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How to Counter Gnar: LOL Champion Counter Tricks

Counter Gnar: Gnar is a bunny champion, who is not a cute but a fearful champion who deal magical and physical damage to the opponent. League of Legends is one of the best online multiplayer game, which will not only give you the experience of battles but also adventures and magical and other monstrous creatures. Thus overall it is one of the best game for full-time fun guaranteed. While playing the game you will have to fight with your champion against other for winning the game. Yet when you face strong opponents, like, Gnar, you will always have to use good counter picks to win the battle.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to counter Gnar when you play the game. So keep reading for the counter tips and best solution for counter Gnar.

counter Gnar

How to counter Gnar, the missing Link

Gnar is a strong champion, countering him using a basic level champion in the fight will not help you get the victory but lost. So here we have brought some of the counters picks and counter-tricks that will help you get the best way to counter Gnar.

Counter Picks for Gnar

Irelia, the Will of the Blades

Irelia is a long range champion who deals huge damage to the enemies using her blade. Her ability like Equilibrium Strike is one of the first counter strikes that you can use while battling Gnar. This attack can pierce the target, deal physical damage and also stun the enemies.

And her ultimate i.e. Transcendent Blades, where she summons her 4 spirit blades which come flying towards the enemies and deal physical damage and siphon life from enemies they pass through. This attack is powerful enough to deal huge monsters and other strong champions so as for Gnar is weaker compared to her.

counter Gnar

Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

Fizz is a water creature champion, who deals magic attacks. And his ability like Seastone Trident deals both active and passive attack to the opponent champion. In the passive attack, he makes the opponent bleed and keeps the damage for 4-5 second dealing huge health loss. And for the active attack, all his basic attack strength increases and deals bonus magic damage and this will also keep the target bleed for 5 seconds continuously.

And his ultimate like- Chum the Waters is a very powerful strike. He can summons and launch a big shark in the direction that is attached to any champion he touches. This will deal huge physical damage and stun the target. This is a very creative attack as a shark erupts very shortly from the ground and then knocks up all the target.

counter gnar

Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper

Vladimir is a Blood bathing champion who deals magical attacks. His ability like Tides of Blood is a deadly one as he pays his own health to charge up a reservoir of blood and then he releases onto the opponent and they deal physical damage. This attack can range and bring impact to the whole enemies surrounding him and stun them.

And his ultimate i.e. Hemoplague, Vladimir start the impact by infecting an area with a virulent plague. All the enemies who were infected will keep the damage for certain duration in increasing manner. And the hemorrhage of the enemies will heal Vladimir himself in the fight.

counter gnar

Akali, the fist of shadow

Akali is a champion who is an expert in the assassination. Her attack is too powerful that would counter Gnar easily. You can use her ability like Mark of the Assassin, where she spins her kama towards the target enemy and then deal Magic Damage. Now this attack will keep on damaging for 6 seconds to the target.

And her ultimate i.e. Shadow Dance which is a perfect counter attack as Akali develops a shadow and moves through shadows and then quickly strike through her target, this deal physical damage and also consuming the Essence of Shadow charge. This recharges will increase her movement speed and attack speed.

counter gnar

Counter Tricks for Gnar, missing link

  1. The Mini Gnar is much less aggressive compared to the Mega Gnar, so you must be alert as he unleashed his Mega Gnar form.
  2. When Gnar transforms to Mega Gnar, he unlocks new ability and increased his survivability and damage potential. Try best to avoid him when he is in Mega Form.
  3. When he uses his Boomerang, he throws once and then waits for a moment for receiving it and there you can get a gap to attack at once.
  4. The ultimate of Gnar is very destructive, so you must try to avoid the GNAR! In the battle fighting against him.
  5. When Gnar bounced over the bunch of enemies, you will get stunned and also deal physical damage, try as far as possible to stay away from the range of his bounce attack.
  6. All the Gnar’s abilities are quite predictive, so be alert to dodge and strike back when he unleashed his attacks.

Special Abilities of Gnar

counter gnar

Gnar is a mid-range champion and has the best fighting skills and ability which are mentioned below. All the special abilities are very powerful and you must also know it as it will help you predict his attack while in the battle. So the following Abilities are like-

Rage Gene

This is the raging attack of Gnar which he can quickly activate and generates Rage. While in the rage mode he reaches the maximum which in turn will transform him into Mega Gnar. And this Mega Gnar has increased its survivability and unlock too many new and powerful spells.

Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss

When you are fighting your opponent from a longer range, you can use the boomerang which can damage and slows down enemies. The effect of the boomerang remains until he catches and then it cools down.

Mega Gnar also has the boomerang but much boulder which he throws upon his enemies and damaging and stunning all the enemies unit.

Hyper / Wallop

Gnar uses his magic spells which would hype him up and attack his enemies dealing bonus damage and providing Movement Speed.

The Mega Gnar will also hyper when meets an opponent’s where he rears up on his hind legs and smashes down on the area in front of him that will stun all enemies in an area.

Hop / Crunch

Gnar can also give his Rabbit hop attack wherein Mini size, Gnar will leap over the location and then bounces off the head of the opponent where he lands on. While the Mega Gnar releases a large hop to bounce which brings the shattering force upon the land and deals maximum damage to the enemies surrounding him. After he uses this attack the enemies stun for few moments.


This is the ultimate of Gnar wherein Mega form, he throws everything around him in a targeted direction. This deals huge damage and stunning them for few second. Everywhere the enemies are stunned as they are surrounding him. While in the Mini Gnar form the intensity of the attack is lower than that of Mega Gnar.


So these are some of the important details about Gnar and its Counter tips. Having fought with this small but powerful champion Gnar, you may be now sure enough for what to chose against him to fight a battle with him. So keep reading and get new ideas for the counter champion for the game- League of Legends.

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