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How to Counter Jax, Grandmaster at Arms: Champion Counter Picks

Counter Jax: Jax the Grandmaster at Arms is the powerful champion of the game, League of legends. He deals both magical and physical damage. His special ability were all deadly and the power can also be increased by unlocking more levels and collecting gold coins. While playing the games, you can use the gold coins for purchasing the new item and spells, weapons and also damage resistance like armor and unlock new abilities. So this special item will help you getting fighting abilities in Jax and double his basic damage ability.

When you play the game and faced Jax in the battle you must be aware of all his abilities to counter Jax. And if your champion is low with health point, you cannot face the Jax. So if you want to counter Jax, you have to use some of the best counter picks against Jax, while he is very so strong that other champion random pick will not be the solution and proper execution of skills upon Jax only can kill or counter him.

counter jax

How to Counter Jax the Grandmaster at Arms

Jax strength and power will increase as you unlock the mighty skins of the Jax, which will make him more powerful. And the skins are like- Mighty Jax, Vandal Jax, Angler Jax, Pax Jax, Jaximus, Nemesis Jax and Warden Jax. The Warden Jax is the ultimate form or skin which have the greatest power and are very strong compared to other lower level’s champions. And if u gain the ultimate you can also double your attacks capacity and armor or damage resistance etc. while there are also special abilities of Jax which you can use it in the battle.

Counter pick of Jax

Here below we are going to discuss how to counter Jax using the useful counter picks. In the game League of Legends, playing with the random champion to counter the particular champion is very difficult, so here in this article, we have pointed out the chosen champion that can deal the built to kill Jax in the battle. And some of the Counter pick here we have about 5 counter picks which are inspired from the real match played in the world championship.

So the lists of Counter Picks are as shown below-

Malphite, Shard of the Monolith

Malphite has the ability to absorb damages counter by an enemy so there is no doubt that he is stronger champion over Jax. Now if the Jax attacks on Malphite, the damage will be easily resisted by Malphite and wait for his chance and later he can easily go for a quick attack and destroy his opponent.

counter jax

Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands

Renekton is a beast that surpasses Jax’s ability and besides he is a genius so when Jax attack with his stun, Renekon can dash out to avoid it and he is smart enough to deal heavy damage to easily counter Jax.

counter jax

Garen, the Might of Demacia

Jax is definitely easy to counter as he does not have any healing abilities. Since Jax can’t  heal himself he has the risk of getting defeated if his opponent hit him continuously with heavy weapons. Garen is fully loaded with heavy weapons and also can dodge attacks from his enemy so the garen can easily kill Jax with the only blow of his strong fist.

counter jax

Darius, the hand of Noxus

Darius is a full combo of heavy weapons as well as a master in spells which help him to counter his enemy with both short range and long range attacks. That’s why when it comes to extreme killing Darius is what you are looking for. Eventually, with so much power lurking in him, Darius is a perfect counter pick for Jax.

counter jax

Singed, the Mad Chemist

Signed with his different abilities can also be one of the effective counters picks for countering Jax. In a battle, Singed can be very positive toward Jax since he can violently throw away his opponent which can be effective against Jax’s stun and prepare for a surprise attack.

counter jax

Some of the Counter Tricks are-

  1. When Jax uses his Counterstrike, it is recommended to dash away from him as the attacks are too dangerous for risking your health point
  2. Using Malphite, you can poke Jax in the lane which will make him arrest and ultimately taking heavy damages
  3. Use the minions when Jax is using his Counter strikes; this will not only defend you from taking attacks abut also get a chance to deliver huge attacks upon Jax.
  4. In the higher level, using the Renekton is the best counter pick for making the kill easier on Jax.

So in this manner, you can easily face the Jax’s attacks even if he uses any ultimate skins; using the tricks and the skill you play the game will bring you success.

Special Abilities and Attacks of Jax- Grandmaster at Arms

There are about 5 special attacks which you can use them all in the battles in every skin you have. You can make the skills stronger and better by unlocking the items of Jax and of course killing the enemies in the battle.

counter jax

Relentless Assault

Relentless assault is Jax’s basic attack in where his attack speed increase double from his normal which help in countering his enemy even faster and it is very effective against the tower of an enemy.

Leap Strike

This ability helps the champion to strike his enemy by dashing toward his opponent and hit a strong blow with his weapon which deals huge damages.


when fighting with the stronger champion you can charge your weapon with more energy to gain more damage. It comes in handy while facing a strong champion for quick damages.

Counter Strike

Jax has some special ability which helps him to prevent from some counter for a duration of time and quickly attack back to his opponent. When jack evades the attacks from his opponent he shields himself for 2 seconds which helps him preventing attacks from other champions and evade most of the counters.

Grandmaster’s Might

This ability helps in preventing any attacks from the opponent and also add extra ability by strengthening and increasing armor and magic resistance for a short of time.  This ability helps him gain extra ability and deals big damage.


Countering Jax is very easy if you apply all the deadly tricks in the battle that we have to discuss earlier. So if you choose your best counter pick in the game against Jax then it is really going to give you the good positive result. And the main point of countering the opponent is knowing the opponent before you battle him, so above we have discussed the abilities and skills that he can develop and later can use them back against him for countering.

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