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Counter Evelynn, the Widowmaker: LOL Champion Counter Tips

Counter Evelynn: Evelynn, the Widowmaker is a mysterious assassin champion of the game League of Legends. In this article of the champion counter, we will be discussing the ways to counter Evelynn. There are counter picks and counter-tricks which are very effective when it comes to counter Evelynn. When you are playing the game, you will come to realized that in every route you will find an arena and a battle or duel with other opponents champions. So you got to be very alert on the route you travel and always upgrade your tools and skilled for making it ready to kill and built you champion.

Counter Evelynn

How to Counter Evelynn: Champion Counter

Countering Evelynn would not be easy if you are choosing a lower strength champion in the game. You should always get total information about the Champion and also its weakness and strength. So that you can easily counter and win every battle that comes on your route.

Counter Picks

Here below is the top counter picks which you can use for countering Evelynn in the game. For the champion counter, you would choose the counter pick wisely for a quick victory. And also the list are as mentioned.

Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower

Reksai’s the Fury of the Xer’Sai is the first and very powerful skill which the un-burrowed Rek’Sai generates Fury with her basic attacks and magic spells. She also has the special skill i.e. to heal herself once she burrowed. The special ability Burrow / Un-burrow is a very effective attack on Evelynn.

Reksai will burrow herself into the ground that will gain new abilities and increased Movement Speed. While her vision range is reduced and she cannot use basic attacks; Rek’Sai cast the Un-burrow to knock up and damage surrounding enemies. And the Burrowed Effects will come up will new abilities, increase in Movement Speed, reduced vision range and then disabled basic attacks. She can also gain Tremor Sense.

Counter Evelynn

Maokai, the Twisted Treant

Maokai is a champion that deals with magical powers and spell. His special attack like Sapling Toss is the best shot for countering Evelynn where he flings a sapling that destroys the whole area and deals area damage to the enemies. This attack will also slow down the enemies.

And his Ultimate Vengeful Maelstrom where he cast a shield to his allies by drawing power from hostile spells and attacks. And thus this will reduce the non-tower damage which will help the allied champions. When Maokai ends his effect of the attack he will unleash the absorbed energy to deal damage to enemies within the vortex.

Counter Evelynn

Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant

Mordekaiser’s special attack like Harvesters of Sorrow Coats attacks with magnetic metal, this will increase the movement speed of each unit toward one another. And this will also attack with the metal which swirls violently towards the enemies dealing huge physical damage. For the Passive, Mordekaiser gains bonus experience on killing minions surrounding allied champions. He can also heal the surrounding allies in the battle.

Counter Evelynn

Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

Nautilus is the sailor champion and deals with much longer attacking skills. His special ability like Dredge Line is very effective attacks where he hurls his anchor forward to the opponents. And when it hits a champion, he drags towards him dealing huge physical damage. This will also stun the opponent for few seconds in the battle.

And also his ultimate i.e. the Depth Charge, where Nautilus fires a shockwave into the earth and this will drag and chases the opponent from the targeted area. This attack will also rip off the earth and knock enemies into the air. The shockwaves run towards the enemies and When it reaches the enemies the shockwave erupts. This will deal physical damage and also stun the enemies for few seconds.

Counter Evelynn

Counter Tips & Tricks

  1. Evelynn has her special defense skill and is difficult to track of, so you must keep a clear vision of her to avoid high physical damage.
  2. Evelynn causes a destructive attack which is very harmful when you are forming a group. So you should try to avoid bunching up with other team members that will prevent you from attack from Evelynn’s ultimate.
  3. Evelynn’s Dark Frenzy is a very powerful skill that will stun you in the battle, you have to try to dodge it whenever she cast the spells.
  4. Try using those champions which deal with magical attacks for best counter tricks.

Special Abilities of  Evelynn

The Evelynn is a magical champion which much more unique skills and attacking style. As we have discussed Countering Evelynn, you should also know about the special abilities of her. So that you could easily predict the skills and use it in counter champions.

Counter Evelynn

Shadow Walk

This is the first ability of Evelynn and you can use it when you are in close combat. She will enter into the Camouflage by being able to be seen by nearby enemy champions or Control Wards. This ability will also increase your movement speed that will help you gain extra damage strengths.

Hate Spike

For a longer range combat, Evelynn can fires so many spikes towards the enemy, that gives maximum damage to all enemies standing to her frontline. This is an accurate shot that will surely destroy the target.

Dark Frenzy

With the two mode attack skill, Evelynn has active attacks that will increase the speed removes stuff that slows her and gains maximum speed for few seconds. In the passive attacks, her strength increases along with movement speed for short durations but making sure all the enemies surrounding are destroyed.


For the instant attacks, the ravage is very powerful where she slashes her target twice, giving physical damage with each hit. In this attack, she gains Attack Speed for a short duration.

Agony’s Embrace

This is the ultimate of Evelynn where she summons many spikes from the ground and strike at once towards the enemies in the area. This attack will slow your opponent and also gains a shield based on how many enemy champions were hit. This attack will also gain you revive your health point soon after you kill the enemies.


So these are some of the very important counter tricks and counter picks which will help you guide to play the game League of Legends. And easy ways to counter Evelynn which you will get the accurate victory. Besides you can also follow more counter tips and tricks for other Champions in the game. Playing with unique styles and tricks will also help you to get counters of many another champion. So keep playing and view our site for more fresh counter picks and tricks.

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