Darius Counter

Darius Counter: Killer Tricks To Counter Darius

We just shared Darius Counter tricks so that, it helps in Counter Darius in the league of legends game. League of legends being one of the most popular game, in order to win the game you must understand the strength and weakness of your opponent. Similarly, we had just shared all the valuable information about the game below.

Darius Counter Tip– Hand of Noxus is a Noxian Battle warrior who is a warlord of the clan. The game- League of Legends is a most played game in the world and you will find many champions (characters) in the game by which you can choose to win the game by countering such as Teemo counter, Riven counter etc. If you are looking for the tougher champion who like to make the opponent bleeds until death, specially counter Darius then you must choose the Darius.  Lord Darius is the ultimate skin with the fullest damage ability and is very top in killing the opponents. You can use the special skills on the battle ground and after the enemies are distracted you can take down all the enemies at once.

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Darius Counter

While the special abilities are like the Haemorrhage- which can kill any champion or opponents by making them bleed; this ability is also ready to use from the first level onward. Too aggressive and too powerful, Darius don’t need to unlock any item for using the powerful skill- Haemorrhage. And when it comes to facing too many enemies at a time, the crippling strike and Noxian Guillotine together works well to destroy the enemies at once. There is also more cool tricks and skill which are discussed below in this article. But before that as you are searching out for countering Darius, let us discuss more the counter pick for the champion to destroy Darius.

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Darius Counter Picks:

Counter Darius

When you play the game League of Legends and you face Darius- the Hand of Noxus; you will have to be very careful. The Darius is one of the strongest champions in the game which hold the heavy axe with the most skilful attacks. To defend or attack the Darius, you must choose the champion who could withstand his power.

And also the damage of Darius can be reduced by HP stacking; so some of the counter picks for Darius (Darius Counters) is Teemo, Yorick, Kayle and Jayce where the common abilities for these champion are that they can harass him down for a slow death. The only chance for to get a direct hit on Darius is by attacking after he delivers a special skill and, more importantly, the way you play the champion is necessary for countering Darius.   

And so here below we will discuss some of the best counter picks that is Darius Counter for you to defeat Darius and they are-

Darius Counter:

  1. Teemo-

Teemo as a Darius Counter

Teemo is the extremely powerful counter pick for Darius. Teemo has some of the special attacks for Darius that will bring victory against him. And especially the Blinding dart will affect the Darius for making quick damages while you can also try for the Toxic shot which will arrest the opponents movement for few seconds and have the full attention to counter Darius. You can pick this champion Teemo as a Darius Counter.

2. Yorick-

Yorick a Darius Counter

Yorick is a ghoulish champion whose attack is very destructive and making all the enemies HP lower to death.

3. Kayle-

Kayle a darius counter

Kayle is another great warrior of Demacia. Kayle swords with holy flame can bring the damage to the opponent and bring death to Darius. With the help of special attacks- Reckoning; Kayle can direct hit on the opponent with an explosion. He can help you to make a Darius counter.

4. Jayce-

jayce a darius counter

Jayce is a final option which can also stand against the Darius with the skill- Mercury Hammer, to bring the highest damage to the opponents. And also Hyper Charge for giving the fast dash towards the opponent and bringing him down very quickly. So, choose Jayce as a Darius Counter to beat him on league of legends. 

About How To Counter Darius:

Darius- The handoff Nexus is the strong champion of the Nexus clans which holds the heavy weapon on the battle ground. Darius is a well-known champion who is perfect in the Jungle; his damage is expandable and also furious in the battle. Extremely dangerous, Darius is always ready to take down all the enemies who are near to him by making them bleeds.

LOL darius

Darius Built and strength:

There are a few special abilities of the Darius Counter- Hand of Noxus which were very aggressive attacks in the battle. The Darius is perfect for the killing in the battleground, very fearless and when the specific abilities and the moves come together; the enemies destroyed in second.

So let us discuss more the special abilities of the Darius before learning counter darius below:

  • Haemorrhage- This is short ranged attacks of Darius which aims at the enemies to bleed and give the maximum damage. The power of damage will increase with the increased in the killings.
  • Decimate- This is another great attack of Darius which the champion uses the axe to swing up in the air and round circularly to strike the enemies. So those enemies who are nearby in this attack would be struck by the blade of Darius. This is a high-intensity attack that can take many enemies down in few seconds. And also while the enemies are hit with the blade, Darius will also gain health point by 12% in the strikes per champion is struck.
  • Crippling Strike- This is another great strike for the enemies as they will bleed out and the moment will slow the enemies down. The movement slowing down can be upto 90% for few seconds which is long enough for Darius to take down the champion.
  • Apprehend- This is extremely long range attacks of Darius which throws his axe towards the enemies and sweep them up and also pull towards him when activated. While for the passive attacks, Darius strike for armour penetration to the opponent and also slows down the enemy’s movement for few seconds.
  • Noxian Guillotine- when you come face to face with another champion, Darius can use his special attacks with a lethal blow which give the extreme damage to the enemies resulting in Haemorrhage. On the champion, this lethal blow is the more fiercely attack that hit the target with 50% damage.

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Darius Counter guide: Darius- Hand of Noxus, who is one of the greatest champion in the game- League of Legends. Here above we have discussed both the abilities and the counter tricks of Darius and using the following counter picks to counter Darius. And also it is not the counter tricks or picks that will help you to do Darius Counter but it is your ways of playing and handling the Champion that can give you victory in the game. So play well and manage the champion for maximum damage and kills in the game.

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