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How to Counter Kalista: LOL Champion Counter

Counter Kalista: Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance is a magical champion that deals magical spells and skill. She has some of the best ability that makes her tough and strongest champion counter in the game- League of Legends. There are so many champions in the game, here in this article we are mainly going to focus on the champion name- Kalista and her counter ideas and tricks and also counter picks along full details of her special ability.

You can also upgrade yourself with the help of buying more items and upgrading your skins. This can only be done when you moves on to the next level and this can only be when you kills many enemies. So keep playing and learning more interesting fact about Kalista here in this article.

counter kalista

How to counter Kalista, the spear of vengeance

There is very easy way to counter Kalista who is a strong magic type champion. But dealing her with wrong counter picks will cost you very bad, so pick the right counter pick champion. And all the top counter pick we will discuss below.

Counter Picks for Kalista

LeBlanc, the deceiver

LeBlanc is the magical women champion who deals with magic damage. And her ability like Shatter Orb is a long range attack which projects an orb towards her target, dealing magic damage. And when the Shatter Orb is empowered by Sigil of Malice your opponent will destroy in the game. And her ultimate i.e. Mimic can destroy the whole unit of enemies. LeBlanc will create a clone which cast the spell. And this clone can move far away towards the enemies.

counter kalista

Lucian, the Purifier

Lucian is a soldier champion and is very skilled killer. He is a perfect counter pick for Kalista. His ability like Ardent Blaze is a long range attack as he shoots a missile towards the opponent which will then explodes in a star shape dealing huge physical damage. He will also gain movement speed while casting this ability. And his ultimate i.e. The Culling, where Lucian will unleash a torrent of shots from his weapons firing rapidly towards the opponent and deal huge damage. This shot is unstoppable even if you are using minions.

counter kalista

Quinn, Demacia’s Wings

Quinn is an airborne champion who deals huge damage from the air. All her basic attack was very powerful and when she strikes with her special attack, the opponent champion will destroy. Particularly, the Heightened Senses where she is passively granted with Attack Speed and Movement Speed after she attacks the target. And then later she activates the Valor that covers a large area surrounded by the enemies.

counter kalista

Fiora, the grand Duellist

Fiora is a good champion counter pick for duel battle. And when you face Kalista in the battle, you can use Fiora’s ability like Bladework where she can increased attack speed for two attacks and then instantly strikes to give critical damage. And her ultimate is deadly shot for the champion counter, using the Grand Challenge Fiora comes out with four Vitals and strike on the enemy champion. She also then gains movement speed chasing towards the opponent.

counter kalista

Counter Tricks

Here are also some of the counter Tricks which you can use while playing the game. Even if you choose the strongest counter pick against your Opponents but yet no playing skills will also loose. So check out the latest and very effective counter tricks that will help you counter Kalista in the battle.

  1. Kalista can increase her movement speed and all his abilities increase his basic attacks. Kalista’s passive attack has chasing potential by which you are no escape so keep a good eye on it.
  2. You can strike her back when she is using the basic attack. So keep a good advantage of this and strike her hard.
  3. Kalista’s Rend is a powerful attack but it cools down very quickly, so you can keep her attack soon it cools down. Kalista only depends upon her attack speed, so you can take a good advantage of it.
  4. Kalista’s ultimate is a very powerful attack, so you must keep an eye on it as there is no escape from it.
  5. You can prevent a heavy attack from Kalista, so building armor will be much better tricked to fight with her. You can avoid Kalista’s Sentinels so when you are seeing it, you be alert and dodge it.
  6. If you are bunching up with other team members then it will reduce the impact of Kalista’s abilities.

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Special Abilities of Kalista

counter kalista

Here below is the list of abilities that Kalista possess and when you play the game against her, knowing these abilities will come handy to counter Kalista.

Martial Poise

This ability will give Kalista a movement speed and her basic attack increase. So this will Pierce to lunge a short distance when she launches her attack to the enemies.


This is a long range attack, which Kalista throws a fast moving spear towards the enemies and kills them as the spear pass through them. This deals physical damage and kills the target and stunning the enemies too.


This special ability lets Kalista increase the Attack Speed. This can also increase its Oathsworn ally and deal bonus damage and destroy the opponent.


Kalista’s Rend, which have both passive and active attacks- in passive Attacks, she impales the targets with spears and piercing the target coming in the path. While in the Active attack, the spear hit and rips the spears out thus slowing and dealing escalating damage.

Fate’s Call

This is the ultimate of Kalista, here she can teleport the Oathsworn ally to herself. This will help her gain the ability to dash toward a position, knocking enemy champions back. The Oathsworn becomes un-targetable and pacified so that you can gain movement speed and attack strength.


So these are some of the important deal that will help you counter Kalista. When you face Kalista is the battle, you sure now knows what to do; so be very careful using all the trick which will give you get the victory. Beside, League of Legends is a fun game which will get you full enjoyment. And also keep visiting our site for more interesting fact and ideas.

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