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How to Counter Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time: League of Legends

Counter Ekko: Ekko is a child warrior who is very fast and strong champion in the game. And is also one of the top champion for battling in arenas like Forest. He is very well suited for fighting with allies and have the best killing skills which will give you victory at any cost.

Countering Ekko would not be possible when you are using the champions who is not at all dominant in terms of strength and speed.So you must choose the best counter picks that will help your counter Ekko in the battlefield. We will also show you simple and easy tricks which will help you gain victory or destroy Ekko in the game.

Counter Ekko

How to counter Ekko in the Game

Here in this article below we will bring you best counter picks and counter-tricks which will help you gain great ideas for countering Ekko. All the tips are well examined and are fit for using in the game when you face Ekko in the battle. So follow the below tips for knowing more about countering Ekko in the Game- League of Legends.

Counter Picks for Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

Countering Ekko in the battle is very tough when you don’t have a proper counter picks. So here we have listed top counter pick for Ekko which is very well choice for killing him. Beside we are also describing the important skills of the counter pick which will help or guide you destroying him in the battle.

The counter picks are as shown below-

LeBlanc, the Deceiver 

LeBlanc has a great attack called; shatter Orb in which she projects an orb towards her opponent dealing magic damage. Shatter Orb is a magic spell where she can cast immediately and also can affect the surrounding minions.

Her ultimates that are the Mimic is a very powerful attack where she creates a clone and casts a mimicked version of her own copy and strikes with basic spells. LeBlanc can send the clone far away towards the raging enemies and casts fake spells with the copy of her most destructive attacks.

Counter Ekko

Fiora, the grand Duelist

Fiora’s Bladework is a very impressive strike as she can increase her attack speed and then slows the target for giving a critical strike. Fiora’s ultimate i.e. Grand Challenge is a perfect attack for countering Ekko where she can gain movement speed near her four enemies surrounding her. And once she unleashes her attack at least four of the opponents dies. Using this ability she can also heal herself and her allies in the battle.

Counter Ekko

Malhazar, the Prophet of the Void

Using Call of the Void, Malzahar will open up two portals to the Void and after the short time it fires projectiles that deal Magic Damage and can destroy the enemies surrounding him. Beside his ultimate, Malefic Visions will infect the target’s mind with cruel visions of their demise and deal continuous damage. This attack is especially for destroying the vision of enemies and thus target dies immediately. This can also destroy the whole units of enemies when you are in battle.

Counter Ekko

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri’s ultimate i.e. Spirit Rush will help you counter Ekko. She dashes forward to the enemies and fires essence bolts which can damage 3 nearby enemies. This attack can be cast up to 3 times continuously upon her enemies. The foxfire is also another great skill which she can release three fox-fires and destroys the nearby enemies.

Counter Ekko

Counter Tricks for Ekko

  1. Using the special skills of the above-shown counter picks will help you get Ekko countered in the fight in the game.
  2. You must pick the champs who can stun or silence him from using his ultimate. Ekko moves are quite predictable which you can kill him in one shot, so get a quick chance for striking hard.
  3. You can use ignite when Ekko is running low on health point and this will reduce the heal and ultimately destroy Ekko.

Special Ability and Skill of Ekko

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time have some of the great special abilities which you can use it in the battle. These abilities are unique and only Ekko is capable of using it in the game, while there are about 5 special skills that you can use against your enemies in the game.

Counter Ekko

Z-Drive Resonance

This is the most basic skill of Ekko, whose Zero-Drive charges his spells and instantly attacks with temporal energy. There is a continuous strike of which the third hit deals bonus damage and also it increases movement speed.


This is a long range strike of Ekko where he throws a temporal grenade towards the enemies. This grenade will in turn explode and expands into a time-distortion field bringing huge damage to the enemies while slowing and damaging them. And also it has special activities of that grenade that will rewind back to Ekko, after dealing damage. The returns will also give extra damage when touching to the enemies.

Parallel Convergence

When you are surrounded by units of the foe, Ekko can split the timeline and creates an anomaly. This will after few seconds slows the enemies who were caught inside. Ekko can also gain shielding and triggers a detonation once he enters the anomaly which will stun the enemies by suspending them in time.

Phase Dive

This is the high-speed movement of Ekko where he rolls rapidly towards the enemies charging up his Z-Drive. This attack deals bonus damage and warps reality; it will also teleport him to his target.


This is the ultimate of Ekko who can shatter his timeline when there is a bunch of enemies, he can become un-targetable and rewinding to a more favorable point in time. And then after, he can return back to whenever he was within a few seconds ago, and also heals from the damage received in that duration. All the enemies surrounding him will receive a huge physical damage.


So this is some of the important details about Ekko and his weak point which you can use it for countering in the battle. Well, it is also important the way how you play the game. So make sure you understand the game itself and then make a battle on other champion playing in the game- League of Legends.

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