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How to counter Azir- The Emperor of Sand

Counter Azir: Azir, the emperor of Sand is one of the strong champion in the game League of legends. He have soecial sand soldier attack and are also one of the long range champion which deal magic damage. There are many long range champion in the game but he have some special abilities like Arise and Emperor’s divide which unleased great and soldiers in the battle. And these soldier knock down every champion coming the route; beside you can also block the incoming attacks from the enemies which is the plus point.

Azir Counter

So with so many powerful strikes, you have been wondering how to counter Azir in the battle. And here in this article, we are going to discuss the solution for countering Azir with some of the great counter picks. We also have listed some counter tricks for increasing the possibility of winning when you battle Azir in the arena.


How to counter Azir-The Emperor of Sand

Azir is a very strong champion having special control on sand and also a sand emperor. He have massive power that cannot be defeated if you are not using proper counter pick against him. And most imporantly youmust choose those champion who deals with explossive and long range fighter. So here we have listed best Counter pick for the Azir.

Best counter pick for Azir- the Emperor of Sand

Ziggs, the Hexplossive Expert

Ziggs is a mini size bomber which has some of the extreme bombs for the enemies in his pocket. And here Azir’s Sand soldier are too massive that won’t be able to destroy in small blows, so here we have Ziggs Mega Inferno Bomb- the ultimate. This ultimate attack will deal a far distal attack which first marks a blast zone around the incoming enemies and with a triggers you can blows the whole unit of the enemies. No other champion would be so precise just like Ziggs with the skill of bombing his enemies, so He is a perfect counter pick for Azir.


Vi, the Piltover Enforcer

Vi is a close range champion with the strongest fist. When you are facing Azir and his sand Soldier, no other shot is perfect than Excessive Force. You can release a blast of attack on to your enemies which will deal the maximum Physical damage. This attack can hold up to 2 charge which mean you can land powerful fist punches one after another on the enemies to destroy them all.


Syndra, the Dark Sovereign

Syndra is also another counter pick for Azir, as she has the magical skill of attack. She can handle any long range attack which is very necessary for battling with Azir. You can use Scatter the Weak against Azir, Sand soldier which will knocks the enemies and also the Dark Spheres will land much physical damage. This attack remains for 1.5 second and also those who were hit will stunned for few seconds.


Malphite, Shard of the Monolith

Azir when he uses his ultimate i.e. the wall of soldier then Malphite would be a good choice bring in the battle. When Malphite unleash his Unstoppable Force, the enemies who is in the way for his dash will defiteky be get destroyed and knocking all along. The attack have such an intensity that the enemies fly in to the air for 5 second after it touches Malphite. This attack is a pure knowk down tricks for Azir in the battle.


Easy Counter Tricks for Azir the Emperor of sand

  1. Azir is a champion with heavy weapons, so when you attacks he stays on a particular position. So he have a very weak mobility and thus is a positive point for countering.
  2. When he uses his abilities, he dash and also all the sand soldier move towards the same directed route. So making a prediction of the attack is very easy and you can easily dodge if you chose a high speed champion against him.
  3. If you are facing against Azir’s Sun Discs and you can somehow dodge the attack, then he lose his armour. Now when such case happen, it is your chance to make a attack on him directly.
  4. You can easily dodge Azir’s sand soldier attack as they can move only straight line formation. And thus it will help you escape and also strike back on him instantly.
  5. Azir easily halts whenever he collides with any champion. So this is another better point by which you can easily prevent him for casting his special attacks. And thus stunned him for landing your attack to counter.
  6. Azir is magic dependant champion and so you can use the long range champion to battle against him. Any long range champion can easily get him down in the battle.

Azir Special Abilities

When you play the game and face Azir as your opponent, you must also be aware of the skills that he has. And also you should try new tricks of attack aganst him which can be possible only after knowing his Skills. So the skills are as shown below.


Special Abilities are-

Shurima’s Legacy

Azir is a great champion and have the ability to summon the Disc of the Sun. The summons are created from the ruins of allied or enemy turrets that can deal a huge damage to the enemies.

Conquering Sands

Azir is a warrior of sand and release all the Sand Soldiers towards the target. The Sand Soldiers will dash toward the enemies and uses the magic to give huge damage to enemies. This attacks remains for up to 2 seconds and also stun the enemies after hit.


Arise is a special attack of Azir where he can unleash his sand soldiers dealing with magic powers. The sand soldiers can easily deal damage to the surrounding enemies and also empower all his basic attacks within the soldier’s range. This attacks deal magic damage and are also very powerful wose intensity remains for 9 second in the battle. Azir gain speed, and increase in the number of soldier, which is the best killing attack to the enemy champion.

Shifting Sands

Azir can also swifts and switch with one of the sand soldier which he dash and change places. This attack when landed on the enemies will have maximum damage. When he hit to the enemy, he will also gains a shield which will protect you from any physical damage.

Emperor’s Divide

This attack is the ultimate of Azir, where he cast a magic spell and summons all the sand soldier. This time, the sand soldier comes in an army that forms a wall of soldiers and are released to charge forward to the target. The soldiers, whoever touches gives huge damage and also stun the enemies. Emperor’s divide is a powerful attack that deals with the magic and also remains affecting for 3 second with maximum destruction.

Important Notes- You can also upgarde the champions for making the Azir more powerful and herotic looks in the game. You have the choice of 5 Azir’s Skin such as the- Basic Azir, Galactic Azir, Gravelord Azir and finally SKT T1 Azir.

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So these are some of the detals by which you can easily get on the right counter strategies for Azir, the emperor of Sand. Well, you have to understand all the counter pick’s skills for using against the other champions in the battle. And with the help of such easy tricks and counter pick, now you can easily battle to counter Azir in the game- League of legends.

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