Counter Fiora

How to Counter Fiora: League of Legends Champion Counter

Counter Fiora: Fiora the grand duelist is one of the best champions in the game League of Legends. She has the skills to kill in the battle which her opponents deal huge physical damage. She is very good in the lane like the jungle as she has great attack speed and good mobility and is very well known for her high damage bruiser. Here in this article, we are going to discuss in favor of countering Fiora when you are battling in the game. We have brought you the best counter picks and counter-tricks which are found to be useful and effective.

Counter Fiora

How to Counter Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Fiora is a challenger which in any path or battle she challenges on her opponents. And battling her she will get huge benefits of killing the whole units of enemies. Her powers are full of destructive and so countering her is very tough if you would not have perfect killing skills. And using a good counter pick and counter skills will allow you to get rid of her attacks and also counter Fiora very easily. So keep reading below for complete strikes to counter her in the battle.

Counter Pick for Fiora

Pantheon, the artisan of war

Pantheon is a greek warrior champion which holds his spear and shield for the destruction of the enemies. His special attacks like Aegis of Zeonia will give both attacks and block. Pantheon leaps at an enemy and bashes them with his shield, which will also stun them for few moments. And Pantheon is also always ready to block any incoming next attack.

And his ultimate the Grand Skyfall is perfect counter attack for Fiora. Pantheon composes himself then leaps into the air and striking all enemy units in an area. All the enemies surrounding him will face the impact and will stun for few second.

Counter Fiora

Evelynn, the Widowmaker

Evelynn is an evil magical champion and her ability like Dark Frenzy provides a long range attack. This has two attacks skill active and passive; in the active attack, she first increases her Movement Speed by removing all the stuff that slow her. And with an instance, her active attacks is stricken, which she cast spells and strike hits on the enemy champions reduce. And her ultimate is killing skills Agony’s Embrace where she summons spikes from the ground and deals huge damage and slow enemies in the area. She can also gain a shield which is coming based on how many enemy champions were hit.

Counter Fiora

Tryndamere, the Barbarian King

Trydamere is a Barbarian warrior who is specially made for the battle. When he uses his special ability like Spinning Slash, it is going to be death for the opponents. Tryndamere slices moving toward a target unit this will deal physical damage to enemies in his path.

And his ultimate i.e. the Undying Rage bring the furious strike as his lust for battle becomes so strong that he is unable to die, no matter how much he is wounded and seamlessly he keeps on slashing upon his opponent targeting the whole unit of enemies.

Counter Fiora

Kindred, the Eternal Hunters

Kindred is a wolf warrior, who deals with magic and also bloodthirsty hunts. His ability like Wolf’s Frenzy is great skills where the wolf enrages and attacks enemies around him. This attacks kindred as a Wolf claims a territory and attacks the nearby enemies inside it for 8.5 seconds. And his ultimate i.e. Lamb’s Respite will make the enemies like Lamb grants and all living things inside a zone will form a respite from death.

Counter Fiora

Counter Tricks for Fiora

Here below we are going to discuss few easy tricks which are definitely going to help you counter Fiora in the game. As only choosing the right counter pick is not enough to win the battle, so you also got to play them smartly for making right built for the kill.

  1. You must try avoiding making grouped with other team members which will reduce the impact of Fiora’s ultimate i.e. grand challenge.
  2. You must also focus on building armor as to avoid huge damage from her attacks.
  3. Fiora is very fast and agile when she uses her Lunge ability but soon she pauses her movement which could be the best chance for you to strike hard.
  4. Fiora’s Speed and attacks are quite predictable which you can manage to dodge.
  5. Using of Temporary invulnerability items will give you best trick for avoiding Fiora’s ultimate.
  6. When Fiora tries to heal you can break it by giving a single strike.

Special Abilities of Fiora

Counter Fiora

Fiora is one the strong champion in the game. All her special attacks are based on the duel and she is best known as Duelist. Some of the special abilities are like-

Duelist’s Dance

When Fiora comes with the enemies, she challenges the nearby enemy Champions to dodge her. And while after she calls out a direction from which she will try to strike but if she completes her own challenge then she will receive a small bonus that calls out a new direction.


This is a quick attack where Fiora lunges into the specific direction and stabs the nearby enemy which deals physical damage. This attack will increase the attack speeds and also refunds its cooldowns.


This is both defensive and deflective action of Fiora where she parries all incoming damage and disables for a short time than with an instance she stabs in a direction. When the enemies are hit, they get slows down and stun for few second. This attacks will increase the attack speed, damage and even stuns the enemies.


This is the ability for striking the enemies in surprise, here using Bladework Fiora will increase her attack speed and prepare for the next two attacks. In the first attack, she will slow the target and right there in the second attack she will critically strike. This double attack is never missing an attack, which Fiora is very expert in it.

Grand Challenge

This is the ultimate of Fiora, where she reveals all the four Vitals on the opponents and with an instance gains movement speed and strikes at once. When the target is hit on its all 4 Vitals then the target dies. And when the target is death, Fiora and her allies present in the area will heal over in few seconds.


So these are some of the important tips for killing or counter Fiora. She has some of the cool abilities which are very informational for her counter. So discussing the attack you can easily predict and prevent her attacks. And most importantly you use all the counter picks and tricks to counter Fiora.

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