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How to counter Fizz: The tidal trickster- LOL

Fizz the tidal trickster is a long range champion in the online game league of legends but can be also used in a mid-range battle. He got quite a handful of tricks up his sleeves which can damage the enemy champion in a grave way as, after all, he is the tidal trickster, the name wasn’t simply given without any reason. He can be out of enemy champions target by hopping into the air and can hit the enemy giving them a physical damage.

To help you win against him on the battlefield here are some tips on how to counter him also the name of some champions that you can use against him.

counter Fizz

How to counter Fizz the tidal trickster

Fizz the tidal trickster can be used in both mid-range and long-range battles. He is playful and a trickster champion. Fizz has some special abilities that can damage the enemy champions in a great way. To be able to win against this trickster you need to choose either a long range or mid-range champion in a battle against him. So down below are some of the champions which can be useful against Fizz the tidal trickster.

Counter pic for Fizz the tidal trickster

Ryze the rune maze

Ryze the rune maze is a long range champion like Fizz the tidal trickster and so is very useful in a battlefield. Ryze’s ultimate attack realm warp can be very effective against Fizz. In this attack, he can open a portal nearby to a location. After a short time period, the enemy champions are transported to a target location through this portal. With this he can also use his rune prison attack where he can trap an enemy champion in a cage of runes, preventing them from moving and giving them a great deal of physical damage.

counter fizz

Morgana the fallen angel

Morgana the fallen angel is also a long range champion just like Fizz the tidal trickster is and so using her to win against Fizz can prove to be very effective. Her ultimate attack dark binding can do a great deal of damage to the enemy champions. In this attack, a dark magical sphere is released by Morgana. If the spheres come in contact with any enemy champions that it will do a great deal of magical damage to the enemy champions and also slows them down for a short period of time.

counter Fizz

Malzahar the prophet of the void

Malzahar the prophet of the void is a mid-range champion but can be very much effective against Fizz the tidal trickster. Malzahar’s ultimate attack call of the void is very useful if you want to do magic damage to the enemy champion. Malzahar can open up two portals in the void. After a short amount of time, the portals reopens and fires projectiles upon the enemy champion which silences them after dealing a great magical damage to them.

counter Fizz

Mordekaiser the iron revenant

Mordekaiser the iron revenant can be used both in mid-range and long range battles just like Fizz the tidal trickster. His ultimate attack harvesters of sorrow can be very much effective against Fizz. In this attack, Mordekaiser coats an area with magnetic metals which increases the movement speed of the nearby enemy champion’s and forces them to come near one another. When the enemy champions are near one another than the metal violently swirls and damages the enemy champions per second.

counter Fizz

Counter trick for Fizz the tidal trickster

  1. If you want to win against Fizz the tidal trickster than you have to avoid his ultimate attack chum the water which can be dodged often.
  2. When your champion’s health is low you should be careful to play against Fizz that his sea stone trident is most powerful on those enemy champions which have low health giving them a lot of magical damage.
  3. If you use shields from the spells you did or get an item of temporary invulnerability than that can give you a better chance to fight against Fizz when he is using his ultimate chum the waters.
  4. Fizz the tricksters playful/trickster attack can be dodged and it will be best if you save your most powerful attack till he finishes this attack. After this, if you attack him with your powerful attack then he will deal with a lot of magical damage.
  5. The abilities which Fizz the tidal trickster have allows him to move freely, stunning him can be a good move for the opponent.
  6. If you build your magic resistance than it can be effective against Fizz the tidal trickster as he is dependent on AP.

Abilities of Fizz the tidal trickster

counter Fizz

The special abilities that Fizz the tidal trickster possesses are given down below. We have also discussed the important information that you need to know about the ways to use these abilities are given below.

Nimble Fighter

Fizz the tidal trickster is a strong and playful champion. He can be used in both mid-range and long-range battles. His skills with hands give the opportunity to move through units and get less physical damage from the basic attacks by the enemy champion.

Urchin Strike

Fizz the tidal trickster runs towards the enemy champion with a speed with his spear which deals with magical damage to the enemy champion and applies on hit effects.

Sea stone Trident

Fizz the tidal trickster’s attacks can bleed the enemy champion dealing magical damage for more than a second. Depending on the amount of bleeding was active on his target, fizz the tidal trickster can deal bonus damage to the enemy champion by empowering them.

Playful / Trickster

Fizz the tidal trickster can become out of enemy champions targets by hoping into the thin air and landing gracefully on top of his spear. From this position, meaning while he is on top of his spear Fizz can either slam the ground with it dealing magical damage to the nearby enemy champions or choose to jump onto the air again before smashing back down.

Chum the Waters

This is the ultimate attack of Fizz the tidal trickster. Fizz slows down the enemy champion by tossing a fish in their direction which attaches itself to the champion that touches it. After a short period of time, the target and all the other nearby enemy champion’s get knocked down by the shark that erupted from the ground. All the enemy champions that are hit with this attack are dealt with magical damage which slows them down.


So these are the few counter tricks and champion names that you can use in a battlefield when facing Fizz. There is also some better counter pick which you can use against in the battle. The special strength of the chosen counter pick will provide you the best power to destroy Fizz. With the help of these given tricks you can be the winner, but to win the game choosing yet only choosing the best counter picks or counter trick will not help you. Additionally, you experience in the game or way of handling the game is the biggest factor that will make you an ultimate winner. So keep Playing League of legends and also check out our latest updates for more tips and tricks.

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