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How to counter Corki: The Daring Bombardier

Counter Corki: Corki, the Daring Bombardier is a long range champion who is having a flying craft. And with the help of his flying craft, he gains more speed and movement. While he is a good champion to choose for dealing crowd control and also gives better support activity in the team.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to counter Corki in the battle in League of Legends. As being a tough champion, he also has great counter attack abilities which will be a tough job for countering him. So to counter Corki, you must choose best counter picks against him and also use the best counter tricks.

counter Corki

How to counter Corki

Corki is a true damage dealer in the battle and has explosives that can take down any enemies. He has speeded and speed enhancer ability that will increase all the basic attack up to its double intensity. And a very powerful gunner who whoever standing in the frontline in the battle will taste the damage. So if you are choosing the champion who will not able to withstand the damage will definitely loose in the battle.

Counter Picks for Corki, the Daring Bombardier

Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun

When fighting against Dr.Mundo will be the best counter pick as he can use his Adrenaline Rush ability by which he would regenerate his health points. And you can counter strike using Masochism which gives bonus damage to his basic attack and increases Attack Damage. So you can counter corki by his huge damaging attack,  and also regenerate your health.

counter Corki

Draven, the Glorious Executioner

Draven’s blood rush special attack deals with both speed and huge damage. He throws his Axe on to the enemies and also chases them down and hunts rapidly in a rush. While he will also gain movement and attack speed by 60% and remains for 3 seconds spinning the Axe over the enemies.

counter Corki

Zilean, the Chronokeeper

Zilean is a great escape champion which you can not only save yourself but also save other champions too. Using Time Warp he can bend time around any unit and this will slow down enemy’s movement speed for short duration.

Another escaping ability- Chronoshift is perfect when Corki uses his Gatling guns you can make a quick runaway move as by creating a protective time rune on an allied champion and then teleporting the champion back in time before they take lethal damage. So all this moves together will help you slow your enemies and counter attack back after slowing the enemies.

counter Corki

Caitlyn- the sheriff of piltover

Caitlyn’s ultimate i.e. Ace in the Hole is a great deal for countering Corki from a very far distance. She can take a perfect shot from a long distance with her perfect bullet. You can also use the headshot ability which will also bring huge damage to Corki shot from a far distance.

counter Corki

Counter Tips or Tricks of Corki

  1. Corki is long range and high-speed champion so try to use champion dealing with magic against him in the battle.
  2. Corki’s Missile Barrage is very unpredictable so must stay alerted when you are making the close fight. While the every third missile fires with bigger damage so try to dodge it.
  3. When Corki uses Gatling Gun can it’s going to chase you all from the front line. So try to move out and use long range magic damage to land some strikes on Corki.
  4. Valkyrie, Corki’s special attack can be interrupted when you knock him before he releases it. So try to make a quick strike on him when trying to use Valkyrie.

Special abilities of Corki, the Daring Bombardier

Corki is using a flying craft that gives speed in attack movements and also deals with the most extreme bombs in the battle. So here we have also discussed the special attack of Corki which you can unlock in the battle while they are too awesome playing for handling crowds in the game.

counter Corki

Hextech Munitions

Corki’s Hextech Munitions is special ability which will help his basic attack to deal extra damage and converted into magic damage. This will also increase your movement speed and will also increase the damage of other attacks like phosphorus bomb, Valkyrie etc.

Phosphorus Bomb

This is a huge damage attack where Corki will fire a flash bomb to the target location. And those enemies lying around the target will deal magic damage and the entire units of enemies will get wipe until the damaging duration. The damage will last for 6 seconds at the target.


Corki comes in the battle with the flying craft which he can fly a short distance over the enemies. And then drops bombs which will create a trail of fire around the opponents and deals a large damage to the enemies.

Gatling Gun

When you are all covered with a huge number of enemies in your front line, then you can use another powerful special ability i.e. the Gatling gun. Here he can rapidly fire his gun in Gatling speed towards the enemies dealing huge and cautious damage. This gunning can also reduce the enemy’s armor and magic resist which is bringing better shot for taking down your enemies in the battle.

Missile Barrage

This is the ultimate of Corki which fires a three destructive missile toward his target location. When he fires the missile, every 3rd missile will be a bigger One, that is dealing more damage to the enemies. Corki can store up to 7 missiles in his item list and fires to the enemies that the enemies will deal up to 50% physical damage on every hit.


So these are the best details for countering Corki in the battle. League of legends is one of the best online multiplayer games, which will give great gaming experience involving adventures, magics, and war. And thus choose your favorite champion and deal a success in the task and win the game using the counter pick and counter-tricks as shown above.

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