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How to Counter Graves in LoL: Simple Tips to Defeat Graves

Counter Graves: The most wanted man in the city is back in town. Malcolm Graves is popular for his robbery and fighting skills in the crime world. Born and brought up from the city Bilgewater,  Graves and his friend Twisted Fate together were mostly popular for their criminal charges in thefts. Later, Twisted Fate abandoned his partner. Graves was imprisoned for many years, and yearn for his vengeance against his former partner Twister Fate. To find out the truth and to vengeance his former partner, he enters in the League of Legends.

counter graves

How to Counter Graves, the Outlaw

Graves usually use his Quickdraw special abilities while moving forward. During this moment, he requires gaining an Armour and Magic Resist for few seconds. So, these few seconds is the perfect time to make a strike or hit the target against Graves. Read more to find out the exciting simple tips to defeat Graves.

Counter Pick for Graves

We will highlight some of the Champions names to be the best opponent of Graves. Graves mostly have a tough match against them. In addition, the dwell combat against these champions with Graves will never disappoint you.

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

Don’t get mistaken for her bold charm of Miss Fortune. The more beauty of her image, she is more of evil and infamous bounty hunters. Miss Fortune is legends for her bullet speed and skills in hitting the target. Her twin pistols are the main arm that she used mostly to shed the blood of his enemies at every single bullet. Whenever Miss Fortune attacks a new target bullet time and makes it rain, it deals with bonus physical damage.

counter graves

Rammus, the Armordillo

The enigma Rammus is protected by a spiked shell. He transformed into the beast when the magic spells over him. Desert is his homes and which he don’t allow to enter in his area. Other champions have to watch out the ‘tremors’, which creates waves of destruction nearby.

counter graves

Kog’maw, the Mouth of the Abyss

Kog’Maw likes to consume every and every nomad or obstacles they put in his way, amounting to many times his own mass and volume. Kog’Maw embodies with different colors after he toxicities from the water. Withstand with haunting ruins of Icathia, while Kog’Maw manifested in Valoran with unsettling curiosity.

His swathe of destruction continues still as he is inexorably drawn towards Malzahar and the next journey is on league of legends. Things to watch out – Kog’Maw starts a chain reaction in his body upon dying which causes him to move faster and detonate after 4 seconds; that damage to surrounding enemies.

counter graves

Urgot, the Headsman’s Pride

Once, the great soldier of Noxus ‘Urgot’ often causes great chaos to his enemies tanks. After his dead and becoming machine, Urgot has come in the league of legends to search the person who ended his life. His military experience can cause the enemies dearly. Touched Bolt Augmenter is Urgot’s basic attacks.

counter graves

Counter Tricks for Graves

  • Graves usually strike early at his opponent but after few seconds of the midway he usually slows down his moves. Try to build armor at this moment and make your effects against him. He is mostly dependent on AD and passiveness at a more longer time can cause you death trap. Build armor after Graves early strike
  • Graves mostly like to used his ‘smoke screen’ during his battle with enemies. With smoke screen, it mostly slows the opponent movement. So, the best thing to do when Graves release his smoke, to make movement mostly right side and step backward. And approach him when the smoke air is clear.
  • Graves is one of the opponents that your champion need to defeat as early as possible. While making a target against him, your champion should make the strike from the below level. The more fight against with Graves, he gains more health with time and releases his effects longer.
  • Graves ‘the outlaw’ famous for his criminal acts and in this games as well he doesn’t like certain regulation. When your champion is near the other team members, Graves hit his main ultimate target. In this case, don’t collide with any of other team members or gather around. Because Graves best chance to hit you his ultimate is at this moment. If you’re his ultimate and not gather around with other, you have the best chances of winning against him.
  • His basic attack is usually while dashing forward and cover the enemies with smoke to slow down the enemies movement. When Graves come forward, the best to do is to strike him from top and step on the different side at each move. Building his armor takes several seconds. Your champion also should build his armor at the same time.

Special Abilities of Graves

counter graves

Here, are some of the special abilities of Graves to be aware of and avoid his certain hit or strike.

Smoke Screen

At every smoke screen the release for 4-5 seconds, the best thing to do is to build armor or used your ultimate abilities. The smoke mostly impacts your movement speed.

Collateral Damage

Collateral damage is the furthest range of explosive hit. That can should the target range of 1000. His shell is made of steel taken from the famous it over war shop. A load of powder and hitting the target can even cause major damage to Graves sometimes. He hit the target of any first opponent and explode after few seconds, which cause major physical damage.


Graves like to move always forward and hit the target with his shell. At his armor and magic are standby, your champion should build his armor at this moment and reduce any using effects. The best thing to do is instead avoid and used your armor after every mistake when he comes forward. That’s the best ultimate moment of your champion can use.

Extra Tips: To Avoid and Used

Graves usually love to moves dashing towards enemies and used his smokescreen. Your champion must always build his armor and avoid colliding around with another member to slow your movement. After every hit to his target, it takes time in reloading. Also, finds difficulty in passing through the units. Best chance to makes your move.

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