Aurelion Sol Counter

How to counter Aurelion Sol: League of Legends Champions counter Tips

Counter Aurelion Sol: Aurelion sol, the star forger is a Dragon champion in the game League of legends. League of legends is one of the most popular online games which is played worldwide; the game’s main deal is to choose champions and battle in the arena.

Aurelion Sol Counter

Aurelion Sol is a very strong in both close and long range battle. He have some of the extremely dangerous skills which is very deadly in the battle. His best ability is to flee when you are surrounded and attacked by the enemies. And also the attacking abilities is also cool in the game, so overall facts reveals that it is a tough job to counter Aurelion Sol in the battle. But here we have some of the cool tips and trick and best counter picks that will help you gain victory very easily.


How to counter Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger

Aurelion Sol is a dragon champion having many special attacks and abilities and are also a long ranged champion. Dealing a long range champion can only be possible when you are choosing the champions dealing speeds. Here in this article we have brought you some of the best counter picks which you can use them while in the battle with Aurelion Sol. And we have also provide you some of the secret counter tricks, that will help you facing him in the Game.

Counter Picks for Aurelion Sol

Some of the counter picks are as shown below-

Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

Aurelion sol is a distance champion who can flee so to counter you will need a long range fighter. And Fizz proofs the best champion having long range abilities. The Ultimate- Chum the Water which releases a magical fish that strike straight to the enemies. With this strike, the shark erupts from the ground and hitting to all the enemies around. This attack develops an area of target where all the champions falling into the area will receive a huge damage. The enemies will get a great physical damage and also will get stun for a moment. The intensity of this special attack is too extreme that will also slows down the incoming enemy’s attacks while the Shark from the ground is erupted.


Akali, the fist of shadow

Akali is another champion in our list who is bearing special attacking skills. The Twilight Shroud is a special attack which is very much useful for countering Aurelian sol where she throws down a cover of smoke and in the midst of shadow Akali becomes invisible and gains a very quick Movement Speed. At this moment, she can straight towards the enemy champion and give a hard counter strike. This attack is a silent killing technique which is very effective for countering Aurelion sol.


Ahri, the Nine Tail Fox

When you are dealing with the long range champions like Aurelion sol, you must choose the champion with speed. And Ahri is one of the fastest Champions in the game, League of Legends. She can use her ultimate- Spirit Rush which will gain impressive high speed dash and fires her 3 essence bolts to the enemies. This attack comes with the great speed and fires all the bolt 3 time continuously for 10 seconds that can make countering Aurelion Sol easy.


Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Diana is another high speed champion which is a perfect counter pick for Aurelion Sol. Her ultimate i.e. Lunar Dash is very effective to land a huge physical damage to the enemies. With Lunar Dash, she dashes to the enemy and land great magic damage. This attack can also teleport which is a good skill for handling Aurelion Sol when he tries to flee.


Counter Tricks

  1. When he uses the Celestial Expansion, try to get inside his orbit because his stars cannot hurt you when you are close.
  2. Once he has released his ultimate, he gets stunned for few moments that is a great chance for you to fight him. So try to dodge every attack if possible.
  3. You can slows his dash by just landing a damage on him, so make sure when he tries to use Comet of legends you still can interrupt it.
  4. The Starsurge is well too powerful and will definitely get huge impact surrounding him. So try to flee far away from him as soon as possible.

Aurelion Sol Special Abilities

Centre of the Universe

Aurelion Sol is celestial dragon and in the game have some of the best abilities like Centre of Universe is one of the basic but powerful attacks. This attack has the magic which you can cast over the enemies. With this you can give the maximum physical damage to the opponent.


Being a furious dragon, Aurelion Sol can create a huge expanding disk having maximum energy which can be released from a distance to the target. This attack can give a explosive damage to the enemies and also stun to those who are surrounding you. The intensity of the attack is too high which can stun the opponent champions for 2-3 seconds.

Celestial Expansion

Aurelion Sol can develop a huge energetic star like energy on its hand which he attacks to the enemies by throwing it to the target. So this way can give a maximum damage to the enemies from far distance.

Comet of Legend

When you are under massive attack in the battle, you can make a quick flee that will help you move away from the enemies attacks and move to the far distance. Aurelion Sol moves in a comet-like posture by moving in one continuous direction which ultimately flying off to the long distance away from the enemies. This flees remains for 3-4 second and once you land it will again reset to the passive movement speed. This is also a great ability of Aurelion sol for the escape plan.

Voice of Light

This is Aurelion Sol’s ultimate attacks where he breathes out a huge blast just like the original dragon fire breath. The Blast contains the huge packs of pure star-fire which is very destructive blowing all the enemies and also stuns the enemies surrounding him. This is very powerful attacks once they are released it deals up to 60% physical damages and remains for 2-3 seconds in the battle.

Notes- Aurelion Sol have two main skins which you can upgrade using your Mana. Changing the skin will give you more tougher and royal look for your Dragon and the two skin are the Basic Aurelion Sol and the Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol.


So these are the important details about the how to counter Aurelion Sol- . As he is a long range champion and also can take off flight in the air, so countering won’t be easy until you choose the champions who were dealing with speeds. And thence, here in this article we have given a champions list that can counter Aurelion Sol with the speed.

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