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How to counter Braum : Counter Tricks and tips LOL

Braum Counter: League of legends is a very popular game and when you play it online, there are strong competitor and here in this article we are going to discuss about Braum counter. Braum, the heart of Freljord is of the best champion in the game dealing ice magic powers. While he is also a great warrior dealing long range battle, He have some of the pretty killing skills and also protective shield defence. So let us discuss some of the best counter pick and counter pick which will definitely help you counter Braum in the battle of the game- League of legends.

counter braum

How to counter Braum, the Heart of the Freljord

Braum is a long range champion having ability that can strike with magical ice from a far distance. So you have to be very cautious while choosing your counter picks. Here below we have brought you list of 4 counter picks which deals with magic and are perfect for countering Braum.

Counter Pick for Braum, the Heart of the Freljord

Morgana, Fallen Angel

Morgana is a dark magic champion whose special attack like Tormented Soil will infects the area with desecrated soil whoever falls under her target will take continual damage. And also another attack like Dark Binding, where she releases a sphere of dark magic and throws towards the enemy’s champion. The dark magical sphere will hit and get maximum damage.

counter braum

Alistar, the Minotaur

Alistar, when uses the Pulverize can bring a huge damage to the enemies. Champions like Braum, where he uses his Stand behind Me for protecting his allies but instead deal a maximum physical damage. This attack will also toss the champion in the air and thereby stunning for few moments.

counter braum

Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

Lulu is another sorceress champion who can deal a long range attack to the enemies and a perfect counter pick for Braum. Her ultimate i.e. Wild Growth can release a large numbers of allies that will start knocking nearby enemies into the air. This attack will not only give damage to the enemies but also gains bonus health.

counter braum

Zilean, the Chronokeeper

Zilean is a time space controller champion who can get in to the past while in the fight. His ultimate like- Chronoshift helps you to get back in time which teleport in the previous time before taking any incoming attack. So this will help you know the attacks type and using his Time bomb upon the enemy’s champion that will detonate after 3 seconds.

counter braum

Braum Counter Tricks

  1. The shield of Braum is powerful, you must stay alert as his shield attack can also stun you in the battle.
  2. Braum is a best supportive champion when it comes for allies. So to counter him, you must isolate him and strike or stun him in the fight.
  3. Braum’s ultimate- strikes with the most powerful slam on the ground and damaging al the surrounding enemies.SO try to stay away from him for making escape.
  4. The unbreakable is unavoidable, so make sure you get away when he tries for this skill in the fight.
  5. The Winter’s Bite can be easily dodge using the minion so you must surround yourself with few waves of minions while facing Braum in the fight.
  6. Tenacity with Braum in the battle is a best counter trick and you can easily strike when he was stun.

Braum Special Abilities

Braum is one of the best champions in the game dealing ice magical damage. When you are playing the game and chose the Braum, you must also know all the important skills. There are some of the cool ability and skills that you can use it in the battle. So below are the list of 5 special skills of Braum.

counter braum

  1. Concussive Blows

Braum is a close range fighter and when you are surrounded by huge numbers of enemies then the Concussive Blows is a perfect basic attack. This attack will strike with 4 stacks towards the enemies and also could stun them for few second.

  1. Winter’s Bite

Braum can also play both defensive and offensive attack using his special skill- Winter’s Bite. He can block the incoming enemies with his freezing ice forming a shield. This shield will slow them off and also dealing magic damage to the enemy’s champions.

  1. Stand Behind Me

When you are fighting in the battle along with your allies, you can also defend them by using his special- stand Behind Me. This will guard the allied champion from any incoming attack from the enemies. This ability is very helpful for instant defend and strike in the battle.

  1. Unbreakable

Braum holds his shield when the enemies deal heavy strikes. And this will help you prevent huge damage in the battle. While this will also deal some damage to the enemies and gain up to 10% Movement Speed for the duration.

  1. Glacial Fissure

This is the ultimate of Braum, where he strikes and slam on the ground with full power. This attack will knock out all the surrounding enemies in the front line and also will slows down the enemies and stun them for few seconds in the battle.


So these are some of the important facts by which you can easily the best counter pick for your game. We have shown all the details of his special skills which you must carefully avoid in the battle. And also there are easy counter tricks, using all this counter picks and tricks in proper timing will help you win against Braum, the heart of Freljord.

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