Cassiopeia counter

How to counter Cassiopeia- the serpent’s embrace (counter tips)

Counter Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia is one of the strong champions of the online game league of legends. She is a very a terrifying creature being half woman and half snakes. When you play the game, you will come across with many battles arena like the Jungle where Cassiopeia is a tough job to be a counter. As she has some of the great abilities or attacks that are very powerful to bring any enemies down in the battle. Cassiopeia can produce poisonous clouds or smokes that can damage the enemy champions. When facing her in a battle, you will need some counter tricks that can help you to win against her.

Cassiopeia counter

Cassiopeia can produce poisonous clouds or smokes that can damage the enemy champions. So when facing her in a battle, you will need a good counter picks that can withstand her ability and skill. And also we have listed the following counter tricks that can help you to win against her.


How to counter Cassiopeia- the serpent’s embrace

Cassiopeia is a mid-range champion and a terrifying creature who is half woman and half snake. She has some special magical abilities that can give the enemy champion a great deal of damage. To counter her either you need a long range champion or a mid-range champion like her. Long range champions have the most effectiveness chance for winning against her. So here below are some of the champions that can defeat or at the very least damage her in a way giving you a chance to win.

Counter pick for Cassiopeia the serpent’s embrace

Galio- the Sentinel’s Sorrow

Galio is a long range champion which is very effective against Cassiopeia as she is a mid-range champion.  Galio’s ultimate attack righteous gust unleashes a gust of concussive wind by clapping his wings. This can give physical damage to the enemy champions and also increases his movement speed by leaving behind a directional draft. If he uses this attack against Cassiopeia then chances of winning in the battlefield increases.


Fizz- the tidal trickster

Fizz- the tidal trickster is a small and shorter champion. He is a long range champion which is effective against Cassiopeia the serpentine. Fizz’s ultimate attack chum the waters can be very powerful and can damage the enemy champion. Fizz slows down the target by releasing a magical fish towards a location that attaches itself to any enemy champion it comes in contact with, increasing the magic damage to them by Fizz. A shark emerges from the ground after a short time period and knocks down the target including the other enemy champions nearby. All the enemy champions are dealt with a great deal of magical damage which slows them down.


Kassadin- the void walker

Kassadin- the void walker is a low range champion, unlike the Cassiopeia who is a mid-range champion. Even though he is a low range champion it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeves. Kassadin can teleport himself to a nearby location which gives damage to the nearby enemy champions and himself.  So while using this attack on Cassiopeia he can also use his null sphere attack together which damages the enemy champion by an orb of void energy. And the excess energy can form a shield around him and absorbs the magic damage caused by the other enemy champions.


LeBlanc- the deceiver

LeBlanc the deceiver is also a mid-range champion like Cassiopeia the serpentine. Her ultimate attack ethereal chains can be very much effective against Cassiopeia. LeBlanc throws an illusionary chain towards the location target.  That chain when hits an enemy unit, gives a great deal of magical damage and slows down their movement by 25%. The target takes additional damage and gets slow movement if he is shackled for 2seconds. While her opponent’s movement is slowed down she can also use her sigil of malice attack which is projecting an orb towards the target, which gives magic damage to the enemy champion.


Counter tricks for Cassiopeia the serpent’s embrace

  1. Cassiopeia is a mid-range champion; so while countering her you have to be careful. If you see her using her ultimate attack, just turn away to avoid getting stunned from her.
  2. Cassiopeia’s noxious blast can be avoided by the enemy champions if you dodge it in time.
  3. Cassiopeia being a mid-range champion cannot attack the enemy champions from long distance. So when Cassiopeia tries to attack with her twin fang, all you have to do is get out of her range from getting poisoned giving you a chance for less damage.
  4. In order to avoid Cassiopeia’s ultimate attack, you should avoid teaming up with other enemy champions which will make the impact of her attack on you less.
  5. Cassiopeia’s miasma attack where she can produce several clouds of poison can be dodged if you stand in the radius that is out of her miasma attack
  6. If you build magic resistance it may prove effective, as Cassiopeia the serpentine is dependent on AP.

Abilities of Cassiopeia the serpent’s embrace

Before playing the game you must also know the special abilities of your Champion. So here we have listed all the abilities of Cassiopeia below.


Cassiopeia’s Abilities are-

Serpentine Grace

Cassiopeia being a creature who is half woman and the half snake cannot purchase the boots items even though she gains speed movement per level. She is a terrifying creature and is a mid-range champion.

Noxious Blast

Cassiopeia takes times to blast an area with her poison attack. And if she hits an enemy champion increases her movement in speed and can escape from enemy champion’s attacks.


Cassiopeia in this attack with releasing several clouds of poison slows down and lightly damages the enemy champions that passes through the poison clouds. The wounded enemy champions cannot move freely and their speed becomes slow almost coming to a stop.

Twin Fang

Cassiopeia the serpentine’s twin fang attack gives a great deal of damage by poisoning the targets. And she can also heal herself from the damage she dealt with. Cassiopeia regains mana  if the target dies from this attack.

Petrifying Gaze

This is the ultimate attack of Cassiopeia the serpent, which leaves a great amount of damage to the enemy champion. Cassiopeia from her eyes releases a swirl of magical energy, which stuns the enemy champions that are in front of her. And while facing her, the enemies will slow down who would have their back turned giving her an opportunity to attack. Then she can use her her twin fang attack to the enemies for maximum damage. Besides she can also recover herself from the damage that she dealt with also damaging the enemy champion.

Note- You can also change the look of the Champion by upgrading using mana. Here, Cassiopeia have up to 5 skins like-Basic Cassiopeia, Desperada Cassiopeia, Siren Cassiopeia, Mythic Cassiopeia and Jade fang Cassiopeia.


So these are some of the counter tricks and counter picks which can help you on the battlefield to win against Cassiopeia. You can use all the counter picks as well as tricks. But the real facts remains with the skill of playing the game. Thus enjoy the game with your friends and also compete via online.

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