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How to counter Jhin, the Virtuoso: LOL champion Counter

Counter Jhin: Jhin, the Virtuoso is a very powerful canon warrior and one of the greatest long range champion. The game league of legends is a best online game, where you can experience the action, arcade, and adventure. When you start the game, you grotto choose a champion to play with and destroy the enemies. While if you are facing a tough opponent you should summon a stronger champion so that you could win the battle. Here in this article, we are going to discuss Jhin and tricks to counter Jhin.

counter jhin

How to counter Jhin

Jhin is a power champion who has his cannon on his body and has the capability to blows off the bunch of enemies. If you chose a weak counter pick, you won’t be able to stand against Jhin. So you have to use the different strategies and bring the best skills of your counter pick to kill him.

Counter Picks

To fight Jhin, here we have brought you the top four counter picks which not only strong but also dominant upon Jhin. So read the below counter picks and take a good look into the strength which you should use while battling with Jhin in the game.

LeBlanc, the Deceiver

LeBlanc is the first counter pick on our list. She has some of the great special killing skills that will best fit to counter Jhin. You can use, Ethereal Chains where she flings an illusionary chain towards a target location and when it hits an enemy; it will blow the whole units. This will deal magic damage and also stuns them for few seconds. And her ultimate, i.e. Mimic is perfect to kill. She creates a clone and cast a mimicked version of one of her. And this clone will move towards the opponent and attack instead of the real body.

counter jhin

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow

Talon is a short range fighter champion and he holds a sword. His ability like Noxian Diplomacy is a very powerful attack, as he can stab the whole enemy unit. At first, Talon creates a melee range and those who falls under the range they will face critical damage. And also if they are outside the range, they will be stunned and then Talon can strike them too.

Talon ultimate is Shadow Assault where he disperses a ring of blades towards the enemies and soon becomes Invisible. And with an instance, its gains additional Movement Speed and strike upon the enemies and the blades converge on his location. Now, whenever the blade moves the shadow assault continues and deals physical damage to enemies.

counter jhin

Braum, the Heart of the Freljord

Braum is one of the strong champions with the shield. And you can use his ability like Unbreakable, which raises his shield in a direction for several seconds. And this will intercept all projectiles that hit the enemies present in the frontline and then destroy in its path.  Braum can also defend himself and his allies with his shield. The shield can reduce the incoming damage from the enemies.

The ultimate is Glacial Fissure, here Braum slams on the ground and this knocks up all the surrounding enemies. This will also slow the enemies down.

counter jhin

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution

If you are looking for the long range champion to counter Jhin, Varus is the first option. And his Piercing Arrow will give a perfect shot. Varus fires a powerful arrow, whose power can also be increased as you hold before you fire.

And the ultimate of varus, Chain of Corruption will destroy Jhin at any cost. Varus flings out a damaging tendril of corruption which will move towards enemy champion and destroys everything. And finally, it will also stun the surrounding enemies.

counter jhin

Counter tricks

  1. Jhin attacks with his automated strikes but if you can dodge up to the 4th auto attack then you will get a quick chance for striking him back.
  2. You can call for ganks for striking him by trying to root him.
  3. Jhin sets a trap, but you can see it before and dodge but soon it will get invisible so, keep a close view on it.

Special Abilities of Jhin

counter jhin


This is Jhin’s hand cannon by which you can shot a cannon fire. This fire comes with a quick shot of four rounds and Jhin imbues the final bullet with dark magics that will critically strike the opponent and deal bonus physical damage. This ability will also increase the movement and attack speed.

Dancing Grenade

This is another long range attack, where Jhin launches a magical cartridge towards the enemy. And when it hits it take up to four targets and it increases the damage. Each bounce keeps the gain in damage to the enemies.

Deadly Flourish

Jhin brings in his cane and fires a single shot to a long range. This shot is unstoppable and pierces through minions or monsters, but stops on the first champion hit. This ability will also increase the movement speed of Jhin.

Captive Audience

Jhin can also plan a trap like an invisible lotus trap that will blow off when stepped on it by the enemies. This trap can also be detonated enemies when walked around. This brings a huge damage when blows.  Another trap i.e. Beauty in Death which also brings a huge impact and kills the enemy champion. The invisible Lotus Trap lasts for 2 minutes and activates when stepped on it. And when the blast occurred the surrounding enemies will be stunned.

Curtain Call

Now, this is the ultimate of Jhin where he channels and transforms Whisper into shoulder-mounted mega-cannon. And this will blow the enemies with 4 super shots at extreme range. This will pierce through minions and monsters and just like the whisper, it stops on the first champion hit. The 4th shot is always powerful, and bring critically damage.


So these are the important details about Jhin and process to counter Jhin in the battle. Using all the counter tips and counter picks will only help you to a certain limit. But you must also have the gaming spirit to win all the battle. So keep playing League of Legends and stay in touch to our site for more interesting facts to deal any counter champions.

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