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How to Counter Draven: The Glorious Executioner (LOL)

Counter Draven: Draven is a warrior champion in the game League of Legends. He is unbeatable in the game as he got some of the extreme killing skills using his spinning axes. While battling him in the arena, you have to make sure you would avoid a close fight with Draven. As he is more fearful with his axes in the closed fight. So to deal with him, you gotto close a long ranged and strong champions against him. Here below in this article we are going to discuss the easy ways to counter Draven along with top counter picks to use against him.

counter draven

How to Counter Draven, The Glorious Executioner

Here we have some of the best counter picks and easy counter Tricks which is definitely going to help you destroy Draven in the battle. Beside learn different tricks of using the best skill against Draven of the counter which will be explained in detail in the below steps.

Top Counter Picks for Draven

Draven is a very strong warrior champion, having good skills for long range attacks. So choosing a closed range or mid range champion would definitely be a bad idea for you. Here below we have top counter pick which you can use in the battle and destroy Draven very easily.

The Top Counter Pick are-

Nami, the Tidecaller

Nami is a mermaid like a creature champion who have the power of tides. Her ultimate which is Tidal wave is a very effective attack for destroying Draven. She summons a massive Tidal Wave that knocks out all the enemies and damaging them. This can also slow down the enemies and it is more effective when hitting to any bunch of enemies or allies.

Beside, Ebb and Flow is also a quick and effective attack which unleashes a stream of water towards the enemies. This steps will bounces back and forth between groups of enemy champions and dealing maximum damage to the enemies.

counter draven

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution

Varus is another long range champion which is a perfect counter pick for fighting against Draven. His special attack like- Piercing Arrow which deals with extra-long range shot. Here Varus fires a powerful arrow shot and also you can increase the power of arrow by holding for few seconds before unleashed.

And also you can use the skill, Hail of Arrow which Varus fires a hail of arrows from the air and deal maximum physical damage which desecrate the ground. Now this desecrated ground will stunned enemies and slows down the Movement Speed.

counter draven

Thresh, the Chain Warden

Thresh is a Ghost warrior champion which has extremely long range skills. Death Sentence is a very good attack where Thresh will bind his enemy in chains and pulls them toward him And in the meantime uses his another skill i.e. Flay; his attacks wind up, dealing more damage the longer he waits between attacks and he sweeps his chain towards the unit of enemies and hitting in the direction of the blow.

And also lastly his ultimate i.e. The Box which will create a prison of walls which can slow and deal damage if broken. Whoever walks into the wall will get maximum damage once the wall is broken and also the surrounding champions will be stunned thus slowing them.

counter draven

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

This is another champion who have skills to bombard any enemy champion. And his ability like- Rocket Grab is a perfect destructive option for killing Draven. Blitzcrank can fire his right hand to grab an opponent and damage while dragging it back to him.

Power Fist is another special attack which he charges up his fist to attack the target and giving double impact by popping his target up in the air. And his ultimate is the most powerful ones; the Static Field will cause lightning bolts to the target or whole enemy units. The lightning strikes upon the enemies and deals maximum physical damages.

counter draven

Easy counter Tricks for Draven

  1. Fighting with the Draven, it is very predictive as he often catches his Spinning Axes which provides a gap for you to strike hard at that moment.
  2. The flying or spinning axes can be easily dodged which is the only Draven’s attack. So it’s ver easy to prevent the attack if you are using fast movement champion.
  3. The ultimate of Draven can be very dangerous when you are grouped into a unit, So try moving in scattered manner and strike from different directions.
  4. Try building armor for your champion which will give you safety up to certain level.

Some of the Special Abilities of Draven

Draven is a fiercely champion in the game League of Legends who is a long range fighter. He has some of the great long range fighting skills which are the best for executing a bunch of enemies in the fight. So here below we are also going to discuss the skills and abilities of Draven which you can use it in the battle.

counter draven

The Special Abilities are

League of Draven

Draven has his Spinning Axe which he throws over the enemies and kills many of them such like minion, monster, or even can destroy the tower. The killing also gains him bonus gold based which he gets much Adoration as he kills the enemies.

Spinning Axe

This is one of the extreme killing skill of Draven which he spins off his axe up high into the air and slaughter all the enemies in the target. This will deal huge physical damage which also gains a point. And also the flying the axe when Draven catches it, it will automatically ready another Spinning Axe. So in this way Draven can deliver two Spinning Axes at once over the enemies for maximum.

Blood Rush

Draven is a furious champion and thus can easily gain increased Movement Speed and its Attack Speed. This will result in rapid dashing towards the enemies and throwing his spinning axes. Again, if he catches the Spinning Axe it will refresh the cooldown of Blood Rush.

Stand Aside

This ability of Draven will not only deal physical damage but also stunned the target for few moments. Draven throws his spinning axes towards the targets and hit by knocking them aside. Thus it will slow down the enemies and ultimately kills them too.

Whirling Death

This the ultimate of Draven where he hurls two massive axes with a blow and deals physical damage to the whole unit of enemies which it struck. The Whirling Death will not only thrust towards the enemies but also turns reverses direction and returns to Draven. In the route of returning axes, it will also strike an enemy champion. While the axes flew, it takes the enemies along the whirling axes in the air and deal huge damages.


So these are some of the important information about the Draven, the Glorious Executioner. And also easy steps and trick for counter Draven in the battlefield. The game League of legends is very interesting and packed with full of excitements and view of a purely magical world that no games would ever describe. So try using the game skills in the game to get victory over your opponents.

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