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How to counter Galio: the Sentinel’s Sorrow LOL Counter Tips

Counter Galio: Galio in League of Legend is one of the champions among the strongest champions. His moves and looks along with his special abilities give him a title known as the Sentinel’s Sorrow. Players should know very well about particular champion so that while using it, there won’t be any difficulties and besides one can know the weak point and strong point of the champions.

counter galio

How to counter Galio: the Sentinel’s Sorrow

Countering Galio Champion is indeed very difficult if proper champions or strategy is not used by the players. Along with all those strategies and selection of champions against him will be an easy task to eliminate Galio within no time. Through the below information like the Counter pick and counter-tricks, there is 100% possibility to counter Galio.

Counter Pick

Galio aka the sentinel’s sorrow looks like a gargoyle and also almost similar to Golem has lots of special abilities which seem to be very strong. Players must know how to tackle this particular champion like what champion should be used to counter Galio. Basically, the players should pick the best champion to battle with Galio. There is a list of top 4 best champions who can actually defeat Galio base of their abilities.

1) Jhin, The Virtuoso

Jhin  is famous for being one of the criminal psychopaths who think that killing is an art. He had a gun and consider it as his paintbrush, apart from that he receive pleasure by killing others. Jhin has special abilities that are very useful while countering Galio. Some of his special abilities like Whisper and Curtain Cell are sufficient to counter Galio. Here Jhin special ability so-called Whisper is a hand canon design for great damage. Through his hand cannon gun, he can fire at least 4 shot once at a time, the last bullet of Jhin is combining with dark magic to deal critical damage.

Jhin ultimate special ability that is Curtain Cell is far better than Whisper ability; since it is his ultimate special ability even the effect towards Galio is much effective. Here curtain call ability allows Jhin to change himself into shoulder-mounted bigger-cannon. The shot that comes out from this shoulder mounted cannon is four super bullets that are capable of piercing through monster and minions.

counter galio

2) Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess

Illaoi has a mighty physique with the tentacle as part of her body. Illaoi uses a big golden idol to take out her enemy souls from their body. Illaoi never fight all alone, whenever she comes for battle, the god of serpent Isles will watch her back. As far as countering Galio is a concern, Illaoi can use her two best special attacks including her ultimate ability. Abilities like Tentacle Smash and Leap of Faith will bring great damage upon Galio. Tentacle smash is a type of ability that allows Illaoi to smash her opponent resulting in physical damage and even the damage done by the tentacle increases. Leap of Faith is a type of ability that enables Illaoi to smash her idol down into the ground and all the enemies standing nearby will suffer great damage.

counter galio

3) Braum, the Heart of the Freljord

Braum is one of the kindest men among the champions, he protects other villages from dragon attacks with his mighty shield. With his special abilities like winters bite and ultimate abilities known as Glacial Fissure, he can defeat Galio. Winters bite ability will make Braum release freezing ice from his shield; this will eventually slow down the enemy and then deal a magic impact on the enemy along with a hard blow to the enemy. Glacial fissure is one of his best ability when this ability is activated then Braum will smash the ground and it will put down all the enemies who are closer to him, this will also slow down the enemies’ movement.

counter galio

4) Udyr, the Spirit Walker

Udyr is not just a man but act as a vessel for the wild power of four basic animal spirits. Udyr can control his unique strength when he uses his spirit inhuman natures; he gets the power of four animals namely turtle, tiger, bear, and phoenix. To counter Galio Udyr can use his special abilities like Monkey’s agility and Phoenix Stance, Monkey agility grant Udyr the power to speed up his attack and movement for a certain period of time. Phoenix Stance when it gets activated, Udyr release a wave of fire which is capable of reducing the health of the nearby enemies more effectively.

counter galio

Counter Tricks:

In the league of Legend, selecting of champions by looking at their abilities is not sufficient enough to win the battle; one must learn the possible tricks to counter their enemy. Well on that note, there are some important tricks which seem to be very helpful while playing League of Legend using Galio Champion.

1) While attacking with other members, it’s very essential for the player to know about avoiding maximum damage. One has to make sure that you don’t gather up with your ally champions or else it will be an easy target for an enemy to reduce Galio health.

2) Galio’s special ability so-called Bulwark is to be used wisely, users should know that using this ability on the enemy that has the same effect will damage to Galio.

3) Users of Galio should not use the high Ability Power of Galio’s champions whenever they want; there is time for different Ability Power to use. Basically, the users have to use low Ability Power of Galio, as a result, it will help Galio to build magic resistance.

4) When Galio’s ultimate power is in the process of channeling, note that it can still be interrupted during that time.

5) Avoid Galio’s Righteous Gust and Resolute Smite special abilities by moving it quickly and suddenly.

Special Abilities of Galio

Galio has some unique abilities which make him stronger and capable of performing different moves and magic. To play more effectively, one must know the special abilities of Galio, below are all of the abilities of Galio.

counter galio

Runic Skin

Galio got a runic skin that allows him to gain the maximum of 50% ability power which is equal to his overall Magic Fight skill.

Resolute Smite

Resolute Smite is one of the abilities of Galio that makes him release fire from his eye resulting hard blow or damaging effects on its opponent. Apart from that it also slows down the enemies and brings great damage upon the enemies within the impact zone.


Here Bulwark ability indicates the capability of protecting or shielding to its ally champion. When this ability is used, Galio ally champions Armour, health, and Magic fighting skill increases and thus it restore back their power whenever they suffer from damage.

Righteous Gust

Righteous Gust is one of the special ability of Galio that can be used for attacking to its enemy and also at the same time will increase Galio ally champion’s movement. In this ability, Galio uses his wings to release strong winds which are quite effective when using against its enemy.

Idol of Durand

In this ability, Galio will take statue form during the fight and also taunt any enemies closer to him. When Galio takes statue form at the mean time it will restore its energy level whenever its opponent attacks him. After the energy is fully restored, then Galio will burst out from his statue form which will eventually damage all the enemies during the bursting.


Through the above information, one can clearly understand about the capability of Galio. Players can use Galio special abilities and also the counter tricks for better game experience, in addition to that players can avoid fighting against the champions where his winning chances are totally zero.

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