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How to Counter Gragas, the Rabble Rouser:  League of Legends

Counter Gragas: The moment one could see the name Gragas ‘The Rabble Rouser’, who is known more of the big drunker warrior. The only thing we could sense of Gragas is that drinking and fighting as being the most important hobbies in his life. Gragas enter the ‘League of Legends’ in  search of ingredients for Runeterra’s perfect pint. There are so many champions in the game but well, here we are focussing to provide full details about Gragas and its counter Tricks. Keep reading below for more interesting Tricks and funs.

counter Gragas

How to Counter Gragas, the Rabble Rouser

Here below in this article, we are going to discuss for the best counter Picks and Counter Tricks. And this will help and guide for countering Gragas in the game- League of Legends. While you must also have a good knowledge of the opponents, so we have displayed its full details here for you to get a victory in the game.

Counter Picks for Gragas

Here are some of the best counter Pick is best choice to use against Gragas, the Rabble Rouser. And the list are as shown below-

Yasuo, the Unforgiven

His sword swing like the roaring wind and chops the enemies head with one cling of the sound. Yasuo have been made false accusation by his own people. To revenge and restore the pride, he ran off from his native in the ‘The forbidden land’, that reside at the mist of the hill. None dare to enter; which is regarded as the spirit world, where the death souls lives. No Single mortal man had ever return that try to reach the mountain.

Yet, Yasuo returned from the land. According to elders, how Yasuo returned is a mystery, which Yasuo could only answer. Doubled with power and abilities that he learned from the spirit masters. Yasuo have ‘sweeping blade’, ‘wind wall’, ‘steel tempest’, ‘way of wanderer’, ‘the last breath’. Among them, the other champion should be aware of the the wind speed finishing move the last breath’ that kills his enemies at every eyes blink.

counter Gragas

Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant

The evil monster rises again from the grave. Mordekaiser was once a mortal cruel king of eastern Valoran, who was feared by his enemies and known for his brutal reign to his people. Earlier, to attain more evil power he enslaves his victims’ souls to become the master of destruction.

After Demacias and Noxus rise against him and killed on the battlefield. Being an evil prodigal king, he was raised again from his grave by one sorcerer to take revenge against his enemies. While absorbing energy from his shield, one has to be careful of his ‘Shipon of destruction’ from each unit hit among his special abilities.

counter Gragas

Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

In southern lonia, the half-breed female fox and human half ‘Ahri’ wander around in the woods who dreamt of one day becoming human.  Once human battle occur in the neighbor of southern Ionia, she encounter with one soldier. The moment she fall in love with a soldier, her structure change slowly into human form but was incomplete.

In search of her ambition to human transformation, Ahri found the Institute of War and they offered her a chance to attain her humanity through service in the League of Legends. One has to watch her ‘Charm’ kiss of love, that cause major harm in the movement of the champion.

counter Gragas

Evelyn, the Widowmaker

The half human breed like Ahri but more of evil stature here comes ‘the widowmaker’. Her innocent name ‘Evelyn’ Should not make you regard as simple as it looks when it comes into fight. The famous Runeterra assassin strike is mostly deadly from the above movement. Her history is little known, who loves to kill and came in the LoL arena. Other champions should be aware of her ‘ravage’ hit , that slashes the target twice.

counter gragas

Counter Tricks for Gragas

  1. During his Drunken Rage ability, he cannot attack his opponent. Your champions should utilize this moment, before hitting you with another Barrel row abilities.
  2. Whenever Gragas moves with his Body Slam ability. You should use special abilities to hit at any mistakes Gragas moves made.
  3. Your champion also should be aware of clustering or closeness with other team members. At this moment, Gragas used his most ‘ ultimate to his opponents.
  4. Try to make a sudden movement in a new direction to avoid Gragas’ Barrel Roll ability.
  5. Your champions should slow down of any moves. While building magic resistance, your champions should make the gap with the Gragas body. He is mainly dependent on AP, to slow your movement and hit it from the far counter is best effective.
  6. The Body Slam of Gragas is one of the key moves of his abilities. While Gragas using this ability, your champion should be standby and hit the target while Gragas approach you. To run around him can detour your winning chances.

Special Abilities of  Gragas

counter Gragas

Body slam

Gragas mainly moves towards the location and fight his enemies on the way. If Gragas collides with his enemies unit, his Body Slam’s also cool down for seconds. To counter attack his enemies, his magic with body slam form a handful damage to the unit. He mainly approaches to the first unit of enemies.

Barrel row

The enemies movement is hampered and is make to slow them with the Gragas Barrel row struck. In order to a very effective explosion of his barrel row, Gragas rolls his cask to a location and that can explode with 4 seconds or own Gragas wish when he activated.

Drunken rage

After the  Gragas drinks, he mainly attacks his opponents with magic damage to nearby enemies encounter. When he also drink the full barrel, he gets more unconscious to his body that makes better in dealing with any magic damage of his enemies in turn.

Explosive Cask

When Gragas throw his Cask (barrel), it explodes massively and causes a major damage to his enemies. Cracking kegs as the main tool that his heavy utilization of hit target is endured on. The all special abilities rely on Gragas his drinks of wine, and explosion of this impact. His unstoppable trust of wine is the reason that makes him stronger and chops the head off his enemies.

Extra Tips & Guidelines 

After every damage of Gragas health,  it takes 8 seconds to restore his health and make the effect for his next hit. During this few seconds, is the best time to utilize make your move and defeat Gragas. So make sure you use all the tricks and chose the counter picks which will help you counter Gragas. And Keep visiting for more interesting facts and ideas for the champion counter of the game- League of Legends.

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