Caitlyn counter

How to Counter Caitlyn- the sheriff of piltover counter tips

Counter Caitlyn: Caitlyn the sheriff of piltover is a strong champion of the game league of legends who is very helpful for long range battles. She is very hard to counter as she can attack you from a long range giving you a great physical damage. She can also get saved from any attacks as she flees away from your attack.

Caitlyn counter

Caitlyn has some the special abilities which can not only give a massive damage to the enemy champions but also slows them down for a few seconds. Her ultimate attack ace in the hole can leave a massive damage to the enemy champions. In a battle, facing against Caitlyn won’t be easy. So here we have given you some tips by which you can counter her easily and also some other champions names which will help you win against her.


How to counter Caitlyn- the sheriff of piltover

Caitlyn the sheriff of piltover is a long range champion and is very hard to counter. It has some special abilities which can give a great deal of damage. To counter her you need to select a long range champion like her who can attack from a distance and can win against her. So here are some of the long range champions who can win against Caitlyn.

Counter pick for Caitlyn- the sheriff of piltover

Sivir- the battle mistress

Sivir is a long range type champion. Sivir’s boomerang blade can be very much effective against Caitlyn. Her boomerang hurls both ways and gives a great deal of damage. In addition to that silver gains her speed when attacking an enemy champion. Also, Sivir has an armor which is effective against Caitlyn.


Kog’maw- the mouth of the Abyss

Kog’maw- the mouth of the abyss is also a long range champion. His caustic spittle attack can be very much effective against Caitlyn. Kog’Maw gains additional speed on an attack as he launches corrosive projectile which destroys the target’s armor and deals with damage on magical resists magic for a short period of time.  In addition to that attack, he can also use his void ooze attack that damages the enemy he passes through and slows them down by the trail he leaves by the peculiar ooze stuff that he launches.


Ezreal- the prodigal explorer

Again Ezreal is a long range champion which is very effective against Caitlyn who is a long ranged champion herself. Ezreal’s ultimate attack true shot barrage can be super effective against Caitlyn.  To fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles that can do massive amounts of damage to the enemy champion, Ezreal winds up for a second and then fires it on the enemy champion.


Tristana- the yordle gunner

Tristana is short range champion and isn’t that much effective against Caitlyn who is a long range champion. But that doesn’t mean that he cannot damage her at all. Tristana’s buster shot attack can be somewhat effective against Caitlyn. Tristana fires a huge cannonball into the enemy unit by loading it into her weapon which is a gun. This attack knocks the target backward and deals with magic damage. The bomb detonation is doubled, when the target is carrying the explosive charge bomb.


Counter trick for Caitlyn

  1. Caitlyn is a long range champion so countering her is very hard but the minion waves can block Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker and the enemy champion can attack her.
  2. The ultimate attack of Caitlyn- ace in the hole can be blocked by another enemy champion by standing in its path although the ally himself will get a damage.
  3. Caitlyn’s 90 calibers net ability can be interrupted if the champion enemy can act fast.
  4. Some items which can grant temporary invulnerability may provide an easy way to deal with Caitlyn’s ultimate attack ace in the hole.
  5. The yordle snap trap of Caitlyn which makes the enemy visible and slows down the movement of enemy takes a few seconds to prepare itself before getting activated. In that moment the enemy can attack Caitlyn and give her a great deal of damage physically.
  6. The building armor of enemy champion can be effective as Caitlyn is dependent on AD.

Abilities of Caitlyn- the sheriff of piltover

The special abilities of the champion Caitlyn- the sheriff of piltover is given below. All the attacks that you need to know to help you in the game are given down below.



Caitlyn is a powerful long range champion who is tough to compete with. Once she traps or nets a target, Caitlyn with her critical strike chance makes a bonus damage by firing headshot. Caitlyn’s range of headshot attack is doubled when the opponent is trapped or netted.

Piltover Peacemaker

Caitlyn increases the speed of her rifle for 1 second which can do a lot of physical damage in a penetrating shot. It damages less after hitting the target in a wider shot.

Yordle Snap Trap

Caitlyn with this attack places traps to find the enemy who is sneaky and invisible. When in contact with the trap the enemy is revealed for few seconds and prevents the enemy to move for few seconds. During this time period, the enemy can also be hit with headshot attack giving more damage to the enemy.

90 Caliber Net

Caitlyn slows down her enemy by firing a heavy net which in turn knocks her backward due to the recoil. The net slows down the enemy only for a few seconds.

Ace in the Hole

This is the ultimate attack of Caitlyn-the sheriff of piltover which leaves great deals of damage to the champion enemy. In this attack, Caitlyn can do a huge damage to a specific target at a huge range by taking the perfect shot, which takes some time. Another enemy champion can save their ally by intercepting the bullet for them.


So these are the some of the counter tricks which will help you on the battlefield against Caitlyn. The above-mentioned tips can be used in the arena but the main thing is how you use your own skills to use all the tips given above. Analyse the champion or enemies  attacks and use your skill which will give you victory.

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