command Prompt tricks

Command Prompt Tricks – Life Hacking Secrets & Tricks

Are you bored & sitting near your PC or Laptop? Wanna know about some cool Hacks & Tricks that you can try on your pc/laptop ? There is a lot more then just works, games & entertainment that you can do your pc which is running on windows 7, 8, 10 and even Vista & Xp.Wanna know what I am talking about ?

Command Prompt tricks


So, this is what I Am going to talk about today “Command Prompt Tricks”.Few of them which is really going to impress you and make you think about trying it directly on your PC/Laptop right away.So without wasting any more time let’s get started with it.

About Command Prompt

Command Prompt a.k.a cmd.exe is a interpreter of command line for any windows system, with Unix shells from analogous.Therese Stowell initially released the Command Prompt for Windows NT.

Command Prompt Tricks

Normally to launch a command prompt you have to Go to the Start menu and Type in CMD in the search tab and press open the cmd or you can even go to the Start menu and Go into Accessories and then click on command Prompt.

So, using command prompt tricks you can easily do your work or launch an app or even more interesting things.Sounds pretty cool right ?Then what are we waiting for let’s get started.

Mind Blowing Command Prompt Tricks

Abort Command Easily With Ctrl-C

Now If you are a regular user of command prompt then this is for you.

You can simply backspace and erase what you have written using Ctrl-C to stop an execution  while you are half way through the command.

Caution to be taken while using the Ctrl-C as you can’t undo any undo execution that you have done using the Ctrl-C.

Administrator Command Prompt

For a full access to the command you may sometime need to launch the Command prompt in an administrator.So why you click here ad there to run as an administrator when you can simply use a command prompt to do it.

Now the next time you launch the Command Prompt as administrator just save it as a shortcut into your Desktop so that the next time you need the full access as the administrator to go through all  the work you need you can do it easily.

Shortcut Keys to Run Command Prompt

Now why you would you go for opening and go through all the work to run the Command prompt when you can do it with simple shortcut keys in the Command Prompt like:

  • F1 for last executed command which is character by character
  • F2 for last executed command which is onto entered character
  • F3 for simple last command
  • F4 for Deleting the prompt text that you entered
  • F5 for executing recently entered command
  • F6 for Copy pate of command(it’s really a time saver)
  • F7 for displaying all the last command prompt works
  • F8 for pasting the recent work(can be tricky so use carefully)
  • F9 for executing the commands form  the F7 list which I mentioned above.

(there will be more shortcuts so stay connected for more)

Matric Command Prompt Tricks

Command For Help

What if you need some command prompt help when you are bus dong other work? If you are facing the same problem then this is for you.

With the help command which is displayed  by command syntax you can easily launch and command for the required function right from the command prompt between any work that you are on without closing or minimizing it.

This is one of the coolest command prompt tricks that i have used till now and also one of the easiest and handy when your are really in need of the command prompt.

Command Prompt as a Tree of Commands

This can be a really cool way to surprise your friend using this simple command prompt tricks.All you have to do is type in executed tree in any of the directory to launch this feature.

With this you can start of from creating the music, video, pictures, documents and view as a tree structure of even use it for all other drives and to launch the various file using the command prompt.

This is specially useful  if your mouse or touch pad fails to execute during a programming.

Command Prompt Customization

Bored of the same old command prompt out look and details, now you can create a custom out look for your command prompt using this simple command prompt tricks.

Simply type in the name that you want to keep like this execute title Property of Amit Deb and then you will have the command prompt tricks working with your name as the owner.

Through you have to launch it like everything you launch but still you can customize it for  long time use if you are into command prompt for everyday use.

There you go, these were a list of the best command prompt tricks that you can use to make using the command prompt more fun and easy to use.

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