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How to Counter Jinx, the Loose Cannon: LOL counter Tips

Counter Jinx: Jinx, the Loose Cannon is a very adorable champion but very dangerous when transformed. She becomes very dangerous when it comes to killing the opponent champion. She is one of the best Grenadier in the game League of Legends. She is not only good with Grenades but also she has other awesome skills that will bring huge damage to the enemies.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss new champion counter tips and tricks. And particularly, we present you the best ideas and detail for Jinx counter. With the help of this, you can easily win any battle in any arena against Jinx in the game- League of Legends.

counter jinx

How to counter Jinx, the Loose Cannon

Jinx is the best bomber champion in the game and her attack never misses to take lives of other opponent champions. So to fight her, you should choose a bit stronger in term of range and agility. And if you are looking for such champion and still confuse whom to pick, then here we have four counter picks. These four counter pick will make the best fighting strategies when you play them against Jinx.

So the Counter Picks for Jinx are-

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Ezreal is a long-range champion who is also very fast and agile. So choosing him as you first counter pick is a perfect choice. He has the ability like- Mystic Shot by which he fires a damaging bolt of energy towards the enemies and blows off the whole unit of enemies. And also his ultimate like the Trueshot Barrage reaches a far distance and the shot is of much bigger size. And this will let no chance for Jinx to escape from Ezreal’s Missile. If there are nearby enemies they will be either destroyed or stun for few moments.

counter jinx

Teemo, the swift Scout

Teemo is a mini size champion who is very good with dart shot. His dart has many awesome killing deals and his ability like Blinding Dart will obscure the enemy’s vision and stuns the enemies for certain duration. Now by that chance, you can easily strike the opponent hard and kill. And also you can use the ultimate of Teemo, Noxious Trap.

The ultimate will allow Teemo to throw an explosive poisonous trap using his mushrooms from the stored pack. And if any of the enemy steps on the trap it will release a poisonous cloud that will stun the enemies and keep damaging them over time.

Teemo can also throw the mushroom to the longer range as it bounces and moves farther. This poisonous mushroom is a powerful attack but it has a limit and Teemo can carry only 3 of them in his pack.

counter jinx

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman

Master Yi is a Wuju martial artist and very good with his blade. He is only one of the champions in the game with high skill with the blade. His ability and skills are the perfect counter pick for Jinx. An ability like- Wuju Style where Master Yi perform his Wuju style attack and this will grant true damage that will increase basic attack up to 10% attack damage of its initial intensity.

And his ultimate, Highlander, where Master Yi gain his movement speed that will allow him to moves with unparalleled agility and then increase in his Attack Speeds. And with an instance, Master Yi strike and kills the surrounding enemies. The duration of Highlander remains for 7 seconds and keep slaughtering till then.

counter jinx

Yasuo, the unforgiven

When Jinx throws the Grenade, it takes about 5 seconds to detonate and blast, so in this duration, you can use Yasuo skills of speed and destroy Jinx. Some of his special ability are like Sweeping Blade where he dashes towards the unit and strikes hard along with Magic Damage. While in the dash, soon he strikes the enemies, he will perform a circular attack damaging all the surrounding enemies.

Or when Jinx uses her ultimate i.e. releasing a rocket, Yasuo can block the incoming attack. He can create a moving wall which is huge and remains for 4 seconds to block all the incoming projectiles from the enemies.

counter jinx

Counter Tricks for Jinx

Jinx Counter is still not possible only by using the counter picks. You must also be able to use the best trick in the game. And all the best tricks are listed below so that you can win the game.

  1. Jinx’s Zap!’ ability can be easily dodged, so if you are quite alert you can dodge it.
  2. Beware Jinx’s rockets as it destroys you from the far distance and also it will damage along the path of rocket traveling. And if your health point is low, you will surely be death.
  3. Jinx’s minigun i.e. Pow-Pow is a short range pistol and you can avoid being hit if you can quickly move away from its path.
  4. When Jinx releases her Rocket, you must avoid bunching up with other team members that will reduce the impact.
  5. Jinx is dependent on AD, and so you should focus more on building armor to get effective protection.

Special Abilities of Jinx

counter jinx

Get Excited

This is the first ability of Jinx and this transforms her into a great fighter. Here Jinx will gain increased Movement Speed and also her Attack which will double her her basic attack which can destroy all, within 3 seconds. This can bring damage to the enemy champion, tower, or inhibitor.


This is another ability of Jinx where she can modify her basic attacks. And this she can unleash by swapping weapons between Pow-Pow from her minigun and Fishbones from her rocket launcher. Now all this gives new ability like the Pow-Pow provides Attack Speed, Fishbones deal a large number of area damage and this will also gain in increased range and drain Mana.


Jinx always carries a Zapper which is her shock pistol. And using this she fires a blast towards the enemies and then it brings a huge damage to the opponent. It will also stun and enemies hit and also nearby for few second and slowing their movements.

Flame Chompers!

When you need some extra damaging attack, here Jinx have a better strike for you. Jinx can throw a line of snare grenades which will explode after 5 seconds. And this damage is huge as it can put all the enemies on the flame. This will also stun the enemies and keep decreasing the health point as the flame is on.

Super Mega Death Rocket!

This is the ultimate of Jinx which have a long range strike. Jinx holds a super rocket which she can fire towards a long distance and also can damage the enemies lying on a far distance. This rocket will not only destroy the targeted area but also keep damaging as the rocket travels its path.


So these are some of the important details by which you can counter Jinx in the close battle. League of Legends is an adventurous game, where you will discover new monster on your path and another opponent champion. And you can only win the game when you play it with a great knowledge of gaming. Thus keep reading for more interesting facts and ideas for the champion counter.

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