How to Counter Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom: Champion counter

Counter Fiddlesticks: Fiddlesticks is one of the strongest magical champions who have great fighting skills. He has the high damaging ability for the Power mid/jungle and he is perfect for support to fight along with his allies. You can also use him as a crowd control and are best for lane bullies.

There are some of the great fighting skills that make Fiddlesticks stronger in the game. To counter Fiddlesticks would not be easy when you don’t have the right process for playing against him. So here in this article, we are bringing you the best counter picks and counter tips that will help you counter Fiddlesticks in the battle.

Counter Fiddlesticks

How to Counter Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom

Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom is a strong Champion who is very powerful in any lane of the battle. Fighting Fiddlesticks with random champion opponents will definitely loose. So here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the awesome tricks and counters that will bring victory against Fiddlesticks.

Counter Picks for Fiddlesticks

Choosing a weak counter pick against Fiddlesticks won’t be a good strategy for playing the multiplayer game, League of Legends. So here we have brought you a list of strong champions which you could use them to counter Fiddlesticks in the battle.

Cho’Gath, the Terror of the Void

The Rupture ability of Chogath is a quite well-terrified skill as he cast spells and the ground ruptures around the target location. And all the enemies flies upwards in the air. This will also stun the enemies and slows them. The ultimate i.e. Feast will devour all the enemy unit which deal maximum physical damage. When the target is killed, Cho’Gath feeds on them and grows and gain maximum Health.

Counter Fiddlesticks

Alistar, the Minotaur

Alistar’s trampled all the surrounding enemy units, by ignoring unit collision and gaining stacks when he damages an enemy champion. The stacks also increase his attacks strength which the opponent gets maximum physical damage. Unbreakable Will of Alistar is the ultimate where he roar and this will remove all crowd. He has the crowd control effects and thus reduces incoming physical and magical damage.

Counter Fiddlesticks

Brand, the Burning Vengeance

The brand is a monstrous champion, his special attacks like Sear- launches a ball of fire to the enemies which deal magic damage. When the enemies are ablaze with fire, it stuns the enemies for 1.5 seconds. The ultimate- Pyroclasm of Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of fire which brings magic damage with 5 bounces and each bounce blazes the enemies. This also slows down the enemies in the attack.

Counter Fiddlesticks

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia

Xin Zhao is the final counter pick of our list. And his attacks like Audacious Charge are very powerful to counter strike on the opponent champion. Xin Zhao charges at the enemy dealing damage and stunning the enemies in the area. And his ultimate Crescent Sweep Xin Zhao bring huge damage to the surrounding enemies. The range of attack based on their current Health and knocks out the targets with least health. He gains bonus Armor and Magic Resist based on the number of champions hit.

Counter Fiddlesticks

Counter Tricks

Here are below are the simple and very useful tricks that will help you to counter Fiddlesticks in the game. At any situation you face Fiddlesticks, you must be always alert on his action that will deal crazy attacks.

  1. When Fiddlesticks cast his ultimate you can easily interrupt him.
  2. When you fight with Fiddlesticks, you should keep a close distance as Terrify try to fear the target but you can hold and strike back in the moment.
  3. The Dark Wind and Crowstorm are very powerful attacks which can bring impact to the whole units. So try keeping the distance from your team members.
  4. Fiddlesticks can always ambush suddenly so you must be quite alert in the fight.
  5. Keep your champion built with magic resistance which Fiddlesticks mostly deal the magic attacks.

Special Abilities of Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is a very powerful champion, countering him would not be easier if you are not aware of his special ability. So here we have listed the special abilities that will help you grab all the valuable details and then dodge its every attack. And the abilities are as listed below.

Counter Fiddlesticks


Fiddlesticks cast Dread and immobilizing crowd control for 1.5 seconds. This will empower him and gain movement speeds.


This strike is a shot for fleeing the enemies in terror. All the enemies surrounding Fiddlesticks will be terrified and cause the opponent to run away.


Fiddlesticks cast his magical spell which will sap the life force of an enemy. This will give deal physical damage to a target and in turn, will also heal himself.

Dark Wind

This special ability deals with a wisp of the wind which strikes upon an enemy unit and then bounces to nearby enemy units and which deals damage and silencing the victims.

The dark wind leashed with Crow to the targeted enemy viz. comes from magic spells and damages the enemies. This is very effective towards the minions and monsters.


This is the ultimate of Fiddlesticks and when cast a murder of crows flock wildly around him and then deals with physical damage per second to all enemy units in the arena of the game. This attack remains intact for 5 seconds in the game.


So these are some of the important details about Fiddlesticks and the process for counters. Play the online multiplayer game which will give you a great experience of adventure, arcade and magical actions. For the best game, you should know to play the whole champions abilities and knows every possible way to victory. Keep visiting our site for more extra tips and special knowledge about the game, League of Legends.

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