counter Gangplank

How to Counter Gangplank: Champion Counter Tricks and Tips

Counter Gangplank: Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge who whip his enemies with his thunderbolt hammer gun, atomic cannon, and striking fire blade. The dethroned reaver king ‘Gangplank’ with his dreadful multiple scars scaling across his face which is feared far and wide. He is recorded for his savage and brutality to his enemies in the battlefield. In this article, certain counter picks, tricks, and special abilities will be highlighted to give you insight in order to defeat him in the game League of Legends.

counter Gangplank

How to counter Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge

In this article, we will provide you the best Guideline for playing the game especially champion counter. Gangplank is a strong Champion, so we have some of the best ways for countering him in the game.

Counter Pick for Gangplank

Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Fiora also was known as ‘the Grand Duelist’ is one of the fiercest female champions in the game. She is best known for duel encounter attack with the enemies. The key special abilities are Duelist’s Dance (Fiora challenges nearby enemy Champions to sidestep and strike them) , Lunge (stabs the enemy with moving forward), Riposte (both defensive and deflective action), Bladework (double attack), and Grand Challenge (four vital power of speed and ultimate strike of death moves).

counter Gangplank

Udyr, the Spirit Walker

The beast incarnate of four primal animal spirits with human-like being harvest unique strengths. He is known for his –  speed and ferocity, the turtle resilience, the bear might, and the phoenix its eternal flame. He can also use all the strength at once fearlessly to unless the deadly power strike against the other enemy champions.  His special abilities are Tiger Stance, Turtle Stance, Bear Stance, Phoenix Stance.

counter Gangplank

Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow

Jayce is known for his devotion to his ‘Piltover’  people in defense against any enemies. Later, came to be described as ‘defender of tomorrow’ or  Piltover’s ‘best hope for a bright future’. He is popular among the girls with charm and sexy wit but a fearful champion against his enemies with signature transforming hammer as his best shot. Once an emerging young inventor transform lives in order to defend his native ‘Piltover’ and now being call as ‘hero’ by his people. His special abilities include Hextech Capacitor, To the Skies! / Shock Blast, Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate, Lightning Field / Hyper Charge, Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer.

counter Gangplank

Rumble, the Mechanized Menace

At the young age, Rumble showed great potential as a great mechanic but the reputation of quick temperament. He enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts, after collecting from the junkyard. Therefore, he is mainly known as “the Mechanized Menace.” Even Rumble seems to be of temper and rude character, he was bullied by his peers several times at young age. After he left Bandle city, he came to light as the brave champion and fight his enemies, regarding them the people that bully him and make to run away from his home. His Special abilities that he made his own from the junkyard are  Junkyard Titan, Flame spitter, Scrap Shield, Electro-Harpoon, The Equalizer.

counter Gangplank

Counter Tricks for Gangplank

In order to step in the battlefield alongside Gangplank is always a history of horror combat, where hell of scattering fire is raised alongside. Few tricks in order to ensure the win against him is given below:

  1. During the early round of battle, the best thing is to avoid any loading mass effects against Gangplank. ‘Remove Scurvy ability’ is his main ability to recovered from any amount CC effect that any champions should be aware of.
  2. Champions have to be always prepared and concentration of any move towards Gangplank. Gangplank’s ‘ultimate’ strike with its thunder lightning speed will often cause damage to any champions off-guard. Any champions have to always attack Gangplank in its ultimate strike.
  3. The issues of clearing minion waves can turn up for Gangplank disadvantages. The best thing to at that hour is to push Gangplank in his tower which may force him to miss last hits.
  4. In its early game, the chances of winning against Gangplank is more when building an armor of the champions. Building armor is very effective because Gangplank is mainly dependent on ‘AD’ during the early game.

Special Abilities of Gangplank

counter Gangplank

Cannon Barrage

One of the advantage taking points of Gangplank is at every signal to his ship, it bombards the target with huge damage on the opponent. Sometimes, it also slows down the opponents. At each signal of Gangplank’s ship to fire cannonballs at an area over 8 seconds, it damage and slow the enemies. After all the damage Gangplank cause it collects ‘Silver Serpents’ with Parrrley to upgrade in the shop.

 Powder Keg

At every 60 seconds pause of the target, powder keg can hit the target of an enemies location. Certain times, Keg explosions also sometimes apply Parrrley’s plunder effect. If Gangplank destroys a keg, it also explodes dealing the attack’s damage as physical and also the explosion deals with the bonus to Gangplank.


In every ‘Parrley’ death shoots of its target Gangplank bonuses bumps up with Golds and Silver serpents. It has a record of maximum hit target than most of the champions, that accompanies with huge physical damage to the enemies.

Remove Scurvy

Every pirates or person that deals with sea life can never be left behind without the mention of fruits. To which, Gangplank is also no wonder to restore his health and energy, love to eats citrus fruits. Thus, it boosts his ability and missing health.

Trial by Fire

At every second of the moment, Gangplank will release his melee attacking strike to ignites the target with fire. With no equivalent prediction of his melee strike, it can cause opponents huge damage of your bonuses.


In order to boost your winning chances against the Gangplank in League of Legends, counter picks, counter tricks and special abilities of Gangplank are highlighted. To defeat Gangplank, any champion can use these tricks or tips, but it needs the excessive time of playing the game and be easily capable of accessing certain movement to conquer the Saltwater Scourge Gangplank. Best of luck!

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