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How to Counter Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow

Counter Jayce: League of Legends is a very popular online multiplayer game. The main target to victory for this game is to destroy the enemies Nexus, and this you can do using the following champions. And the champions in the games includes more than 100s of it and every champion comes with special ability or built for the kills. And here in this article, We are going to discuss a single champion- Jayce, and also his weak points and strong points. So this will help you guide to counter champion in the game. Keep reading below for more details and guides.

counter jayce

How to counter Jayce, The Defender of Tomorrow

For countering Jayce, here we have two awesome ways i.e. counter Picks and Counter Tricks. Both this you can use while playing the game and most importantly when you are fighting Jayce. And so that you can strike Jayce hard and let you move to the next level in the game.

Counter Picks for Jayce

There are so many champions in the game with different skills and abilities. And if you are not using the right counter pick against your opponent then you will definitely loose. So the counter Picks are given below.

Yorick, Shepherd of Souls

Yorick’s Mourning Mist will be a perfect counter strike as you can strike Jayce from a far distance. Yorick throws a globule of Black Mist towards the enemies and this will damage hard to them and it also slows down the enemies. And finally, for the last shot, you must strike with the ultimate Eulogy of the Isles. This ultimate will summons the Maiden of the Mist and with that Yorick start the attacks against the Maiden’s target dealing bonus damage. Here the maiden is the risen walker that will bring huge physical damage to the surrounding enemies.

Counter Jayce

Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

Jarvan is also a mid ranged champion and his ability is the best to counter trick for Jayce. You can use the basic attack along with special skills like Dragon Strike where Jarvan will extend his lance and deals huge physical damage. And also it will pull Jarvan to his Demacian Standard and this is the real deal that will knock down all the enemies. Jayce is a mid-ranger champion, which the Jarvan’s ultimate is the deadly attack. Cataclysm, where Jarvan IV will leaps into battle towards the target with instant power and transforms into terraforms and destroys the surrounding enemies.

Counter Jayce

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia

Xin’s attacks like Audacious Charge is perfect counter attack for Jayce, as he charges towards the enemy and keeps striking until the enemies are down. This will also stun the surrounding enemies. And his ultimate i.e. Crescent Sweep is the final attack for destroying Jayce. Xin Zhao will unleash a sweep upon the opponent and strike hard to completely lower the health point of the enemies.

Counter Jayce

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

And finally, Ekko who is the last counter pick on our list, but also the stronger champion to fight against Jayce. His flexibility and speed is the only one that can beat Jayce. Using his ability like Timewinder, where Ekko throws a temporal grenade toward the opponent and then it will expand into a time-distortion field. Soon it will explode and damage the whole enemies surrounding him. This will also slow enemies down. Soon after that attack, the grenade rewinds back to Ekko’s hand. And the ultimate of Ekko, Chronobreak will shatter into his timeline and this will become targetable and rewind to a more favorable point in time. And those opponent residing near to the zone will receive huge damage.

Counter Jayce


Counter Tricks for Jayce

Simply choosing the Counter pick won’t help you counter Jayce, but also the right way of executing the skills of your champion will make you win. So here below is the counter Tricks, you must know about it.

  1. When you are facing Jayce, you can use the minion’s waves. This will help you block the Shock Blast.
  2. Jayce ability are very predictable that will help you dodge easily, just you need little of alert while playing the game.
  3. The ultimate of Jayce have small cooldown duration, and this duration is enough for you to strike back in the fight.
  4. Jayce when bringing out his cannon stance, he gets usually slow and thus this is a great chance for you to attack him hard.
  5. Using minion waves is very useful as you can make him engage to his escape from minions while on the other hand, you can prepare yourself for striking with your ultimates.
  6. The main tricks for making the perfect strike is building for defense. Add armor for your champion which will be perfect counter tricks.

Special Abilities of Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow

Counter Jayce

Here below are the special abilities of Jayce, which he often use in the game. And thus, you should keep a clear idea about his attack so that you could predict and dodge the attack.

Hextech Capacitor

This is the first attack where he can Transform himself and this transformation will gain Jayce’s Movement Speed and attack speed which will, in turn, become more destructive for few seconds.

To the Skies! / Shock Blast

Jayce uses Hammer as his weapon and he strikes the enemy which deals physical damage and also slows them down. For the upgraded attack, Jayce uses his Canon that will Fire an orb of electricity towards the incoming enemies. You can also detonate the cannon shot and sync with the incoming enemies to fire. This attack will deal physical damage to all enemies that hits.

Lightning Field / Hyper Charge

The Lightning Field will allow Jayce to attack with his Hammer which you can strike active and Passively. In Passive mode, you can restore Mana per strike. While in Active mode, you can create a field of the lightning strike that damages the surrounding enemies for few seconds. And the Cannon Stance, you can strike and burst the whole enemies. This will also increase its attack speed and remain the impact for few seconds.

Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate

This is another great attack of Jayce, as he can use his Hammer Stance to deal magic damage to an enemy and then knocks all the enemies surrounding him. While Jayce’s Cannon Stance will Deploys an Acceleration Gate which will increase the Movement Speed of all allied champions fighting along with him. And when the Shock Blast is shot through the gate then the missile speed, range, and damage will increase to give huge physical damage to the opponent champions.

Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer

This is the ultimate of Jayce where he uses the Hammer Stance. And this will Transforms the Mercury Hammer into the Mercury Cannon gaining new abilities and increased range. The first attack in this form reduces the target’s Armor and Magic Resist.


So these are the important details about the Champion- Jayce and His counter picks and tricks. Jayce is a good fighting champion, whose counter will be very difficult but using the above shown counter tricks and choosing the counter picks against him will surely help you. League of Legends is one of the best online game, so keep playing and also keep an eye on our site for more tips and tricks.

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